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Hi there, the theme looks awesome, but I’ve a question before I wanna buy it.

Is it possible to show the main page as a normal blog? I mean the posts with full content, no slider etc.? Just like the old blog style, like in good old times…

Best regards


Sorry, it’s only excerpts

Okej, thanks for the reply. Sad but true, that’s no theme for me then.

Best regards

OK, thank you for the interest anyway.

No words! Incredibly beautiful!!!! Good Luck!

Thank you!

Thanks again for the theme!

I finally finished customizing it and I am really happy with the result and all the features included in it! Plus you have a great and fast support forum!

I still have to update my thumbnails but you can already see it here:

Ah by the way, I have a little question. I have a white space below the feature images on the single post pages. Any idea which code could eliminate it. I am not sure if I created this blank space by mistake myself while customizing the theme… Thanks again!

The space is a container which is coming from the Flare plugin. Can you show flare buttons only below the text and hide them under the image in the plugin setting?

Ah yes, thanks for identifying the problem. I just played with the flare setting and I think it is back to normal now. Thanks a lot!


I just purchased the theme and am trying to grasp all the instructions. I went to the Site Title & Tag Line section to display my blog name and it is not excepting the save. It still reflects Simple Mag. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

Does this theme have header capability?

Hi naomialyce, SimpleMag is image. You can upload it using logo upload option in Theme Options.

Thanks :)

how do you make the blog page?

Hi CharliBaltimore,

Create a category/page or edit an existing one.

For categories: In Posts Layout select “Classic Blog”.

For Pages: Add a “Latest Posts” section and select “Classic Blog”.

Please see the theme documentation for more details.

Hi guys,

realy great theme ! Just a few questions.

How could i change background color of the website ? How coul i change color of Menu & links ?

All the Best

Hi guillermeo, thank you. Please search our support forum, you will find the answers.


I love your theme and it will be only online very soon on

Currently working on the content and I have a few questions: 1. is there a way to make the admin also an author so I appear in the authors list? 2. is there a shortcode for a page with all the authors? 3. Can I replace the comments with FB comments function or a mixed? 4. Do you have a link with a list of the minimal sizes for the different photo functions in the theme?

Thank you

Hi juliespoint, thank you for your comment.

1. For security reasons it’s not recommended to do anything with your admin account what will visible on your site. Make another account as author.

2. No, the theme does not have a shortcode for this.

3. It’s possible yes, you can install any plugin which replace native comments to something else like Facebook, Disqus, etc.

4. You can take a look in function.php file to see all the image sizes.

Please register at our support forum for support questions.

Hello, Beautiful theme :) How can I resize the slider?

Hi smeline, if i understand your question correctly, you need to enable the page sidebar in Page Option box on the right.

Hi! How do I add a sidebar to my homepage and not just to individual posts? Also, how do I get the social icons to be by the search bar?

My website is:

Thanks in advance for your response!

Ah ok! That helps a lot! And other question: if you look at the top social icons on my page, you will notice that the link I have for pinterest looks like a cloud and not like the pinterest icon…

Please see this link

Please register at our support forum for support questions.

ok thanks!

Hi, i have a hard time figuring this one out… there is a box that appears at the right side, but i already removed this widget… please help… i did not install any other aside from the SimpleMag theme … you will see the weird box on the right

but if you look at this page, there is no box: thanks in advance!

Hi zakifoster, navigate to BIYAHENG PINAS category, set the Category Sidebar to Disable and update the category.

thank you so much!!!! appreciate your help much….. it worked…

On audio post, How can i put the post score to the left of the text? It always puts up text. I want something similar to the demo page:

THANKS! Sorry for my english. ;)

Hi victorgarcid, do you use Flare plugin? Please register at our support forum and reply.

I wrote a post in the forum 2 hours ago. I need help, please! “Audio Post”

How can i remove the category links on the homepage of the site? I also wanted to add some advertisement banners and my youtube channel underneath the latest posts section but i cannot find the options for that?

Hi Dave1231, please register at our support forum for support questions.

Thanks, i got it sorted! Love the theme and its whole look! I Just wanted to ask about the video player, i cant seem to find it

Hello! We are still woking on personalizing the theme and we have a few questions:

- What is the size required for images on the Homepage slider? Can we change the size? How? - Is it possible to change the size of the video player? - How can we add the social Icons on the Secundary Menu on TOP?

Thank you so much!! We are really happy with the theme!

Hi Camaraflash, please register at our support forum. Part of the questions were answered already and if you don’t find the answer feel free to ask.

the demo site is currently down? I’m trying to test it out before i purchase.. is something wrong with the actual theme?

Sorry, but shortcodes and columns are not supported for homepage. There are two sliders in Page Composer: Posts Slider and Custom Slider.

what if i use a subpage with a sidebar and slider at the top (similiar to homepage 3. can i put my own content below that silder?) and use it it as my homepage?

You can create any page using the Page Composer, but shortcodes and columns are no available within the composer. Only the stuff you see in all Homepages demo.

hey! I bought this theme 2 days ago, I’d like to upload home page numer 5. How to do that?

Hi agnieszkalarska, answered you by email.

When i saw this theme i had to get it immediatly. Not knowing what to do with it. Couple days later i started to work on my own project. It has been quite easy to use, alltough few question has raised

- Is it possible to add widget, let’s say Statigram in frontpage using Page composer. I’ve tried to enter widgets shortcode to codebox, but only text will appear.

- Second and quite alarming question is: WHERE did main-menu disappeared? The space is left, but no menu what so ever. I didn’t changed anything, just was working on pages and when visited the site menu (below logo) was blank.

Im currently working locally (mamp) so i can’t give url. Hope you get what i mean and can help with this odd problem.

Cheers, Jaakko

Ok, i’ve found the reason for lost navigation. It was plugin called NextGen-Gallery. As soon as i deactivated and deleted it, menu got back…

Hi eljago, thank you for buying. Please register at our support forum, we’ll be able to help you there.

Hi! Great theme! Congratulations! :-) I Love it and I’ve installed it in my blog I want to add a retina logo for the retina display as MacBook Retina and iPad. Can you help me please? Thank you!

Hi Sterista, you site looks awesome. Create a png image 144 wide and 144 height and upload it in Theme Options, General Settings tab.

Thank you, but the logo for iOS is ok, I speak about the logo of the website. For me is ABLife (green and grey logo) for example. It is not retina on MacBook Retina and iPad… Thank you for helping me.

Please register at our forum we’ll help you there.

Hi I have been trying to figure out how to use the block qoutes, can you please quickly explain how I can achieve it?

Hi aspenextreme,

Simply mark the desired text and click the Blockquote button
or (Alt + Shift + Q)


Wonderfull theme. Got a question though, the slider at the homepage, is that a seperate plugin you must buy?

Can’t find it.

Thank you!


Thank you vectoronline, glad you like it.

No problem;)!

Is there a way to publish a post IN the header on the frontpage but “not” in the posts below?