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Hi, I love your theme and am 99% sure about buying it, but just wanted to enquire about social media feeds for the side bar? My site has the facebook like box and twitter feed in the side bar. Do you have any examples of achieving a similar sidebar on your site? The widgets that I am using on my site came with the theme I am using and need to have a replacement in mind if I decide to buy and use your theme.

Many thanks John

Hi jskehill1, thank you for your interest. Theme do not have Facebook or Twitter built-in feeds, but these social feeds can be added manually as generated JS codes (on Facebook and Twitter sites) into our Code widget.

Do you have an example of this on a site that I could look at before buying the theme? Or could you add it to a page on the demo site so i can see it in action? I need to make sure that the social widgets will work and look ok before buying.

This guys are using social feeds: Not really sure if they added it manually or used plugins.

I lile your theme ans am thinking of buying it. However I have some presale questions.

- Is it posible to make the topmenu stick to the top when people scroll down? - Is it posible to add infinitive scrolling on the theme or does it work out of the box with the jetpack plugin infinitive scroll script?

Do you have admin screenshots somewhere so I could see all the possibilities of designing the frontpage.


Hi remstoffer, thank you for your interest. It’s possible to make top strip fixed with a help of little CSS. Theme do not have infinite scroll and we have not tested the Jetpack infinite scroll. We do not have admin screenshots, but i can tell you that we have a very intuitive page composer to compose pages including the homepage. All Homepage variations in theme demo were created using the page composer.


I have noticed a horizontal scroll bar has been added below the “Read More” Text on my post image slider on the home page.

This is only showing on Chrome and it was not there until I added new posts today.

Any idea what is causing this?

Hi gabrielvela, Click here for the solution. Please register at our support forum for further support questions.

Pre-sale question. How hard will it be to change the overall background color to something other than white?

Hi skibler73, it can be done with some CSS modification.

Hello, 1. How can I hide the date of the post? 2. What is it? And how to fix it?

Hi MarkoPoloes, for support questions please register at our support forum. You’ll find the answers. If you don’t, please open a new thread.

LOVE the theme and just launched my client’s site using it ( but am running into a funny issue with the twitter link in the social nav along the top – if you roll over, you’ll see it’s adding “%E2%80%8E” to the end of the url… I’ve checked and rechecked and we do not have any spaces or odd characters after the link in the theme options… do let me know if you can help. Thanks :)

Check your spam folder, there is a chance it arrived there.

No luck :/

It’s odd. Anyway, use the contact form on our profile page to send us the user and password to your dashboard.

I want to add an image/gallery slider to the Footer Area of my homepage. I’ve tried downloading several plugins but none of them are available within the “Available Widgets” menu. Any suggestions?

My website for reference:

Hi Gabfest, my only guess would be that this plugins do not have widgets. What plugins have you installed (two-three names)? For support questions please register at our support forum.

Is there a place where I can see what full width posts and pages look like? I’m interested in using this theme and disabling sidebars entirely. Thanks!

Hi justcharlie, i think we do not have a post without a sidebar in demo, but all the content will be starched full width, like the Full Width Page example.


I really do love your theme and would really be interested in buying one. However, pre-purchase questions. I’d like to know if I can align logo to the left and insert leader board advertising on the right in the header part?

Thank you.

Hi cmplxr, yes it’s possible with some code modifications.

Pre sale question.

Is it possible to ajust size of the slider? The width is good, but height is a bit too much height. I guess yes, but I still poses the question. Thank you.

And, sorry about my poor english.

Hi barreoblique, yes it’s might be possible with some code modifications.

Hello, Are there any ecommece plug-ins that are compatible with this theme? Thanks

Hi nakpan, we have not tested the theme with any of this plugins. The functionality will work, but design will remain plugin default.

Greetings. I want to buy your theme. I am concerned about several issues. Is it possible in your topic interface translation, both for anonymous and for the administrator? In the demo connected to paid plug-ins that need to be purchased for the full functioning of the threads to achieve a similar look?

