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We have a few questions regarding your template:

1. Can we create a multi language website with this template? 2. Can we reduce the scroll? If yes, up until where. 3. Is the search engine optimized? 4. Is it possible to install Google maps on it?

Waiting for your comments. Thanks

Hi golden10, than you for your interest.

1. You can install one of the translation plugins. We have not tested the theme with WPML, but there is should not be a problem. 2. Don’t really understand what you mean by reduce the scroll. 3. Yes, it’s optimized, but you still need a SEO plugin to get better results. 4. You can install a plugin that add Google maps

Thank you for your prompt response. We are working on our website and at the moment we need to hide some areas from homepage as the box ” Sorry there are no post in the slider” and three other boxes in the footer. Please see please can you let us know how to do it. Many thanks

Hi golden10, for support questions, please register at our support forum.


I’ve been having some trouble loading the theme on my iPhone. When I type the url of my blog, it keeps automatically adding “mobile.” in front of the website’s url and won’t load the theme properly. Any advice on that?

Thank you!

Hi minjiful, there several possibilities for this behavior. You using a plugin for mobile site which keep redirecting you to the sub domain, you using Jetpack Mobile theme, you have some sub domain settings in your hosting control panel. Please check all three.

My hosting control panel was set in a way that it kept redirecting me to the mobile site. Thank you so much for your help!


Really silly question, but why do I have ”#sthash.JpxaC2Co.dpbs” behind every url after installing the theme>>

Is there is a way of getting rid of that?


Hi park59, i think i’ve found the answer. Please see this link

Amazing. Thank you!

All the areas in Theme options are greyed-out and currently unable to amend any of the settings. I also know you have another support page but unfortunately cannot remember the URL?

Hi comtedescierges,

Please register at our support forum and send us screenshot.

Hi ThemesIndep,

Am I able to convert the left column into an ad space? example –

Hi HeyMonkey, sorry it’s not possible.


I was wondering if there’s any way that I could set the settings of the share widget so that the readers can select the image that’s going to be pinned instead of the pre-selected image?

Thank you very much!

Hi minjiful, it happens automatically and the image is captured by the social sites, not the theme.

Urgent help required! Please let us know how to remove the special effect seen when you point your mouse on an article’s image in the homepage. This is the effect that makes the image react like jelly and displays yellow on the images as well. We want to remove this effect when you point your mouse at the images on the homepage any anywhere else on the site. Any codes or detailed info to help us do this would be great.

A fast response will be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Thank you for the fast response, it worked! I have some more important questions as follows:

1. On the homepage (as in the demo), under “LATEST ARTICLES” menu, we ended up with 3 columns of articles when we set out theme, but we want it to be in 2 columns like your demo. How can we do this? We seem to be having trouble removing the extra column. Also note that we widened the width of the entire site to approx 1050 or so. But I must say that the 3 columns were there and giving us trouble even before we increased entire site width. Please advice.

2. For individual posts or articles, we want to be able to exclude “Author Box”, “Previous Post / Next Post”, “Related Posts” etc. Please can you advise us how to do this, preferably shortcodes that will exclude these features from appearing on specific/individual posts. We may want to exclude such things whenever we use or apply the “Page Full width” shortcode hence this question.

It’s not too often I say this, but your theme is amazing, you did a really great job with the features.

I will appreciate another fast response. Thanks.

One more question I almost forgot. How do we turn off comments feature without totally removing it from the theme? We want to use facebook comments box instead. Thanks again.

Hi SunDelight, please read the documentation and also navigate to Theme Options you’ll find what you need. You don’t have to disable the comments, if you install Facebook comments plugin the comments will be replaced. For future support questions register at our support forum

Hi there,

I am looking at purchasing your theme but just have a few questions. I am wanting a full width page for a featured image of a post. Under this featured image in the excerpt I would like: 1. a ‘comments’ link stating the number of comments 2. a ‘continue reading’ button that matches the theme 3. social media sharing icons that match 4. a small snippet of the text from the posts.

