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For the Classic Blog Post, once you click from the Blog index page to go to the actual Single Post. Is it possible to have a smaller image at the top of the blog post vs. the wide image at the top of post shown in the demo.

Thank you! I believe I did see the code for the logo in the CSS. I will give it a try. The main thing is for it to still look well in mobile responsive view, once the logo is adjusted to appear on the left vs. center of the page.

Thank you for buying. You can search our support forum for this CSS, i believe we helped someone before with the same thing.

Will do. Thank you!

Hi, how can I get the template page “Archives”?


Hi emanuelezenoni, “Archives” is acctualy all latest posts. In demo we using a page with Page Composer template and pagination enabled. For further support question please register at our support forum.

Hi, in which file can I change the background color of the slider?

.modern .posts-slider figure:before { background-color: #18191A; opacity: 0.1; }

For support question please register at our support forum.

Hi there,

very nice theme, just have a couple of pre-sales questions:

1. Is there a ‘square’ post like ad type? 2. Is it possible to use a sticky navigation? 3. Is it possible to have a full width gallery or wider desktop version of the site? 4. Can I define what posts are showing up on the homepage?

Cheers, Julia

Hi scanlonmedia, thank you for your interest.

1. No, sorry there is no posts for ads. 2. Top strip can be made as fixed with some CSS customization. 3. Gallery post format is full width, to change the site width will require lots of different changes. 4. You can select what posts to display in the slider and Featured Posts.

Hi, is it possible to use an embedded video instead of the slideshow on the home page?


Hi evobulgarivo, thank you for your interest. The slider outputs only featured images.

Im really interested in purchasing this theme but i have a few questions. 1. Is there an option for a sticky menu? If so is there an option to create a custom sticky custom menu thats different from both already on the page? 2. Are there slots places to put ads? thx

Hi molevi, thank you for your interest.

1. Top strip can be made as fixed with some CSS customization. 2. It’s possible to create custom menu if you can code or with a help of a developer. 3. There are ads places in the sidebar and in Page Composer. Please see the theme demo.

Hi, how i can translate the file language EN to IT and use it? Tnx

Hi nonsolografica, please Google about WP theme translations. There are plenty tutorials out there. You can also try this plugin

This theme is compatible with translation plugins???

Hi pamelaipinza, we have not tested the theme with WPML, but it should be compatible. We know that our theme was translated to lots of languages.

Hello, I am about to purchase this great design, but had a quick question. I already have a wordpress page with godaddy domain mapped to it. Can I apply this layout to that page with mapped domain? I hope so, because this is great.

Thanks, Amanda

-NM to the above question. I did some simple research and figured it out so I can purchase. Thanks-Amanda

Hi manderz0266, glad you have worked it out.

Great work! I very like it ;)

Thank you.

The set-up video is very outdated. I’ve been trying for three days to install the theme and I just can’t do it. Is anyone able to help me? Would be so appreciated. Thanks!

It seems as though everyone gets super quick responses, so fingers crossed someone can help me asap!

This is one of the messages I get when it says “installed successfully”

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_fields() (previously declared in /home3/twa/public_html/wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-fields/core/api.php:16) in /home3/twa/public_html/wp-content/themes/simplemag/admin/acf/core/api.php on line 241

Hi thewhiteapartment, sorry you have this issue. We do not have a set-up video. We live in GMT zone, so sometimes we do not response the same moment. For support question please register at our support forum Please deactivate Advanced Custom Fields plugin and then install the theme.

Hello, I am having difficulty viewing my site on my mobile device. It is saying the server can’t be found. My internet connection is all good. Do I have to activate something for mobile. Thanks you. is my site

Hi manderz0266, yes i see the same. The reason is, that you have something that makes a redirect to sub domain: It can be a plugin you have installed. If it’s not a plugin you should contact your hosting support. For further support question please register at our support forum.

Will do. Thanks for the support.


I have noticed a horizontal scroll bar has been added below the “Read More” Text on my post image slider on the home page.

This is only showing on Chrome and it was not there until I added new posts today. See here:

Any idea what is causing this?

By the way, I tried to sign up for your support forum but I can not find the purchase code. It is not in the download area of themeforest as per your instructions.


Hi AndrewParry, when you click on Download button you see three options pop out. The third options this is where the purchase code is.

Most of my blog readers/visitors access the site from their iPads and mobile devices and I hate how the site appears in the mobile theme. Is there a way to turn off the mobile theme?

Thank you.

For support question please register at our support forum

I also have two other questions:

1. How can I reduce the line spacing for content in a single post and page?

2. How can I change the font for block-quoted text? It seems to be set to Georgia font by default and I don’t like that.

Thank you.

For support question please register at our support forum.

Hey guys! I just purchased this theme . I have sent an email for the CSS snippet that i had asked for earlier !

Great work on the theme’s design! :)

Just sent.

Just wanted to say that I have just purchased the theme and I am now officially in love!

Simple to personalise and great design…....thank you!

Thank you very much for this great feedback. We posted it as a testimonial.

Hi , is it possible to have infinite scrolling in home page ?

Hi mathman1, thank you for your interest. Theme have no option of infinite scrolling, only numbered paging.

I can’t figure out how to change the format of the homepage even though I’ve played around with widgets, etc…I must be overlooking something?

Hi Gabfest, you need to select Page Composer template from the Template drop down, then you need to set your homepage in Settings -> Reading. Please read the documentation, it have all the information you need.

Thank you!


You know, «Joy in Finding» exactly what you are looking for. This theme is really well done. Also, I have a few questions pre-sale.

1 – Is it possible to disable a menu in the admin? Keep only the top one or the bottom, depending. Especially in the mobile version. 2 – I read the comments. It talks about translation. I would like some information about it. Is it easy to do the translation? With accented characters like “éà” etc? 3 – I love the “you also like and next and previous acticle” options.

I eagerly await your response before buying!

Thank you so much!

the easy way is ? :)

Not really understand the question…

no matter. was a french joke but not the same signification in english.