Hi smogarev, theme comes with po file which can be easily translated to any language. Some features in admin area will remain in English though. Here is an example of a Russian site:

There is no plugins that comes with the theme except our shortcodes plugin which you can install if you need shortcodes.

This is an extremely beautiful theme and I chose it after testing 16-18 other magazine themes. It was fairly easy to customize, for example, to change the date link on the story detail pages to month (my magazine is a monthly, not daily). And I had to create CSS for print, which was an odd omission for a magazine theme where presumably readers print out stories. But these were very small issues to fix.

The best part? My readers and subscribers all say how beautiful my magazine is, which is none of my doing.

If I can be added to the list, my magazine is here:

Thanks for such a well designed and easy to customize theme!

Thanks! How might I get my URL on the front page list some day?

Just did :) We creating our new site where we building a Showcase section. All great sites using our theme will be included there.

Thx! I wouldn’t call my site great, only a decent example some people might find useful, as an adaptation of your theme. I’m missing the hot photos, for one thing.


I want to be my index page as homepage-vii can i do this.

my homepage should be like this..


Hi baykorhan, use Page Composer with two sections: Title/Text and Latest Posts with enabled sidebar. For further support questions please register at our support forum.

Hi I am thinking about buying this theme. But I could not find the H1 tag anywhere in the demo version.

Is there a way for me the state the H1 on the homepage as this is a pretty important SEO factor.

The titles are all H2, no H1 :(


Hi Iamrichard, thank you for your interest. Every page, category and single post title is H1 tag. You can also add H1 tag on the homepage by using Page Composer title section. On this demo homepage variation: you can see the title above the posts and the sidebar, this title can be added as H1 and not H2 as it’s shown in demo.

AH ok got it great. By the way, is there a way to rank the posts by Review score instead just recent? (on the sidebar) or a way to customize the order of the reviews? Deciding on this or another theme _

Hi Iamrichard, this widget can display posts only by date, not by rank.

Love the theme and it would be prefect for my art page. Have a quick question about galleries: is it possible to do a page of only thumbnails and have them become a slideshow when clicking on them or is blog format the only option? Ex: Thanks so much for any help you can provide.

Hi mirandalegendreart, thank you for your interest and we are glad you like our theme, but to be honest if you want to create a portfolio, our theme have lots of features you are not going to use. To answer your question, you can create gallery pages like in the example with Jetpack plugin which have two features: tiles gallery and carousel or use our custom gallery like on this page


I just uploaded the theme and have some issues.

1.How can i remove the sidebar from all the posts & make it full width? Is there a way to do for 100 + blog posts? It would be very difficult to remove the sidebar from each & every post manually

2. Is there any way to add my website logo to the smaller top menu ?

Hi Violetlocks, thank you for buying. For support questions please register at our support forum. You can use the forum search to find the answer to your first question, it was covered before. Changing logo position is not currently possible.

The “Download All Files” seems to be giving me a corrupt zip. Is this a themeforest issue or was a corrupt file uploaded? I’m specifically looking for the child theme you guys prepared.

Hi alonkadashev, it’s very odd. Try to download again later. We definitely can’t upload a corrupt file even if we wanted to :) No one reported us about it before. If it still will give you a corrupt file, please contact the Envato support.

It is very odd indeed! I just managed to unzip it using the windows utility, but was using winrar before. It seems that winrar has a problem unzipping the file, but only the full zip and not the stand-alone wp theme zip – strange. Thanks anyways.


Just a little question , I don’t find how to make a Wordpress gallery on my post like this post:


Hi bacococo, please see Adding New Post ? Post media ? WordPress Gallery in the documentation.


This is really a superb theme from a designer’s viewpoint as the simplicity and structure means I can concentrate on the imagery and communication. Great work guys.

A couple of points. 1 Although I have purchased with this account your forum is not allowing me to register and Envato have not responded to my mail. Can you sort this for me please. 2 My main issue is to remove the lines around the headers of the section, post and page headers have you got a fix for that?


Eugene from

Hi eugenedesigns, you only need your ThemeForest username and purchase code to register. Please drop us an email using the contact form on our profile page, we’ll send you the codes.