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As you know, I’m an avid fan of yours, and look forward to all your news. I have to make a personal blog, you’ve probably been thinking of compiling a theme that would fit this? I mean, in a short time, approximately. I would really like to use the same themes web designer, it is so good! Or do you suggest I look elsewhere? Thank you, however, you will always follow with great esteem :)

Hi alegirunner, thank you for your comment. We do plan to release a blogging theme, probably more than one, but i can’t tell you when. I think in a couple of months we’ll upload it.

It ‘a reasonable time, I can wait and I think it’s worth it. Thanx!

Hi There, Love the theme by the way – but I’ve requested assistance on your support page but received not response yet (after a week). Would like to know why my sites images are all messed up on the “Gallery” Setting. The images load vertically and then now I am getting a warning message “Warning getimagesize…php network getaddressinfo failed…etc. Please advise why this could be happening! Thank you, KA

Hi kaagency, we answer everyone usually the same day. Sorry if we missed your question. Please come back to the forum and add a reply in your topic to bring it up.

Hi Developers

How do you add a sidebar or widget option to front page of this template?


Hi manatbestclub, for support questions please register at our support forum.

Want to add more format options for symbols under posts in the admin control panel happy to provide photos to illustrate what I mean.

Hi manatbestclub, for support questions please register at our support forum.

Hi, the default share on Twitter option on single posts has the wrong Twitter handle of my website. How do I fix this? Here’s a screenshot as to what I’m talking about:

I want it to say “via @femmeandfortune” not “via @femme”


Hi jogamel88, for support questions please register at our support forum.

I have to tell you this… I am blown away. I had already tried and deleted 2 previous themes from other companies. I had never done a site, and was feeling overwhelmed. I bought your theme. I installed it, and Wow! Crazy easy! At one point, I got stuck, so I called a friend. He asked me what the documentation said. I answered “what is documentation?”

When I realized that there was actually instructions to the theme, I was thrilled! i thought everybody else just knew how to do it, and I somehow missed the know-how gene!

So, I followed his instructions about opening the documentation, and decided to start over again… Did a fresh install, and then uploaded the whole graphics thing. So cool!

Between you and Fiverr…Voila!

Thanks so much for making such an awesome product!!!


Hi Michelle, we are glad you like our theme and thank you for your great feedback. Send us a link to your site when it’s live.

Loved your theme… but please can you tell me how to add the tint effect on hovering the mouse over the post slider in the homepage…

kindlemag, for support questions please register at our support forum with your purchase id.


0pm Purchased

Hey, first off; your theme rocks! But how do i go about translating it?

Hi TheKaptajn, you have to use PoEdit and .po file to translate the theme to your language. You Google for a tutorial. As an alternative you can try this plugin

hi there! I already wrote you a request in the support forum. ... got no answer so far…

My main menu hast dissapeared suddenly? just tried to make some basic changes in the stye.css ? I also was searching for that topic in your forum. you recommented replacing that style.css. with the older version and deactivate some kind of plugin … but this plugin I don’t hava at all?

pleas give me answer! thx!

Hi StephanRender, please come back to the forum and give us your site URL.

hi! wrote you yesterday inkl url and account etc! ... same username! thx!

Hello. A buying question..

How would you recommend selling products through using this theme via PayPal or cards etc..?

Hi thetruejoe90, thank you for your interest. Theme have no built-in shopping card feature right out of the box. We work with an outsource team of developers, they can integrate WooCommerce into the theme as a paid service.

Hi, Love this theme. Few quick questions as we consider purchasing are: 1) Does the theme support Retina/HiDPI supported devices?

2) We currently have 3 review minisites on our existing theme each with 3-4 taxonomies. Wondering how will we transfer over our existing review type posts and taxonomies to SimpleMag ? Any documentation ?

3) What is the permalink structure for review type posts in SimpleMag? We do not want to lose our existing review type structure which looks like this: For example an Entertainment review article would look like: We do not want to lose our existing review article’s original permalinks with SimpleMag since some of those articles have up to 5000 plus shares and likes on Facebook!

Thanks. Thanks.

Hi dlsa, thank you for your interest.

The only image in the theme is a line on both sides of titles. Everything else depends on the post images you upload.

SimpleMag have no post types or taxonomies, only WP default posts and categories. If your post type came as a plugin then probably you wont loose it, but you’ll still have to create templates and insert the code manually. In case it came as part of a theme, you currently use, then it will be lost.

