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Excellent WP theme, but it could be great if you can add it a fixed menu the most useful and trendy option ! If you do it i will probably buy “SimpleMag Theme” :)

Hi RapidZack, thank you for your comment. Fixed menu is not currently planed feature.

Tnx for your answer and Keep up the good work !

Hi ThemesIndep,

I had to transfer my domain name from one to another. Still waiting for changes to update. Godaddy is my domain registrar so while I changed what I needed to change through wordpress, I went into my Godaddy account and made the necessary changes. Can you please advise if I’ll have any issues with the content of the theme or will a domain name change affect the content of the theme? I really love your theme and I want to make sure that all of the work that I have done isn’t deleted or destroyed.


Hi eccurry1, answered at the forum.

Hi. Great theme. Looks amazing. I see that you can compose the homepage with pagecomposer. I want to put on my homepage the latest posts. It’s possible? If yes, can you choose from wich category show the latest posts. I explain : on home page i want category A with the last 10 post from that category after that category B with the last 10 post from that category and so on. I like to make a site with 3 categories on homepage with 10-15 post from difrent categories. Thank you.

Hi barila26, thank you for your interest in out theme. Everything you asked will be possible after version 2.0 will be released.

I have one issue with this theme. I can not seem to upload a picture for authors on the site? I have selected the simplemag gravitar setting in the settings menu but when I go to edit profile in the users setting there is no place for me to upload a picture? I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem?

Other than the author thing I absolutely love this theme and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Excellent job ThemesIndep!

Hi Danwakeem, answered at the forum.

What font was used for the logo?

Brush Script Std

Thanks, and when the new version is released, it will be a free upgrade right? I just purchased today.

Yes it’s free, you will need just to re download the whole package again and re install the theme. Check “Get notified by email if this item is updated” in your Downloads page.

I want to edit the size of “the slider” on homepage, which file should I edit? I just want to make litle bit smaller on width and height

Hi begoo,


I think I found bug, if I added google adsense ads on sidebar, when you open website on iphone,android suddenly the website just blank. But when you see in on computer, you will see the website (not blank).

But If I remove the adsense from sidebar, I can open website (not blank anymore) on iphone or android

Hi begoo,

Can you register on our support forum and provide a link to your site? We will check out the problem.

A question about the MEGA MENU. There is the option of 3+ steps drop down? Similar the common menu

Hi axolotl11,

Two levels only (main and sub)


Love this theme, and looking into buying it now. Two quick questions:

- Is it possible to add video on ANY entry or is it just possible where it has videos on the demo? - Is it a one time payment or an annual payment?

Thank you so much!

Hi Camaraflash, thank you for your interest in our theme. It’s possible to add video to any post if you select Video post format or you can add video into the editor with any other post format. It’s only one time payment.

Dear Friends,

Just to say that my Grandma (85 years old) loves the blog design. After listening her words, i really don’t care with the other good feedback that i’ve received. You made it! Thank you so much!

Any news regarding 2.0?

Regards, Guga

Hi Guga, much respect to your Grandma. Please tell her thank you and our warmest wishes. We work hard to finish the update and we really hope it will be released this weekend.

I started my blog using simplemag and i only found minor issues.

I’m overall happy using it. It is very well designed and i like it’s typography much.

Hi andreaslll, thank you for this feedback. You can search our support forum for answers, there is chance there is a solution for this issues. If you can find an answer you can open new thread.

I’ve been buying themes for over 5 years now and this one is a winner. The only thing stopping this theme from being absolutely perfect is the fact that I can’t choose the number of post per category along with pagination and sidebar and my buddypress doesn’t have a sidebar. I reworked my entire concept around this theme and I never do that. Although very minor unlimited sidebars and filtering option would make this the best theme on this site.

Hi lasingle, thank you for your feedback. In the next version we have added posts per page option to all sections in page composer. For unlimited sidebars you can install WooSidebars plugin, which is also free.

Thank you for this great theme.

Really Really Pretty!! Pictures and Videos simply upload themselves… Text formatting is awesome. I am migrating my blog into this theme and feel so happy looking at it! Thank You for designing it!!

Hi EvitaRamparte, thank you very much for your feedback, it’s very important to us.

Hello. When will the update be available? Thanks.

Hi hottamale, we work hard to finish the update and we really hope it will be released this weekend.

Hi there! I just purchased your theme and I am loving it.

I have noticed when I check the site out on my iPad it shows in responsive mode. But if I look at your demo it shows the site how it looks on a desktop. Is there any option I am missing to turn off responsive mode feature for the iPad?


Hi, you made brilliant theme. Thank you.

Why theme doesn’t support print styles? I would like print post and read it from paper, but in current view it’s difficult.

Hi Rukomoynikov, thank you for your interest in our theme.

Currently we do not plan to support it.

Thanks for react, another question: in gallery post type, slideshow of images doesn’t work on iPhone it’s bug or feature?

Or block ‘You may also like’, in iPhone could have support for gestures.


lease where do I have to go to translate manually “YOU MAY ALSO LIKE” inside a standard post?

Thanks Simone

Hi Simone,

“You may also like” you can change from Theme Options under the Single Post tab.

Hello, this is a beautiful theme. 3 quick question regarding sliders:

1) Is it possible to apply the page builder slider to regular pages, not just those using the page builder?

2) Is there a way to incorporate the post gallery full width slider into a regular page, not just posts?

3) If no to the above questions do you recommend a plugin that adds a slider to regular pages, not just posts and the page builder?

Thanks for the great work!

Hi travisbragg,

In the upcoming version 2.0 we have added custom slider section to the page composer. You will be able to link each slide to any page of your site and also create any page with the page composer.

Is there a plugin for facebook comments, built in? And what kind of banner ad is built in? Really love the theme.

Hi kanicanali,

1: We have no plugin for it yet.

a. Custom image and link.
b. Ad code (like AdSense) .

Can we integrate that easily (fairly), when’s the next release? If I purchase this 1.4 will i get 2.0 upgrade and can that be seamless (as much as possible)

Hi guys, facebook comment on V2.0?

Currently having some issues with the theme and my plugins. It seems like something is messing with the style sheet. I dunno what it is maybe you can help? I also can’t see much in my widget bar.

Hi promonoe, thank you for buying.

Can you register on our support forum and repost there?