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Thanks for a great theme. Look, how we used your theme: :)

Thank you very much. Great customization your site look awesome!

On the homepage 1 template preview, there is an ad space under featured posts. How do I get that to show up?

Hi taliahwaajidblog,
Make sure you have at least the version 2.0

1. Add a new page or edit the existing one, in Page Attributes select Page Composer.

2. Click on the “Add Section” button and choose Static Image or Code Box.

Hi – have you got a more precise date when you release the new version supporting shortcodes in page composer?

I am kind of stuck for the moment.


Hi Michelefajtmann, we working on it right now, in a few days we’ll upload it.

I just want to thank you for your amazing theme. Actually, I have a lot of visits with your design, and this is just… woaw! Thanks a lot! :) Regards,

Cyril, owner of

Hi zepoupi, thank you very much for your very positive feedback. Awesome pics you got there!

Nice looking theme. Is there a colour picker included or is this just black & white?

Hi tommytank, thank you for your interest. Mostly it’s B&W. There is an option to change the top strip and footer to gray or white, besides the dark background. You can also change the yellow color to any other color you like.

theme looks great and almost perfect for me. only thing i am missing is a commerce/shop addition. that would be great to sell merchadising products for music bands… any plans for this in future updates? thanks

thanks for the reply. could you at least suggest a commerce-plug-in you would recommend working with your theme? as i mentioned – its only for selling merchandising products of rock-bands – like shirts, caps, prints, .... thanks!

Hi aovivo, we have not tested any eCommerce plugins with the theme, so i really can’t suggest you one. The functionality of any plugin should work, but the styling and design will remain the plugins default.

thanks for the reply. well thats very sad – i like your theme – the customer loves it – but its important to integrate a shop for merchandising… as far as i checked – and as you said – its very liekely that design and style of woocommerce would not match your themes style…

We are currently working for an client on your theme. Can you tell us how to bring back the hover preview of the navigation? First it was there but now its gone. And the second question, is it possible to link the email adress? Like we have done it in impressum..? Thanks!

Hi JanoschG, for support questions please register at our support forum.

Hey, can I eliminate the horizontal lines that separate the site title image, main menu, and posts? AT least render them white. I would also like to make the outline around the sidebar invisible.


Hi cdekergommeaux, please register at our support forum and make a quick search, you’ll find the answers.

For some reason, the slider and majority of my posts for a specific category are not showing up on the category page. Here is the link: How do I fix it? It is only for this one category all of the rest are fine.

Hi housenstuff, please register at our support forum and leave us login details to your dashboard as private reply. From first sight i see that your post is in Culture category and the slug of your Style category is “style1” and not “style”. Please check all your categories and slugs.

Perfect! :)

Thank you! :)

Beautiful theme, before buying a problem, is this page theme features? Or what plug-ins?

Hi ych2468, it’s combination of theme features and third party galleries. All the galleries on this page are not part of the theme.

Hi, I’ve just purchased your theme. Could you provide a demo-content.XML that after importing it will show exactly like your demo site. I can see a lot of newbies like me asking this same question?

That’s fine. But at least you should give us all the dummy data and structure. We are happy with blank images as we’ll replace them anyway. Some lazy people like us just want a quick way of doing it.

Sorry, the only demo content we can currently provide is the one already included in demo content.

Hm… Demo Content is included in the package with all the post formats and main features needed to get started… There is also a pre sale questions option.

Very nice theme! The wrapper has a width of 1050px, I would of 960px … possible or is a very complex customization?

Hi emanuelezenoni, it will require changes in the code. The theme plays very nice in mobile devices.

Yes I know but I wanted to know what would be complex! :) A little ‘programming and css I get along … It may be a customization that you could do?


It’s a little bit complex :) lots of different calculations. We do not provide customization services, sorry.

Hi, just purchased, very happy with the template so far. just one quick question re: the line separator – default is set to grey double solid lines, are there any style options? or simply remove them? thanks!

Hi, just purchased, very happy with the template so far. just one quick question re: the line separator – default is set to grey double solid lines, are there any style options? or simply remove them? thanks!

Hi placebolife, thank you for buying. Please register at our support forum and make a quick search, you’ll find the answers.

hmm… couldn’t find the purchase code, could u show me where to find it? thx

Click on Download button in your Downloads section. The last option License Certificate.

I got many good feedback with the theme. Thank you for such sexy design! Will be glad if you can feature my site –

Hi blackflam, thank you for your feedback and sharing your site.

Hi, very nice theme! I would like ask you if is redy for multilanguage support (WPML plugin)? Thank You

Hi rattar, thank you. We know a buyer who use WPML and our theme and as far as i know everything plays well, but i won’t guarantee you a 100% compatibility because we have not tested the theme with WPML our self.

OK, thanks, sounds promising…

does this theme have the drag & drop elements?

Hi juliearagon, Page Composer have the drag & drop feature. You can rearrange and change the order of sections.

Hello there,

This might sound like an odd question, but is there anyway for me to add a sharing plugin and have it show under the image on the preview section? or not have it in the preview at all and just in the post?

Hi park59, there is a share links feature in every single post. If you want something different from what the theme have you can use a plugin.


I know, I want to install a different one, but not have it show up on the blurbs, just on the full post.

We can’t suggest you any particular plugin, you can make a search and choose between free and paid plugins.

Great looking theme!

Just wanted to alert you – there is a spacing issue between “You May Also Like…” and “Be First to Comment” when viewing on iPhone.


Hi ddubilowski, thanks for telling us.