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Hi, just wondering if there are different post layout available in your theme. I noticed you can insert picture within the post like the one attached below. How do I get the same layout in my post?


Hi TALISFASHION, the link is pointing to the homepage with ThemeForest frame. Can you please register at our support forum and we’ll take it from there.

Hi there, its a post called “TYPOGRAPHY” BY JANE DOE TRAVEL MAY 27, 2013 (it’s under the latest articles section on the front page of your demo site).

Hi, the only thing you need to make a post like this is to select Define Per Post option in Theme Option -> Single Post and then select Above The Content option in post edit page.

Is there any way to implement a ecom store on this theme?


Hi jmbslade, you can install the plugin and the functionality will work, but design will be plugin default.

Hi. Any ideas when gonna have new update? I wanna buy this theme, but i’m waiting to see the next update features.

Can I make one suggestion? Try to implement tiles in the header, like metro style, instead the traditional slider. Some examples:

Great work with this theme, btw!

Hi blankenho, thank you for your interest. We work to finish the update and it will be available soon. Thank you for the suggestion, but metro style is something that is not planned for this theme.

Does this theme support autoshare posts from Wordpress to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ ?

Hi blankenho, theme does not have it, but there are lots of free plugins that have this functionality.


Any idea why the “Read More” links on the homepage slider have a side scroll bar? see:

I noticed your demo and other sites running this theme have it as well.

Thanks in advance!

Hi awetherill, please register at our support forum and you’ll find a fix fir this.


I couldn’t find the place to get my Purchase Code, there is no “License Certificate” link in the downloads page. Can you help me?

There is a problem with my website, all photos are distorted on IE8

you can see the page here

please help

Thanks for your quick reply

the page i see as below

Can you also help me to get the account in support forum?

Thank for your help, wonderful theme by the way!!


Hi oceankang, in your Downloads page, click on the Download button, then you’ll see three options. The last option this is where the purchase code is.

Hi oceankang

I noticed that the “Compatibility Mode” button is turned on in your IE.
The button icon appears on the right of the address bar.
Please click on it to disable.

I have a pre purchase question.

Can the theme be modified to suit a blog with portrait images? Or does the theme only work with one format (Eg Landscape?).

I’d love for it to feature both landscape and portrait images.


Hi hmarketing, please see other homepage examples or categories. Portrait images are supported when using Masonry layout.

Please help!! Theme crashes on iPad every time.

Hi j0hnnyb1, you have already contacted us at the support forum.

You are correct and you are working with me to get it resolved. Thank you. Service is excellent!

I’ve used the pagination feature to split up really long posts into multiple “pages”. The problem is that the featured image shows on all the subsequent pages and I only want it on the first page. How do I fix that?

Hi happygrrrl, for support questions please register at our support forum.

I purchased this theme a month ago and no one has been able to help me. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know (would be so appreciated.)

1. Homepage – how do I change it? The theme had numerous options (I like the fifth option better) but the information supplied gives no guidance on how to change this.

2. The homepage/index images are all different sizes (which I don’t want.) Any HTML advice or available plug ins to solve this?

Thank you!

Hi thewhiteapartment, you’ve never asked for support before… Please see “02. Homepage Setup” in the documentation. After reading it you’ll be able to build your homepage. For further support questions please register at our support forum.

I would LOVE to register at the support forum but after numerous attempts at contacting you and Envato – no one has helped me. I did not received my certificate and therefore no purchase code.

Also, there is no “Homepage Setup” document in the downloaded file.

I’m not trying to be argumentative, I just would have ran in the opposite direction if I’d known my entire website would be on maintenance mode for four weeks as this is incredibly challenging.

Can you please let me know an alternative solution so I can get this fixed? Any other users with similar issues?

Sorry you had to wait so long, but to be honest we have never received an email from you. You can contact us using the contact form on our profile page.

To download the latest theme version with the documentation click on the Download button in your Downloads page. You’ll see drop down with three options. The first option is a theme and the doc, the third option, License Certificate, this is where the Purchase Code is.

Hi how do I make my homepage look like the number iv please? I can’t seem to get a full width slider with a side bar menu further down the page like in the example on your live demo.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you

Hi CrabEyes, thank you for buying. To build you homepage you need to use Page Composer. Select the Page Composer template from Template drop down, the new UI will appear and now you can build your page. For more extended info please read the documentation located in downloaded package. For further support questions, please register at our support forum.

Hi Thank you for your swift response. I had already read the documentation and built the page but can’t find a way to include the side bar and full width slider the top.

I will register at the support forum. Thank you

Hello, I’m still not sure if this theme will fit my concept for my website, therefore I’m waiting out the update to see if there are new features which I can use. Any idea when the update will be released? Are we speaking of days or weeks?

