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Hi, I want to install a sidebar just for the home page. I make a new one and called “home” and I called in latest-post.php, it works but when the new sidebar is active the footer lost the layout showing without the grid. I must call some function in the new sidebar? Thanks

Replied on previous page.

thanks your your suggestion


I would like to add automatic soundcloud embed at the homepage and category page) like on format-audio.php posts. How I can do it?

Thanks in advance! Best Michael

Hi elixic, for support questions please register at our support forum.

Hi! I’m having trouble with the comment postings. Every time a user posts a comment a weird error appears, but the comment appears. How can this be fixed? Thanks

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Hi sergiorentero, hm… that is definitely not coming from the theme. Please check what plugins you use. Have you done any changes in theme files? For support questions please register at our support forum.


Nice theme! I recently purchased and began to set up my menu’s and etc. But for some reason I have this small looking “sidebar” type book that I can’t remove. I haven’t added any posts or photos yet. But this rectangle box will not disappear from under my tab menus under primary menu. Please help!

Hi TerrenceTEdwards, for support questions please register at our support forum.

Is this theme retina-ready (or will it be in the future)?

Hi deus62

The theme uses double-size source images in posts for retina displays. Also the graphic elements, such as icons or slider arrows are in scalable vector format.

Great. Thanks for your quick reply.

Love your theme!! There is one thing I can’t seem to figure out though: how do I add social media icons next to the search bar in the second menu? I can see it in your preview, but I can’t find the options anywhere in the CMS of my site.

Hi otherweyes, thank you for your feedback. Navigate to Theme Options -> Social Profiles. In case you can’t see it there, please download the latest theme version.

That was indeed the problem: I was still using an older version. Thanks!

Sorry, I don’t get any reply 2 days ago!!!! Hi, I want to install a sidebar just for the home page. I make a new one and called “home” and I called in latest-post.php, it works but when the new sidebar is active the footer lost the layout showing without the grid. I must call some function in the new sidebar? Thanks

Hi axolotl11, we have replied you exactly two days ago. See comments page 20. The last comment is yours. For support questions please register at our support forum.

Noted with thanks

Woaw, good work!!!! :)

Thank you.

Love this theme. Is there any way to show comment count along side author name and publication date x single posts and on homepage layout?

Hi chiarasays, we’ll add it in the upcoming update.


I do see posts excepts on the homepage but I am not seeing them when I’m on a specific category’s page. All I can see are the featured image with its corresponding post title so I was wondering if there’s any way that I can make the excerpts show.

Many thanks!

Where can I find my license code? I only see Regular License and Help with Wordpress Install buttons under Downloads and I don’t see License Certificate button :(

Click on Download button, the last option is License Certificate.

Thank you very much!

Hi. Before i buy the theme i have one question. The images on homepage with <latest by category> and <latest articles> have the same size? Because i want to make a site with large posters (600×1000) and only latest by category (i have 5 categories). I don’t want croped images. I have tall images like in your demo homepage <latest articles>. Thank you

Hi barila26, most of the sections have a hard crop, besides the Latest Posts section and all categories.

love the SimpleMag theme but how do I:

1. hide categories that are listed above each post on the main / home page (in your demo, for example, the categories ‘travel’, ‘music’, ‘fashion’ appear grey above ‘typography’, ‘sound cloud audio’, ‘standard post’ 2. add a line of google+ code to my homepage 3. is the theme compatible with NextGen Gallery


Hi leehoward, first please read the documentation. For support question register at our support forum.

Hi there,

Really love your theme!! A question before I purchase.

The theme includes different sizes Add Images banners. What about a skin-background (Add) image? Is this possible? Does the theme includes skin manager?

Sorry if my english is not correct! Thanks, Belinda

Hi designyourdreamlife, there is options to change the top strip, footer an yellow you see in demo colors, but black and white colors are permanent.

thanks for your quick reply! I like the black and white colors very much. Although I do have a question about a skin banner, for example 1240×1240 pixels. Is it possible to put such a large image (banner) behind the content of the site? Thanks.

The maximum width of the theme is 1050 pixels. Putting something with 1240 pixels width would be problematic.

Hi I just bought your theme and I am using Event Expresso but also many plugins with shortcodes.

Unfortunately while the shortcodes work in normal pages/posts, I cannot make them work in the page creator.

Could you advise how to execute them from the page creator?


Hi Michelefajtmann, it will be possible after the upcoming theme update, coming soon. Please be patience a few days.

Hey ThemesIndep! Love this theme BTW. Thank you very very much for y’all’s hard work. I have one issue though- my site is broken. It first started early this morning where it wouldn’t load a page every now and then. Then it got a little worse, and now, in any browser I go to, my domain name doesn’t pull anything up. Google Chrome says, “Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to” and Firefox says, “The Connection Has Timed Out – The server at is taking too long to respond.” I was hoping this was a Godaddy issue, so I called them and they said everything looked good on their end. I tried deleting the plugins via my file manager though the Godaddy hosting, but nothing works still. My site was just starting to look stellar! What should I try next? Thanks in advance. Thanks for your time, JS

Hi ContractCre8ive, it would be really strange if theme cause such behavior, usually or it works or just not. Currently i see your site is on Maintenance Mode. If you delete WP plugins not from WP interface it does not really delete the plugin, but just the files. Please register at our support forum for support questions.

Yes yes. Wow. It just started working again for me too. Maybe it’s because I deleted the plugins? Are there any known issues with, “contact-form-7” “force-regenerate-thumnails” “Shortcodes-indep” or “wordpress-importer” with this theme directly? Those are the ones I just deleted, and will be readding one by one. I’ll let you know if I hit bumps. Also – I will register on the forum BUT… most of all- thank you for your fast response. Very very appreciated. Thanks!

We use all this plugins all the time and they are also installed on our demo and our localhost.

This is by far one of the best themes I’ve bought on Themeforest and the support is exceptional!! 5 star rating.

Can I selfishly ask that you add in a feature update the ability for users to enter reviews? Maybe color code it differently so that visitors can distinguish between user reviews and editor reviews :)

Or, if any one has figured out how to do this on their site please send me a message :)

Hi SADK81, thank you very much for your feedback. We’ll try to add this feature in future updates, but i can’t 100% promise you it will be available in the next one.

I understand! Thank you ;)

How do I make the background another color? I would ideally like to have the theme with a boxed looked and not full width if possible.

Hi promonoe, there is no option for boxed layout, you’ll have to write CSS to make it possible. For support question please register at our support forum.

Hi i would like to get off the Date on the post on the slider and every place in home page what s my option???

Hi rollupnetwork, there is no built in option to hide the date. Mabve you can try a plugin which hides all dates site wide. For support question please register at our support forum.

Excellent design ;) I like it ! Good Luck With Sales :D

Thank you.

Love this theme however I am having a lot of people tell me it’s not showing properly if viewed on Internet Explorer but is fine on safari & Firefox. Anyone able to Help

Hi appareledabode, theme is fully compatible with IE 8, 9 an 10. Please check if they not using IE7 or IE8 in compatibility view, which makes it render as IE7.