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I’m not able to find instructions to create the MEGAMENU.

thanks simone

Hi laboratorio35, thank you for buying. To enable this feature please make this steps: Check if the Mega Menu feature is enabled in each of the categories, check if you have posts in this categories and check if what you have added to this menu is really a category and not something else like page.

in my Post Categories I have not settings to enable MEGAMENU. I have only:

*Latest Posts in drop down menu *Category Slider *Category Sidebar

All resolved.

thank you 5 stars

Hello. Is it possible to turn off the menu function, and just not have a menu on my site?

Also, how do we change our password on the support site?


Hi hottamale,

1. The only way is to remove from code, which is located in the header.php file.

2. To change a password, click on your nickname, then Edit.

Hey again, You said the update was on the way last week. I’ve been waiting this version to purchase. Anything happening? Please let me know. Thanks

Very sorry for the delay, we work hard to finish it as soon as possible. Hopefully it will be released this weekend.

Awesome work! Couple questions:

Is there a way to place ads with your theme?

Is your theme SEO optimized?

Thank you!

Hi rodika, thank you for your interest. Yes there are ad spaces available. Demo will be updated. The theme has page titles, hierarchy of H tags, alt attributes in images, etc. You can install Yoast SEO plugin as well.


Im in love with your template! But before I buy it, I have a couple of major questions: 1) It is possible to place ad of 300px wide on the right side bar? 2) Do you have some ad space options? 3) For the standard post, is it possible to have a smaller pic, like 600px?

Thank you :)

Hi fredbros,

1. and 2. Yes, ad widgets are available

3. From version 2.0 it will be available to place the media above the content per post width width of 690 pixels.

Thank you for your super fast response. but im still hesitating, i have lost of standard ads of 300 px wide from clients i need to be sure they will fit your right hand side bar, please confirm. All my posts feature images are 660px ( when you version 2.0 will be (roughly) available?

The 300 width banners are available in the right sidebar with theme custom widgets. The optimal size of images above the content is 690px, otherwise you’ll a gap on the right of the image. If you buy the theme and you’ll have question we can help you on our support forum. Hopefully 2.0 will be released this weekend, hopefully.


Firstly, i’d like to thank you for beautiful theme. I am going to purchase it when update 2.0 is online. Hope it’d be online this weekend:)

I wanted to ask if it is possible to list posts as full width? i mean i see that in category pages they are listed as 3 columns. I would like to list full posts in category pages. Thanks for informing me. Waiting impatiently for update.

Hi emircans,

We’ve made an option to switch between multi-column and single column layout for Latest Posts section and all categories.

This option will be available after update.

hi again , 5 stars theme , is there away to make the theme boxed? thanks

Hi isaed, it’s possible with some custom coding, currently we work on version 2.0 and we do not have time to make such changes. Another thing to consider is that boxed layout is not visible on mobile devices because of the site width.

Hello, there! I really love SimpleMag and would like to purchase it and apply it on a new site we’ve just released ( However, I do have some questions to ask. 1. Does it support an online shop or can you suggest a plugging to add? 2. Can we have it set in two languages (greek & english)? 3. Is it SEO optimised? 4. Can we change the background, horizontal & box lines, titles & subtitles to any colours we like? Thank you :)

Thanks for your immediate response (one more good reason to buy the theme, I guess). I need to ask a couple more questions. 1. Since I can change colours writing my own CSS, does that also mean, I can use the same way to change background colour and opacity to the top dark menu and of course font colours there? 2. Can I move the social media icons next to the search field? 3. Is the 2.0 version coming out ‘till Sunday cause we really need to start working on it from Monday and would rather do it on the new version.

Thanks a million :)

Hi roubalita,

1. With CSS you can perform all changes regarding coloring and styling.

2. In 2.0 we’ve made social icons near the search, which can be configured from Theme Options.

3. Sunday hopefully, before Sunday, i doubt.

Thank you so much! Waiting for Sunday then :)

Interested in purchasing this theme I have one quick question Can the top slider be used as one video instead of the pictures?

Hi anyahmonroe, starting from 2.0 we added simple text area to the page composer, you’ll be able to paste the video page url or embed code. If you don’t want to use the slider, just don’t add this section to the page.