Hi Dequal, thank you for your interest. I hope its matter of days or one week, but not weeks.

I am eager to start editing the theme for my website, any news on the update when it should go live?

Hi! I love this theme, it´s great.

I got a question: is it possible to add LinkedIn like option to share a post?


Hi beatlelarry, please register at our support forum we will help you with adding it.


Hope you’re well. Got some Urgent questions:

1. Is there a shortcode to add giant “QUOTATIONS MARKS” to texts in a post? + Does this theme have a shortcode for BLOCK QUOTE as well?

2. We have one annoying issue with texts in posts, when we use any short code in an article, the giant alphabet that occurs for the first letter in any post doesn’t show. In other words, for example when you write a sentence like “I am having some troubles”, the word “I” usually becomes very large and bold, this thing is what we really liked about this theme, hence we bought it. But when we used your ‘Two Thirds & Third’ column shortcode for the post, that giant alphabet refuses to appear. Can you tell us what to do about this please?

A fast response will be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi SunDelight,

1. Sorry, there is no shortcode for block quote since WP editor have block quote functionality be default.

2. I just added the columns shortcode before the actual text and the drop cap worked fine. Try not to add any spaces above the shortcode.

For support questions, please register at our support forum.


I am very happy with the theme!

Woocommerce installed, but the layout was broken. = (

Is there anything I can do to make it minimally functional?

Could you pass a budget for the cost, if not simple?

Hi trevous, please register at our support forum and give us your site URL, so we can see what the problem is.

I just wanted to say that I wouldn’t have purchased this if I had known how hard it would be to install. I’m really disappointed.

Actually, anyone who has successfully installed this image, I will pay for your assistance seeing as I’m getting nothing adequate from the documentation or support.

Hi thewhiteapartment, you’ve never contacted us before. Not by email and not in the support forum. I see you’ve registered at the forum only today and off course we will help you and answer all your questions.

Hey there, Thanks a lot. Great theme! Jule

Hi judojule, thank you. Click on the Download button in your Downloads page. You’ll see drop down with three options. The third option, License Certificate, this is where the Purchase Code is. Register at the forum and you’ll see a thread with a fix to this issue.

Good morning! Thank you for this cool theme for my website. There was one big problem in the Russian translation (.po – file). Several times already translated this file. Along, but the theme is still in English. Prior to this theme, I turned around 5 themes from this website. How to translate your theme? I also would like to ask to add an icon famous social network in Russia – Sorry, for my English.

Hi smmaster, in order to make your *.po file to work you need to install WordPress in Russian. Here is a link so you can download the Russian version. Please register at our support forum we’ll help you with the icon.

Thank you! Well, I check in your forum. You did not understand me. I use Wordpress in Russian. I downloaded your theme file and translated into Russian by the program (PoEDIT). The file with the Russian localization added to the folder with the theme. Added to a folder – “languages”. Theme on my Russian version Wordpress is English. Why is your SimpleMag is not translated into my language?

Sorry you have this issues. We have buyers who use our theme with their sites in Russian. Please see this one and this one for example, as you can see they’ve been translated using PoEdit. Please make sure that you upload both files and ru_RU.po (with correct naming: ru – language code and RU – country code) into the languages folder. Clear your browser cache and then refresh the page. Please continue this discussion at our support forum.

I installed the theme and the only option available is the multiple blog post look. I can not customize it to the different homepage themes (including a slider of featured post). The customize button doesnt have any of those options

Hi oneyoungtraveler, thank you for buying. To build you homepage and other static pages you need to use Page Composer. Select the Page Composer template from Template drop down, the new UI will appear and now you can build your page. For more extended info please read the documentation located in downloaded package. For further support questions, please register at our support forum.

H, can you tell me if this gallery is included with this theme?

Hi carec, thank you for your interest. The carousel gallery is a theme feature, the small thumbnails gallery is a plugin installed by the site owner.

Hi there, great theme! In more than one week of searching for suitable magazine theme through internet, it seems to be the best choice… However, before I buy, I have few questions: - can the full width layout (as used here: be used on the homepage? - Can I change the number of columns in the full width - Can the footer be hidden and instead can I use some plugin making the infinite scrolling effect? (Do you recommend some particular plugin which would work with the theme?

Thank you for answers and good luck with the theme!

Hi vikavikovic, thank you for your interest in our theme.

1. Yes, this layout can be also used in homepage. Please see Homepage II in our demo for example.

2. The number of columns is basically three, but with some code changes it can be turned to four.

3. If you don’t put any widgets into the footer, then it will stay hidden. We have not tested the theme with infinite scrolling plugins, so i can’t really tell you how it will behave.