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Hi just shopped the theme.. i see now…there is a new version coming any day (v.2.0) ...where do you communicate when its availble ? and where do i find the support forum? Cheers Eoolk

Hi eoolk, you can check the “Get notified by email if this item is updated” in your Downloads page or you can install the Envato plugin located in the download package. Support forum


Can you create an email template based on this theme that is compatible with MailChimp. I would like to buy the theme and the newsletter as a bundle.

Hi florortiz, sorry, email templates is not something we are going to work on.


Is Update 2.0 going to be online today?


Hi emircans, we uploading it today, hope it will be reviewed fast by the Envato review team.

Please, I have a problem about number of items shown inside the megamenu.

Please look at picture linked ->

I look forward to your reply.

Regards, Simone

Hi Simone, it’s limited to show only three latest posts.

Just purchased the theme. Its mind blowing, yet to set it up though. For the next version can we please have better social media icons for sharing. The text is a bit boring.

Also are we eligible for future updates?

Hi dhiram, thank you for buying. Update 2.0 is coming today. As for social links, please read what ajfiel wrote you. You can disable the social links from Theme Options and install a plugin. There are a lot of alternatives. We’ll keep it simple and minimal.

I understand the social links can be disabled, but we would love to see something that is specially created for this theme.

@dhiram…if you don’t like the actual social style, you are able to disable it in the theme options. I would like to suggest the Flare Plugin. It’s a really interesting option.

Hi ajfiel, thank you for this answer.

Hi there,

Just purchased the theme. I was wondering if the current version is 2.0. I figured I might as well get the new version if it will be up today. Thanks!

Hi swrmedia, you currently have version 1.4. Version 2.0 will be available soon.

Wow – I really love this theme as it looks ;)

Can I ask some question? Is easy to install a the demo-dummy-data?

Is the theme easy to use?

On the page i am making, I need to have a lot of users/members. And maybe a forum installed. Does the theme support that?

How can I make many people just writing a post – and have no access to the admin :)

Thank you – I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi designprint. To install the demo you’ll have to use WordPress installer plugin. The theme does not have styling for forum plugins. You’ll have to create users, assign them appropriate roles and give them a login page to access the dashboard.

Looks very good and stylish! 8) Great work! :)

Hi djjeep, thank you.

Couldn’t wait for the upgrade anymore and just bought it! Have already started working on it and it feels and looks great! Thank you so much. Can’t give you more than 5 stars though :)

Hi roubalita, thank you for this comment, we are glad you like the theme. Update is currently in a queue. Will be available in an hour or two, maybe sooner.

Got it! Thank you although i have a feeling that with all the detailed documentation I won’t be needing much support! >>Feeling Excited<<

“Update is currently in a queue. Will be available in an hour or two, maybe sooner.” – the best news i’ve received this week. :)

Thank you Guga, always glad to here from you.

hi, i need this theme html version if u have pls send me an email. or im alreaydy purchased wordpress version

This is an absolute gem! Fantastic theme, and the 2.0 update uncludes all the additional features I need! Keep up the great work guys.

Hi gideonvanlill, thank you for this great comment.

Why can’t I find the item purchase code to be added in the support forum? I log into my account, click downloads but next to the theme’s title there is no licence certificate option…just Regular Licence and Help with Wordpress Install options :/

Hi roubalita, in your Downloads page click on the Download button.

I cannot say enough how great this theme is! Plus the quick support from ThemesIndep is excellent! Loving the (frequent) updates that just makes the theme so much better. I bought it back in the 1.0 stages even then I still loved it! This is a definite no-regrets buy.

Quick question: how do I change to Classic Blog Layout?

Thanks so much, you guys are great – keep up the amazing work!!

Hi shaqinahf, thank you for you comment. Please read the documentation “03. Creating Categories”.

Is there any way to make the homepage look like a normal blog – full blog posts?

Hi @shaqinahf, not full posts, but as a classic blog layout it’s possible. Add Latest Posts section and select the Classic Blog in Posts Layout option.


Bought the theme recently and I must say its a really great theme! :)

I was wondering if it is possible to do the logo as text instead of an image?

Hi @WebEvader, thank you for your feedback. Text logo is not supported, sorry.

Ok, no problem. Also, how would I go about increasing the size of the text in the secondary menu ?


A great theme that got better after 2.0 update.

Hi lasingle, thank you for your feedback.

Love all the new features. great job!

Hi Marijke9, thank you very much for your feedback, it’s important to us.

great update!!!

Hi ladydekade, thank you.

This theme was just incredible 1.000 sales ago, now it is almost perfect. We’ve been waiting since then for this great update but I’d like to make you some personal and minor appreciations to see if we’ll be able to adapt it to our needs once we buy it:

1. Gallery Posts

As the Gallery is Left Aligned, the arrows are always over the picture you’re viewing. If the pictures were Centered you could see the whole photo without the arrows because they’d always be over the images you are not really viewing in both sides. Here is one example with both situations:!136&authkey=!AGGNf_zI2EqxczE

¿Would it difficult/possible to make the Gallery center aligned if you tell us which file to change?

¿Would it difficult/possible to remove the squares in order to see only the arrows?

2. WordPress Gallery

Everything in this theme loads incredibly fast but the lightbox in your WP Gallery example. Is it due to the size of your pictures? Also, the pictures overlap the space with the title and the commands when they are on the screen.

¿Would it difficult/possible to fix by default the Height of the images in the Lightbox so that they don’t overlap these bands?

For us, the title is almost as important as the picture itself, so, would it be possible to have the title and the commands always visible?

3. Custom Slider

Is it possible to introduce texts or links as with the posts slider?

4. Sticky Header

Is it possible to have the top menu fixed?

5. Page composer

Now that you have implemented the text editor in the page composer, do you think there should be any kind of problems if I use it to introduce an Interactive Map’s Shortcode from a plugin? Does it work as a standard text editor?

Thank you for everything and best luck with your next 1.000 sales. Ours will be, for sure, one of them !

Hi Yogova, thank you for your comment.

1. Gallery does not have any alignment, everything depends on the images width. It’s possible to remove the squares.

2. It loads this way because we using huge images, it’s the only reason.

3. Yes, both, text and link are possible.

4. No, the theme have no built-in fixed menu.

5. We have not implemented the editor eventually, so shortcodes are not currently supported in page composer.