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Beautiful theme! Is there space for a banner ad? I run just one on my site, usually somewhere in the header or just under the main nav, above the fold.


Hi, we adding advertising section. It will be possible to add ads in the next theme version.

Excellent! I’m looking at redesigning and you have such a unique magazine look here. Thanks so much for the update.

Quick question: where can the new ad units you added to the Page Composer actually appear on various pages, such as the front page and individual categories and posts? Thanks again!

Hi chartier, if you create pages with the composer you can place the ad sections anywhere on the page by dragging them, for regular pages, categories and posts you can place widgets into the sidebar.

Hey, looking or CSS file for Mobile devices. @ media in style.css denotes only for Desktop versions. Thanks!

Do you mean that there is not enough CSS comments? Because media queries are defined for all devices.

A presale question:

What is the minimum image size to be uploaded for an article??

And where to add social follow buttons??....even the social button for individual posts are hardly visible.. It would be good if you integrate the social buttons in such a way that they are visible to visitors…

Share social buttons are built-in.


First of all: Beautiful theme! :)

Anyway, how do I add a sidebar on the frontpage? And also, if I would like to make a standard post with a small picture, I don’t want a post with a big picture on top how do I do that?

Good luck!

Thank you! Works great. Looking forward to the next update for this nice theme. :)

Oh, you should make the thumbs one size. So the pictures don’t get different sizes. That would be great. Keep up the good work!

Install Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and regenerate all your thumbnails.

And don’t forget to rate the theme with 5 stars :)

Absolutely STUNNING theme! Congratulations.

A quick prepurchase question;

I use a lot of youtube video and have some specific requirements of the URL variables as shown below.

Can you please let me know if I need to put Iframe? Or is the video URL pasted into a shortcode? and if so, will the variables also be carried through to the page?

I hope I make sense, basically will the setting below work in the theme?

<iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="456" width="810"></iframe>

Thanks in advance for your help and advice and hopefully I look forward to using your theme.

Amazing work!


What you should paste in the field is only this:

Everything else is done by WP.

Thanks again for getting back to me. (Nice choice of video by the way) That’s a real shame because I need for all the parameters to be able to come through. Not a failing of your theme, just that I have a real strict need for that. Thanks again for your help and I wish you all the best for what I’m sure is going to be a blockbuster theme. All the very best. Maya

Thank you Maya

Hello, really nice theme! I’m thinking about using it for my personal blog. But I’m worried about titles of posts – demo presents only short titles. What if the tittle is longer (30 – 40 letters)? Font becomes smaller or it makes two rows?

And what about the facebook-like-box widget?


Hi wowarz, Thank you for your interest.

1. It makes multiple rows

2. We plan to add new features to the theme including the Facebook Like Box widget, but not in the upcoming update. It will come with next update. e.g. 1.2

Thanks for the reply :)

Hi there! Brilliant work! I’ll buy one for our major project.

What about woocommerce integration?

And what about custom (paid certainly) work provided by you?

Hi ydnikolaev, thank you for your comment.

The theme is not compatible with WooCommerce without additional work which is not planned for now.

Unfortunately, we are not free for custom work.

ok, thnx, will do it by myself

What about future plans/updates?

We work on update 1.1, with several additions, fixes and tweaks. Adding more flexibility to single post page. Building an advertising section to page composer as some people asked for it. And much more. Will be available soon.

Hi – love this amazing theme, just what I’m looking for for my personal/travel blog! Pre-sales question; is the theme optimised for SEO? And if not, does it support the Yoast SEO plugin?


Clare :)

It’s widget, so you can put this widget in the sidebar

Great. Thank you for your help, I’ll be purchasing this week! Good luck with your theme, with design like this I’m sure it’ll be a big seller :)

Thank you, it’s good to know that people actually like your work. There will be an update later this week, with lots of improvements.

Hi love this theme, I just purchased the it, is there an option to show widgets on the homepage?

Hi, thank you for buying. In Latest Posts section of the page composer you can Enbale the sidebar, also all 3 Footer sidebars are shown on homepage as well.

Hello, this is a fantastic theme and really must congratulate you on that. The only thing preventing me from buying it right now is the way in which the social media integration has been setup.

1. For me, it would be important to have the follow buttons at the top of the page somewhere, rather than tucked away in the footer as they are now. An e-mail subscribe button should be included, too, and one should be able to choose which buttons to include at admin level, obviously.

2. Another thing is the fact that the share buttons within articles are tucked away at the bottom. For me, again, it would be important to prominently feature these. This might be at the top, the side, or anywhere that would easily catch the eye whilst reading. I would also, probably embrace using icons – even though I love the look of your simple and elegant text links.

3. It’s would also be fantastic, I think, if share buttons were included beneath the text snippets under the thumbnails. This would be handy for people quickly reverting back to the site wishing to share an article they’d read previously. Alternatively, a nice idea might be to slide in the share buttons within the thumbnail somehow, when hovered over.

