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Awesome theme… How do I get the homepage to be formatted like the demo. Do i manually have to set-up in the page composer? Thanks for your time

Thank you for buying. Create new page Homepage, then you’ll see the page composer. Start adding sections and that is it. Please read the documentation, everything is described there.

Thanks, Another questions.

When I hover over main menu item that box previewing other articles doesn’t pop up like in demo?

Also how do I change an authors avatar picture, I dont see where the upload link is at. Thanks again…

it works only on categories and you must have some posts in this category, then the menu will show you the latest posts from this category.

Authors avatars are just Gravatars. Your authors can register at with the same email address they use on your site.

What a pleasure to see a really well thought and so well crafted theme !

Just a few questions before purchase:

1. What sections have you included in your page composer to build a page? Can we use shortcodes within your page composer in order to have a page with a mix of posts categories, info boxes, columns with texts, etc?

2. How will your Unique layout WP Gallery rearrange the layout if there are more than 5 pictures? Have you provided the option to rearrange the pictures in another way than the one you show in your theme: 1 panoramic + 3 squares + 1 panoramic?

3. I have only resized my Chrome browser (not tested in a real device) and I have seen that the sidebar (not the footer) disappears in mobile devices. Is it like that? If so, could we switch it on if needed?

4. Would it possible or difficult with a little knowledge of CSS to fix this: You have done a ‘centered theme’ but the pictures in your full width carousel gallery post are aligned LEFT when you browse through them. I find this a little bit confusing and besides, you always have the arrows over the picture you are viewing. So, is it possible to have the images centered in your carousel?

5. I’d like to use an interactive map plugin that works with a shortcode. I would insert it in the main page with posts, infos, etc … Do you think it will work properly with your page composer or shall I use it in a ‘normal page’ without your page composer?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


When I saw Salient or Retailer themes for the first time, a lot of people thought it was impressive and just a few weeks later they had hundreds of sales. The work you have done deserves the same thing !

Hi Yogova, thank you for your comments.

1. The sections in the page composer you can see in all “Homepage” pages in the Live Preview. There is no option to add shortcodes in page composer, but we might add it in the next theme update.

2. WP Gallery built: 1,3,1,3. it does not matter how many images you have.

3. The sidebar does not disappear, it moves to Off-Canvas Slide menu., below the menus.

4. We don’t see the left aligned images as a problem, but we will think about the arrows.

5. If you want to use a shortcode from another plugin the best way is to use a regular page and add this shortcode inside the editor. As i wrote in the first point, we might add a text editor as another section.

Hope that helps. Thanks again.

1, 5. I think the text editor section will be a great addition to compose more complex pages with posts.

2. Ok

3. Sorry, I didn’t scroll until the end. It’s great like this !!

4. I understand it is just a personal appreciation, but do you think it will be difficult for me to make it centered without a lot of coding?

Thank you for your speed answer.


really awesome theme! Don’t know if you mentioned it but is it possible to add static content on the homepage… let’s say a right aligned text and an image on the left…

Hi, some people also asked about this feature. We think we will add it in the next update.

On the blog posts, you have the standard blog post with the full width image, sidebar starting under it. On the standard page, you have the sidebar immediately, so no full width image. Can you do this with regular posts? Trying to figure if I have to go in and make new images for my site to port it over to this before I buy it. Thanks

You can add featured images in static pages and it will look like in standards posts. It’s not practical not to show image in the posts.

In case you have big images on your website, you don’t have to make new ones. There is a great plugin called “Force Regenerate Thumbnails”.

Oh I don’t mind having the images in the post. Just in the standard page with sidebar they don’t have the full width. Was wondering if I could do that on the blog posts themselves. Not a big deal, will just just go in a get the correct width of the images for this theme in particular when I buy it


How can I remove the top header secondary menu area completely? Also remove the search bar, Also How can I remove the Posts titles of the page being written in

on everypage at the top, so the page looks cleaner.

Thank you very much.


- John

Hi mswalehe, thank you for buying. 1. We will add this option in the next update. 2. What do you mean by remove the Posts titles?

the titles of the posts at the top of every page in

header. like if you had ABOUT as a menu item and you click about page It will say ABOUT in

at the top. Its just a little redundant. Also can you point me in the direction of removing the secondary menu as Im trying to put togehter my website before next week.


- John

**the titles of the page menu as an

at the top of the page you click on.

how do you remove the

at the top of every page?

Thank you.

- John

h1 class=”entry-title page-title”

It’s best to keep the h1 tags, but if you still want to remove it you can write a CSS rule: display:none in “Custom CSS” in Theme Options.

Thanks. Also when i upload my logo when viewing on a mobile device iphone ipad android it is not repsonsive and the logo is too big for the screen and goes off the screen..


I just checked the demo on a Android device and i see it’s behave normal, but will check it again. Send me your site URL. And please consider registering at our support forum for support questions.

In page templates there is only “page composer” template. How can I set contact page?

For contact form we use “Contact Form 7” plugin (there is also info in the documentation about it). Install the plugin, select “Default Template” and paste the shortcode, which is generated when you setting up the form, into the editor. That is it.

It just mentioned like recommended plug-in. And there’s no explanation, that an contact form plugin must be installed. I think, it should be explained more clearly, it’s the first theme I bought without contact form template, so other users also will be confused.