Hello, Kindly here. I purchased your theme. Its a great one. I however noticed that my Google ads don’t show on mobile devices. Hos do I rectify this.

Second, I added analytics on the theme options, but it doesn’t track. It doesn’t show up on Google Analytics.

Kindly help.

I want to turn of the date on the posts. I dont want it showing when posts are published

Hi tayooye, please register at our support forum for support questions.

Grid layout for ipad and iphone is not working.

Please look at with an ipad or iphone ->

I look forward to your reply.

Thanks Simone

You have already contacted us, there is no need to write it here again.

Ok I thought that my email was not received.


I just purchase your template for my blog, even though I didn’t really need to change it but I liked it so much that I did!

I was wondering if you could advise me on this issue:

-In my previous template I had a lot of shortcodes to style and add content to my posts. Is there a way to import those without going through editing all my posts one by one?

Thanks a lot!

Ah ok, thanks a lot for the fast response! I will see if I can recreate them separately.

I have a few other questions…

—Could you tell me what is the best size for the thumbnails/feature images as I see that in my “latest post” widget my images are to small (my previous template used the following size: 680×240) as well as in my homepage slider.

—Also, I would like to style independently the date and category field on the single post page. I tried modifying the following: .single .entry-meta But it still applies to all the titles in the “you may also like this” widget.

—Is there a way to delete the search field in the secondary navigation bar, and is it possible to align the text of that sidebar to the center or left?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Ps, here are some suggestions: -For the about me section, it would be great to add the “Bloglovin” icon and a random website one. And maybe a custom field where we could add any other link we wanted. -On the homepage, it would be nice if when displaying the latest post with sidebar, the sidebar would continue along the featured post/category section instead of starting after the sidebar. -For the featured post, if we could have the possibility to add it at the end of the single post page (maybe below the comments) displaying different thumbnails (as in the homepage) instead of just a large slider in the footer.

Thanks again for this great theme!

Hi gnima7, for support question please register at our support forum. Thank you for the suggestions, but the update is almost ready and the to do list is closed. Some of this points already been covered, again, please visit the forum.

Ah great thanks, looking forward to discover the new update!

I have just dropped you my question in the support forum.

Thanks again.


Is it possible to have a blog-style layout as the homepage? For example, the page with sidebar layout (, but without the “Page with Sidebar” title at the top?


Hi Amanda_FL, currently we working on a new version where we have made a switch between masonry layout (the one you see now) and a classic blog layout with the option to enable/disable the sidebar.

That’s fantastic news, and I’d definitely purchase this theme with that option available. Do you think that will be available with the next update, in like a month? Thanks again! It’s a beautiful theme!

Hi Amanda_FL, thank you for your comment. The update will be released in a day or two (GMT).

Thank you I will wait your new version to buy it :)

Hi fredbros, this is great, thank you.

Hi, after updating the theme none of images show now. Any idea why?

Hi MICHCUTE24, please register at our support forum for support questions. Updating the theme have nothing to do with the images. Please also send us your site URL.

any option to create addition sidebars?

Thanks Simone

Hi laboratorio35, you can install WooSidebars plugin or any other plugin which creates unlimited sidebars.

also.. please how to change titles inside sitemap page?

please look at ->

thanks Simone

You can use PoEdit and translate these words to your language. If you want change them manually, then open sitemap.php in any text editor and change to what ever you want.

Waiting for the 2.0 update to purchase the theme! Please answer here when it’s up for downloading :)

Hi roubalita, you’ll see a big yellow banner on the Item Details page and our support forum.


I know that the content width is set to 690px but is there any way that I could increase it to 910px? Or at least to 750px? And decrease the sidebar widgets’ width?

Thank you!

Hi minjiful, it requires lots of changes, unfortunately, currently we short in time. Maybe you can hire some one to help you.

Thank you for the quick reply. I think I’ll just go with the full width mode and adjust the padding a little bit and not use the sidebar widgets.

Is there any way that I could change the width of the featured image that shows up when I’m viewing a post?

Thank you!

Starting from version 2.0 you’ll be able to change the position of the media (image, video, audio) per post. To make it full width (as it is now), or place it above the content (left to the sidebar).