4. Lastly, maps / location services would be great as my blog will have a great deal of travel content.

I hope this is all useful, and look forward to hearing your thoughts.



1. it’s widget, so basically you can drag it into the right sidebar at very top of the sidebar.

2. and 3. Pretty much the same, and we’ll think about it.

4. Not planned in the near future.

Thank you.

Hi! Seems to be nice theme and i am considering it for one of my magazine project. The problem is, that I have most of the posts without featured image. You theme seems to use default images (on home page, category pages etc.). Would there be any possibility to remove the default images if there is no featured image in the post?

Hi. Thanks for you reply! I have one another question concerning the featured images. The featured images in the posts seems to be 1050px width. Most of the featured images in my posts are smaller than this (eg. 640 px). How will those smaller images behave in the posts? Will they be enlarged or shown in original size?

Hi, this will also be updated. There will be an option to choose between full width image, as it is now, or make it just above the content. The second option will generate 690px width though and not 640px.

Great, thanks!

I purchased this template. I am new to ALL of this, how do I even set this whole thing up? Do I need to get hosting first?

The domain name that I am purchasing is currently on auction until the end of next week. Is there any way that I can set up my hosting account with Blue Host beforehand and start working on the website theme and then bring the domain name over from the other company next week? Or can I register a different domain name for now just so I can work on the site and then switch domains next week once the auction ends for the other one? Also, how easy is it to update, make edits, remove and change stuff on the site once it’s up and running on the servers? Is it more coding or simply drag and drop? This is a lifestyle website, so it will be updated multiple times a day. I can upload my own logo at the top of the site too? I got it custom made for this purpose.

Also, what’s exactly changing in the update? Do I have to use the update? I love the pics and stuff that you currently have up. I think that layout is great.

Thanks you for the feedback. As i remember after buying the hosting you will get a temporary domain, where you can start working, then you can transfer you real domain and associate it with your hosting. Talk to Blue Host support they will help you with all this points.

The theme comes with Page Composer, Theme Options and other buttons and options. It will make it easy for you to upload a logo, change colors, fonts and all other things. No coding from you is needed, everything works out of the box.

You should use the updated version, it will be better and modified version. When the update will be uploaded. Just download the theme again and install it. It’s really not complicated.


Just wondering if it is possible in your post gallery to not make images 2-4 automatically resize and sit next to each other? Rather for all images to display on top of each other, the same size as image no. 1? I have tried selecting ‘1’ column when creating the gallery but it has no effect on the gallery images in the post.

Thanks :)

Hi nadiamitanov90, thank you for choosing our theme. Currently that’s the only way how WP gallery is displayed.

Please contact us via email using the contact form on our profile page or register at our support forum.

Also, awesome theme! So clean!

Thank you.


Great theme! I would like to use it for a client as a simple website but still have a question. Is it possible to use the ‘categories’ menu as the main menu instead of the top menu? And do you have to have te top menu or can you hide/not use it? Thanks so much!


Thanks for the fast reply! Unfortunately I can’t use you theme then.. Good luck with the theme!

Why you can’t use the theme? Everything you asked i answered that it’s possible.

I don’t want to use the categories menu as the main menu; that’s why. My question was maybe a bit vague. I meant; instead of categories can i have pages as the main menu (the second menu)? In the meantime i’ve found a theme that fits my clients needs better. So thank you and good luck with the theme; i still like it a lot.

Wonderfull theme! My compliments. However before purchasing a few things are important to me to know.

1: In the theme demo all pics are landscape sized. What happens when a featured or default image is portrait sized? Will it also be featured full width (and fill up the complete screen…)? Or does the side bar move up then and fill out the width of the page? Currently I’m working with the BigFeature theme (demo here on Themeforest) which does that perfectly.

2: Is it possible to have only one (the latest post) featured automatically in the slider, which makes it more or less static and less sliding…

3: is it also possible to have a one column frontpage layout instead of two, with a sidebar?

Thanks, Michel

Hi sonzai, thanks for your interest.

1. We think it will be moved above the content, in the next update, and the sidebar will go up. Some people said they prefer it this way.

2. Slider is not for latest posts. You populate the slider with posts you choose. There is a simple option for this in every post add/edit page.

3. No, currently it’s not possible. You can have two columns with sidebar or three without the sidebar.

Thanks for the fast reply!

amazing stuff. can’t wait for your next work

Hi acadterror, thank you for this great comment. Enjoy using the theme.

how can i rename in top menu “Search”? And “Previous & Next Article”? In the language file, these terms are not found.

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. It will fixed and updated soon.

PS: Amazing Work! i love the theme!

Definitly need ads space like on header,sidebar,etc and btw is this wide version only or boxed version too?

Hi begoo, thank you for your interest.

1. In the upcoming update we will add advertising section to the Page Composer, which will support both image and JavaScript snippets ads.

2. It’s only wide.