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Presale Question. Can the text “search” be changed in the backend or would it need to be done custom css? How would this be done?

Hi usnraver, you can change it directly in the code. It’s not complicated.

Hi, I think it would be helpful to add the ability to natively display a leaderboard banner. In the mean time would it be possible to get a custom code to add a leaderboard banner? I think below the menu would be good.

Hi tingm, you can use Static Image or Code Box sections from the Page Composer to display the banner. For support questions please register at our support forum.

Does the CSS provided work with the site?

Hi oneyoungtraveler, custom themes you buy does not work with


Is a nice theme, just in the next months will you do theme for magazine, blogging, i ve seen one really nice, with a colored titlle and menu background for post, categorie, slide for each post carousel for the categorie

so i m searching one with this spirit, let me know if you are plan one

best regards


Hi lorelei66, we do plan to release a blogging theme, but we do not know when exactly.

Thanks for the answer it be will great if you can create a theme done for speaking about movies entertainement because is just impossible to find one really well designed for wordpress

i hope it will be done with your blogging theme, just take a look on is really a nice theme and propably the guy who will do a such theme will get much success

hi there. love the theme. Is it possible to display a single chosen post in the slide dock rather than random?

Hi mikeyeaton, thank you. It might be possible with some code changes.

great. any pointers as to how would be really appreciated! Thanks

Please register at our support forum for support questions.

Hi, Great work on this theme. Couple of pre-sale questions.

1. Is there a complete list of shortcodes I can review or see? Thinking along the lines of pricing chart, insert slider in page/post, accordion item etc

2. Is there any way to have custom BGs per page or blog post?

3. Can you customize the header?

4. Is there a sticky header, or do you know of a sticky header plugin that will work with the theme?

Again, keep up the great work and thanks for this feedback.


Hi loatx, thank you for your interesting.

1. You can see all available shortcodes in the theme demo Shortcodes page. Pricing and slider are not available in our shortcodes plugin.

2. This feature is not supported by the theme.

3. There are three color options for the Top Strip: dark (default), gray and white.

4. Sticky Top Strip can be done with some CSS coding.

How can I replicate this for my website?

actually I want to have classic blog setting on my page, how can I do that


Solved. I just downloaded the newest version :D

Hi adrianusnugroho, this is great. Thank you for buying our theme.

Hi. As i know gallery post, doesn’t work in iPhone (adaptive) version. Instead of slideshow we have a simple list oh photos. Perhaps, for the gallery post we could use fotorama script ?

Hi Rukomoynikov, it works, but in small smartphone screens it changes the layout to list of images, because this screens are too small to keep the gallery as on desktop or tablet monitors. If you can and will change the gallery script, please use the Child Theme. Do not edit parent theme files.

I have no i idea if i have installed this correctly. Customisation is extremely complicated and limited. Support is not helpful.

please give advice someone

super frustrated at this point

Hi KRISTINLEEMOOLMAN, thank you for buying our theme. Please note that it’s not a 24/7 support, we have working hours (GMT) when we answer the support questions. What customization are you asking about? Have you read the documentation included in the downloaded package? Please continue this discussion at our support forum

Hello! I’m new to word press and seeking a theme to start a blog. Can Woo be added to this theme to sell products?

Thanks in advance for your help, Julie

Hi thehoneymooncouple, thank you for your interest. We have not tested our theme with WooCommerce. The functionality of the shop will work, but design will remain WC default.

Theme is great, but the support for Chinese is inadequate. If I need to render quite nice Chinese fonts in this theme. How to find font family settings, please tell me. Thank you kind response.

Hi vicxia, theme use Google Fonts for titles and text. Not really sure they have support for Chinese or you have to search for fonts that support Chinese in their directory.


Can the fixed menu be changed to a floating menu bar? Will you be providing the CSS for the same if needed?

Will you guys help me out with the floating menu? I am newbie when it comes to CSS / HTML . I would thank you my entire life if you could help me with the floating menu . Please? This theme is beautiful . Just lacks the floating menu that is present in my previous layout. Let me know!

Can you please show us your site so we can see what you talking about?

Hi, is it possible to show the latest posts in the »Mega Menu« w/o picture? Or even better, all posts of the category in the menu drop-down?

Hi mattdiamond123, thank you for our interest. No, both are not really possible.

Is there a “featured image” perfect size?

Hi cudixon, don’t really understand your question.

Hi, I would like ask you how to use “featured image” function (in theme options – enable or disable). Thank you.

Hi rattar, this feature enable or disable featured image in every single post. In case you upload featured image to make it visible in latest posts and archive pages, but don’t want to show it in single post. For further support questions please register at our support forum.

Is there a way to to link ie “Latest by category” section to an archive, so that when I click the title/subtitle I can go directly to that category, that would be super useful? Can it be done?

We’ve made an option to disable featured image and drop cap in single post site wide (not per post) with one click.

Any news on the update? I am looking forward to it!

Hi cudixon, to disable the featured image option is currently available in Theme Options. If you need quickly to disable the drop cap it can be done with CSS. Please register at our support forum an use the search to find the CSS code.

First class theme with first class support. Couldn’t be happier.

Thank you very much! It’s important to us.

Hi – another presale question: can the loading animations be disabled? Also, I would like to extend the width to around 1230. Is there an easy way to do that? Thank you!

Hi stevejwin, animation can be disabled by modifying the code only. To change the layout requires lots of different changes and customization, which unfortunately we can’t provide.

Thank you. Is there an option for custom CSS on the back end then?

Theres is an option to make your own CSS, but CSS is not enough to make the site wider.

I tried using the TI support forum, but couldn’t find the purchase code (your help image seems outdated). I’ve bought the theme but have a strange question regarding the images. When I upload an image, say 2000px width and even though my media settings are set for Large to have “1050px width”, the option I get when inserting the image on a post (through the select box) is Large “690px”. If I place the original, I know it will scale down in size, but won’t this also load a huge amount of bandwith, since I’m loading a full 2000px and scaling it down, instead of having the Large 1050px I’ve set in settings. My question is, is this a bug, or needs to be changed else where? Thanks in advance

Hi phobosinsmoke, to get the code click on the Download button. The last option License Certificate this is where is code is. Don’t really understand what do you refer to as a bug. Please continue this discussion in the forum

OH NO :( i thought i could use this for can i not? I already purchased it and im not a html person i have no idea how to use :( HELPPP?

Hi jgadoe, sorry but it wont work for you using This theme will work only on self hosted WordPress as all themes from this marketplace.

Is it possible to get a refund since I wont use it?

You should contact Envato support and ask them for a refund. We do not have this ability from our author account.