The permalink structure is defined by you in Settings ? Permalinks.

Awesome theme. Quick question, is there a widget designed to fit the aesthetics of the theme for a twitter feed included that i could use on the sidebar or even on the footer?

Hi cptco, thank you. Theme have no built-in Twitter widget. If you install a plugin that outputs your tweets, it will have default plugin styling.

I really like the look of this theme, before i buy i like to know if this theme is Woo-commerce ready? Cause I have to set up a small shop on the site. thanks Sam

Hi Lightperfect, thank you for your interest. It’s not WooCommerce ready right out of the box…

Ok, how about google adsence?

You can add google adsence or other js code using the page builder or widgets and sidebar.

Hi there! I’m confused as to why I am only getting the featured slider on my front page? I thought that by buying this theme I had multiple layout options. I can’t seem to find where I can activate these layout options? Please HELP! sample site: Thanks

Hui jlaceda, please read the documentation located in Documentation folder of the downloaded package. You’ll find all the info about how to set up the homepage, pages, categories, posts, images sizes, etc. If you’ll still have questions after reading please register at our support forum.

Gotcha! Thanks for your quick response!

Hi, ThemesIndep Sorry, another thing…how come my wordpress is saying that installation failed because the file does not contain a css style sheet??? Thanks for your help…

Hi jlaceda, you have to unpack the downloaded package. There you will find Theme Files folder, inside you will see which is the actual theme you have to install. The Documentation folder also will be available after unpacking. For further support questions, please register at our support forum.

Thank you SO MUCH for your help!

Beautiful design! Does this theme offer multiple sidebars or will it support plugins that provide that functionality? Thanks!

Hi milest, thank you for your interest.

The theme has no such feature, but we’ve tested and did not find any issues with WooSidebars

Hi. Before purchase i would like to make a few questions:

- It is possible to add custom HTML to the front page via the page builder? If not, is this feature going to be available soon or not expected in a few months?

-Can you exclude categories for the second navigation bar? (in demo example design/fashion, etc) Or can you deactivate the dropdown menu?

Thank you! Looking forward for you answer.

Hi aimet, thank you for your interest.

After the next theme update one of page builder sections will support HTML tags and shortcodes.

If you want to exclude categories from menu, you can just not add them to the menu. Yes it’s possible to disable the dropdown as well.

Hello! We would to know if anyonw is using the ¨On The Score Feature¨ and how does it works… We created a TOP10 of Most watched videos and the first time we did it it came out in order, but now we wanted to modify the videos.. and they don´t show up on the order we we want the to.. For Example: 10, 7, 9,4.. Not, 10, 9, 8, 7… Do any of you know how to fix this? We would really appreciate your help. You can check out our website with the Simple Mag Theme:

Hi Camaraflash, score feature work very simple. You add score row and select a score form 1 to 10. After you finished adding all wanted rows, our script divide the sum of all scores by score rows count and this gives you a total score. There is no feature in the theme to display top 10 by score, only latest posts with scores by date as shown in our demo sidebar.


Bought the theme and all working fantastically. One issue and is probably me. I inserted the Google analytic s code in the code box but through the formatting out. Can you advise?


Hi yoda12, Google Analytics wont count the statistics in the body of your site. Please use Theme Options, Custom Code tab for analytics. For support questions please register at our support forum.

Thanks for this. Can I confirm the following. 1. Is it enough to insert into the footer only or both footer and header option? 2. Next to the code box is states ‘DO NOT include opening and closing script tags.’ Does this mean I remove the following? ’ <script> ‘

? Thanks

1. You should insert only into the header or only into the footer. As Google says you should place the analytics code into the header. 2. Yes you have to paste the code without the <script> and </script> tags.

Lovely theme, however I cannot get the secondary menu to show. I know its there because I can see it in the mobile version, but not in the desktop version. Yes, i’ve gone through the docs and have followed the instructions, but still, no secondary menu. Help? thanks!

Figured this out – inconsistent experience. The menu is called the “Secondary menu”, but in settings its referred to as the “Top Strip.” You should ensure there is consistency in the UI. Thanks.

Hi niwmagazine, sorry you had this difficulties, but it’s not the same thing. Secondary Menu refers to actual menu, when Top Strip consist of three parts: Menu, Social Icons and Search. To set up the menu requires only the understanding of native WordPress menu feature and have no special settings in the theme. For support questions please register at our support forum.