Hi allenova, thank you for buying. We are sorry you got confused. There is an explanation about the plugin in the documentation. This plugin is very flexible and gives you the ability manage multiple contact forms, then just a single built-in contact form.

I have a video site and wanted to know if I could implement the videos also, if I didn’t want the reviews can I stop this!

How would i change the term posts to videos.. and can I remove the next post and previous post arrows on the bottom of each post?

WordPress video post format is supported by the theme, so you can select this format and add video URLs (self hosted videos are not supported right now). You can ignore the review feature and just not use it. You can remove Next/Prev post arrows from Theme Options.

One last thing, can you get rid of the author box?

Yes, same way as the navigation arrows. There is an option in Theme Options to hide or show the author box.

Gorgeous. Everything is very well thought through, from 30,000 foot level design to the smallest moving pieces. The only thing that seems conspicuously absent is robust, native, advertisement integration. Am I just missing this? Will it potentially be included in a future update? Otherwise, very, very excited about this theme. Best, Chris

Hi, thanks for your feedback. We might add this feature in the future, but for now you can use one of the Enhance Text Widget plugins and add the advertising JS into the text widget.

Thanks for the quick response. Consider native ad integration a strongly requested feature; definitely the difference between me buying or not, and I can’t imagine I’m the only one. Advertisements are a critical source of revenue for online magazines. Of course I could use your native text widget, but this rules out banner ads (and other non-sidebar ads); it also makes mobile ads problematic since your layout pushes this all to the very, very bottom. This theme’s design is SO tight and well thought out from top to bottom, would hate to have to simply bootstrap something; would much rather have an ad solution that fits with your aesthetic. Thanks for your consideration.

Purchased! Can’t wait for the update with ads!

Wow, #AWESOME! Will def keep top of list if get a Magazine type web client LUVIT (went thru all the pages and a great variety of smooooth functionality/layouts/all kinds of options)

Thank you, sterlingwilliam.

are you not able to center align images in post?

The update is coming soon, there will be some fixes. Stay tuned.

Hi, guys!

This template is a 100% I am looking for my blog for a long time. You gave me a chance not to give up and definitely to make my project successful.

I have only one question before my purchase. Does this theme is translation-ready? Or I need to go inside the php code?

I will make my mag in Russian so I need to translate it.

Thank you for your answer.

Good luck!=)

Hi vadimboyko, thank you for your interest in our theme and thank you for your comment. The theme is ready for translation. It comes with .po and .mo files, so you can translate it to Russian. Only thing, you WP install must be in Russian.

I think this is one of the best themes I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve been looking for something like this for ages. It really is beautiful and well thought out.

I have just one question before I click buy!

is it possible to disable the sidebar on individual posts? i.e. is it possible to turn the sidebar on and off on a per post basis?

Thanks Thomas

Hi fxgeek, thank you for your comment. There were some people who asked about it also. In the next theme update, coming today or tomorrow (European time) this feature will be available.


Amazing theme! Great job.

A question before purchase.

Is it possible to change the slider on the hompega to a fullw width slider?

is it possible to integrate the theme with direct facebook comments?



Hi, no there is no full width slider. You can replace WP comments to something else manually or with a help of a plugin.

Ok, I would like to use this theme for an upcoming magazine and I was wondering could I hire you if any adjustments need to be made?

Currently we don’t do custom development work, but we might be able to help you with small things.

Please email us with details of your request.

Hey, very nice theme. Just want to ask few questions,

1. If I do not add any image to my posts then these posts appear on homepage with empty thumbnail. Is it possible to show posts on homepage without any thumbnail?

2. For those posts who have images in them, Is it possible to show image within posts on post pages and not at the top post as a big full width image?

Thank you.

Thanks for your reply. I have registered on support forums with same id ( yarri-dosti ). Please send me modified version.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Thank you.

Hi just a clarification before I purchase, as I am new to WP and I don’t want to assume; this theme has toggles and accordions right?

By the way great theme! I super like it!

Hi, yes it has see the “Shortcodes” page in demo preview.

Hello! Firstly i want to say Thank You for such an awesome theme! It’s really a masterpiece.

But i have one issue: How can i add cyrillic symbols to google fonts?

We are checking the problem.

The problem was resolved and the fix will be included in upcoming theme update.

Nice! Thank you

Pre sales questions.

1. It says responsive but on Anroid phones and iPhone it does not resize to the viewport. All you can see is a small corner of the page so the user has to pinch to view the enturesite.

2. The lightbox that opens from your wordpress gallery page is very confusing. No arrows or close icons display when it opens on pc/mac. If you move the mouse around the screen nothing happens. It took me ages to figure out that you have to click somewhere on the screen to activate the navigation arrows. This will be very confusing to viewers.

3. On your Carousel this also is very confusing on iPad, PC, Mac. The images display full width but if you have a dark image beneath, you can’t see the navigation arrows.

4. Full width featured image in a post – do these have to be full width? I ask this because if you add a portrait (vertical) image, it could be huge and the user would have to scroll a long way down the page to see any content. Can this be made as the image with sidebar and a smaller image size?

Will these issues be fixed in the next update?


We are glad that you have serious intentions to buy our theme. Here are some presale answers:

1. We found no problems here on none of the devices.

2. The whole point of this feature is to see the images. The closing button and arrows are shown when you open the lighttbox.

3. and 4. Will get a nice tweak in theme update.