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I’ve purchased the simple mag theme and i am pretty happy with it. However I do have a couple questions and I see that I need to login to the forum page. so when I look for the License Certificate it doesn’t show up. PLEASE HELP so that I can get my website back up and running.

Hi vonnybravo, click on Download button in your Downloads section. The last option License Certificate.

Hi, I love the look of your theme. Would you tell me can I have a log in page ie people must become a member before they can view the site beyond the home page?


Hi yoda12, all pages in WP have an option to make them password protected, beyond that this option you’ll have to use a plugin.

Before I buy the theme would you be able to recommend a plugin?

Sorry, we can’t suggest you any particular plugin.

Official forum is down ? I have some problem to visit it these last days.

Hi, the site looks really nice but when I check out the example sites that you link to on my mobile phone I notice that they have ‘white-outs’ when you use the touch screen to scroll. It happens to all the sites so it appears to be a problem with the responsive theme not the individual sites.

The screen goes entirely blank until the next part of the page loads. I have a responsive theme right now and it doesn’t happen to me. I am seriously considering buying your theme, it looks great and you seem to offer good support and also to add things in upgrades that are requested, but I need my site to look slick on mobile devices and not go blank…. Any thoughts please? Do you think this will be fixed?


Hi lalucia, thank you for your interest. Theme was tested on several mobile devices and we can’t see the issue you talk about. Please always check the theme demo and not the sites from the showcase, because some buyers make customization and we do not know what they did.

Me again…. :)

I know you are on holiday for a few days so for when you come back….

I have also noticed that when I check the site which looks great on computer, it goes way off on a mobile phone. Same whiteouts asI mention above but also the headline text is so big that half disappears off the phone screen yet the same text looks fine on computer. Its odd because the actual article text resizes to fit the screen but the headline doesn’t…. Is this fixable?

Same answer as above.

Hi, How can i display full blogpost and not excerpt?

Hi mattiashargin, for support questions please register at our support forum.

I want to be able to use shortcode in the code block section of the page composer how would I go about enabling that?

Nevermind, I got it by doing this: <?php $content = get_sub_field( 'ad_banner_code' ); echo do_shortcode($content);?>

in the code-box.php file

Hi hartofchicago, for support questions please register at our support forum.

Hi, is it possible to have blog post full page width without any sidebars?

Thank you, considering a purchase.

Sorry one more question. What is the image width in a post if I disable the sidebar?

It will take 100% width of the site, if you’ll make the images 1050 pixels wide. In case your images are less then 1050, they will be centered.

hi,am interested in buying the theme but i want to know if the theme has an option for other colors.. Also i would i be able to download the dummy content.. is there a twitter widget? and can i create like a lookbook where people can log in and upload their pictures? Please urgent answer needed.

Hi tegaenai, thank you for your interest.

1. You can change the yellow you see in demo to any other color. All other colors are changeable only with CSS.

2. Demo content is included in the download package. It’s not as the demo, but have all main features to get you started.

3. No, there is no Twitter widget included.

4. Theme have no user related functionality.

I do have a few small things I want to clear up via your support forum but I just wanted to stop by to say that I’m a happy customer (one of many, I guess).

Excellent work and – which is not a given – excellent support (which I have been watching for quite a bit before I “pulled the trigger”).

Keep it up. You’re doing great.

Thanks for a great product.

Hi deus62, thank you very much for your great feedback.

Hi, I had a convenient time using your theme… are you building new themes soon? i want to buy your next theme (whatever that is) i’m a fan. thanks. you’re awesome!

Hi zakifoster, thank you very much. It’s always great to read comment like yours. We working on our next themes and we hope to release them soon.

When will you have an update? Shortcodes are not working on the current theme and the shortcodes are not given in the documentation.

Hi vandecruze, shortcodes are working in the theme, also theme comes with our custom shortcodes plugin located in “Plugins” folder of the downloaded package.

Thanks – see it now

I’m trying to find the masonry layout you can see in the screenshot (archived posts) but I can’t find it using the demo. Where is it? Thanks.

Got it. Thanks very much. So, can I adjust the size of the image for the masonry so that they “stagger” and aren’t always lined up?

Sure, that the way this type of layout does work, just like on this page example.

Are there plans to creater a slider shortcode that we can embed into the body of posts/pages? :) I’m posting here because I’m unable to create a new thread in the support forum.

Such a great theme people and excellent support. Buy, buy, buy!

Hi SADK81, thank you for your great feedback. Sorry, currently it’s not in the to do list.

hi, i love this theme and i am interested in purchasing.

can you please tell me what review plugin this theme uses?


Hi tomhargreaves, thank you for your interest in the theme.

Review is a built-in feature, it’s not a 3rd party plugin.

Hi, great theme!

How do I add fonts to those available? I would like to add Helvetica and another web font face…

Many thanks

Hi emanuelezenoni, for support questions please register at our support forum.


Well done on theme.

Two questions tho…is there a way to incorporate ajax pagination to posts on homepage? Ideally, it would be great to have more posts load when someone scrolls.

Also, it would be great to have a separate sidebar for post pages from the homepage.

Not sure, if these two things could be accomplished via a plugin but I will do some research.


Hi teekid, ajax pagination it’s something that comes with a theme. To implement it there is a need of custom work. For sidebars you can use WooSidebars. It’s an excellent plugin which gives you the ability to create unlimited sidebars for any page or post.

I love this theme! So far, I only have one problem. For SEO purposes, I’d like “By” to be right before my name in the author box on each of the posts I create. (Google specifically says that “By” indicates authorship. I think this is part of the problem why my posts aren’t showing up when I google my name.) Anyway, can you please tell me where I should add “by” in the author.php file so it shows up before my name in the author box? Thank you!

Hi njmaslow, for support questions please register at our support forum.

Hi… great looking theme. I’m interested in purchasing it. One question first. I would like to change the footer color like one of the websites you list who is using your theme –

How can this be done?

Hi gwastl, yes it can be done. Theme comes with free color options for top strip and footer separately: dark, gray and white.

Hi there,

I love this theme but has the option for a fixed header? If no, are you planning to add this to this theme any time soon?

Thanks, Maarten

Hi maartenvanhalm, it’s not a built in feature, but the top strip (the dark one) can become fixed with the help of a little CSS snippet.