An example of exactly what I am after can be found here:

Thank you

Sorry for this but I have figured out 1 and 2 as well.. I do have a new question .. can I extend the slider to the edge of the screen say 1250px width and keep the rest of the theme at the 1080 px width?

Hi winstonandwillow, Please register at our support forum for support question

Ok thank you!

Hey, you created a rly nice theme there! Just bought it and I#m absolutely satisfied.

But there’s one question: Where can I find some germon .mo files for translation? Thx for any help

Hi NewMind, the translation files are located in languages folder. You should copy the default .po file, rename it to your language code and country and use PoEdit to translate it.

Ok, thank you ;)

Hiya, I would really like to use Homepage No.5 but can’t figure it out! I also require dropdown menu’s for my main menu but can’t see how to do that either. Please help. Other than that, theme looks fab!

Hi Nannimal, thank you for your feedback. Please read the documentation included in the package.

Can this theme support additional ad units as widgets? I’m a little behind on what I can and cannot do with themes and this is an important decision as everything else about this theme is perfect!

There are two widgets one for image banner, the second is for code and page composer sections for ads. You can see it in our demo.

Thanks I’ll take another look!


Is there anywhere a changelog of this theme where i can read whats new in 2.1.1?


Yes, just click on the banner on Item Details page.

Hi I am having trouble with this theme, Im having trouble linking to my blog install on my site, whenever I do it just goes blank until I refresh again. Had someone suggest it was a php error or a css error. try clicking on the blog to recreate the problem…

also code that should be in the header is showing up in a div.

Hi conversion-culture, you using an AJAX based theme which prevents from the menu item to link outside the theme. When you access this url: directly there is no problems with your blog or our theme. Please contact your main theme author.

Hey, where can I install the demo content? couldn’t find it…


Hi Eisenmann, it’s located in Demo Content folder of the downloaded package.


nice theme. Just a question:

how can I decrease the length of th post excerpts? Look here . The excerpts arte too long.

Thanks in advance,

Hi darampatz, There is an option in Theme Option -> General Settings, Excerpt Length.

Thanks for your answer. I set the “Excerpt Length” to 5, but no result.

Hi darampatz, Please register at our support forum for support question

Hi, if the comments are disabled, is it possible to take away the “comments are closed” strip?


Hi Eisenmann, it’s something that comes from WordPress. Please register at our support forum.

Are there any problems associated with using Better WP Security and this theme?

Hi RNeudorfer, don’t really understand your question… You have tried and you have problems or you want to install this plugin? This plugin is affecting WordPress it self not the themes.

I started to build a Wordpress site and had loaded Better WP Security configuring it to rather heavy security. When I tried to activate SimpleMag it crashed the site to point where I couldn’t even get into my dashboard. “Server Error” was the message I got. I finally had to wipe the site clean, re-install wordpress, this time without Better WP, and was able to activate SimpleMag just fine. Will now re-install Better WP and be gentler on the security settings.

I just repeated your scenario – plugin then the theme and there was no issues. Maybe you made some changes to your DB and/or changing the wp-content folder can cause it. Can you also ask the plugin authors about it?


Just wondering if there is a change log somewhere on what has been changed in the last couple of updates?


Hi wildefranz, here you go

This link always available in Item Details page as a banner.

Nice Theme! I have a question befor i will buy this one.. Is it possible to use own shortcodes between theme elements on home page? I mean my own logo slider as shortcode ect..?


Hi johannes1000, logo you can upload from Theme Options, as for shortcodes it will be possible after next theme update.

Hi, I want to install a sidebar just for the home page. I make a new one and called “home” and I called in latest-post.php, it works but when the new sidebar is active the footer lost the layout showing without the grid. I must call some function in the new sidebar? Thanks

Hi axolotl11, please consider using WooSidebars. it’s great plugin which lets you create unlimited sidebars and replace them on page basis.