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I have a couple questions.

1. I want to split the page up with menu bars – each menu bar is for a category and then the most recent posts fall under that menu bar – I have been trying to figure this out, and I have no idea. Nothing works!

2. I don’t want the category links or the date stamps to appear on the preview of the post OR the actual post. Is there some code you could send me to up into the custom CSS, as all of the ones I have been trying are not working.

Ok – I think that’s it. If anyone can help me out – that would be ace.

Hi jaspluc, basically that exactly how the main menu works. When you create a category you have to tick “Latest Posts in drop down menu” option, on category add/edit page and then add this category to the main menu in Menus page. Please read the documentation located in the downloaded package. For support questions please register at our support forum.

Great theme. But, I am running into two issues.

1. The “more stories” side bar image does not appear when I scroll down to the page. I must scroll up and back down again for it to appear.

2. The home page, latest posts pagination does not work. It only refreshes the page.

Thanks for your help

here is a link to the website thank you!

Hi jbrowne1, for support questions please register at our support forum.

I’ve just noticed that you using very old theme version. Please download the latest version 2.1.1

Hi. I really like the look of this theme, but really dislike the way the site displays on iPads (9.7” version) and other larger tablets (where everything displays in 1 single column).

Have you put any thought into changing the responsiveness for tablets? This theme has a real poor user experience on the iPad, in my opinion. It would look much better if pages displayed in at least 2 columns on tablets.

-Also, do you have any plans to add woocommerce integration to this theme at some point? Thanks.

Hi dcg627, we are changing the tablet layout and it will be available in the upcoming theme update. WooCommerce is not currently planned for this theme.

Hello. How to make an excerpt? When i put “more” – it doesnt work. Thanks.

Sorry for bad english.

Hi sacurasama, “more” works with the_content. You have to change the_excerpt to the_content. We’ve made read more link and it will be available in the next theme update. For further support questions please register at our support forum

i purchased the theme and have a few questions, so i figured i’d check the support forum. unfortunately, i am unable to create an account/sign in with my invoice id + user name. i would appreciate this being rectified immediately.

Hi reesetaliferro, thank you for buying. Please make sure you using the correct Purchase Code while registering at the forum. Navigate to your Downloads page, click on the Download button, the last option, License Certificate, of the drop down, this is where the code is.

Hi, The theme is great!

I have a question. Is there any way to put only pages (for example 3 as the latest Post) at the home page and without the date? The idea is to put a title like “Category Videos” and below I will have 3 different pages without the date.

Thank you for your time!

Hi sheismartha, thank you for buying. For support questions please register at our support forum.

I’m interested in purchasing your beautiful theme. Three questions:

1) I’d like to see what the admin allows me to do. Do you have screenshots of the admin pages, and/or can I read the manual for the theme someplace?

2) Can I use Yoast Wordpress SEO with it?

3) Reading through the comments it sounds like you continue to create new releases of the theme. Is there a way that I can make CSS or even custom function changes and not lose them when I upgrade to a new release of your theme?

1. Using Homepage VII and a slider is possible. Every Homepage examples were created using the page composer and those examples are just variations of what can be done.

2. Using the title is not mandatory, it’s just a section which you are free to add or not to add, but you next question is also about this title.

3. If you want to add H1 title to your homepage, you can add the title section as H1 as shown in Homepage VII. Every other post, page, category pages titles are H1 tags. Logo have all needed attributes for SEO: alt and title. Please move you mouse over the logo in our demo and you’ll see the alt text appear. Naming of the logo file is up to you.

Thanks for your prompt replies. I appreciate your support and is a big plus in making the decision to purchase.

Re: #3. On Homepage VII, yes, I saw the alt for the logo, but it really should be wrapped in an H1 tag. I apologize that the example code in my previous comment didn’t have the H1’s in it—the comment editor must have removed them. I’m going to try again below, and I will replace brackets with parenthesis to make sure it posts:

(h1) (a href=””) (img src=”logo.png” alt=”My website title” /) (/a) (/h1)

But if you do this, this only should be done on the homepage. All other pages need their own H1’s. Like a post gets the post title for it’s H1, a category gets its category name for H1, etc.

Thanks again.

Wrapping image tag in H1 tag is not that good idea and really won’t do any difference, heading must be a plain text to affect the SEO, but if you insist we can help with this change, it’s not something complicated. All titles in every page, post, category pages, etc. are H1 tags. We do care about making our themes SEO friendly.

Hi, I have had trouble with logging into the support forum and retrieving a forgotten password so would be great if you can help me here with a few questions!

All review posts automatically go into latest posts. It would be great to exclude certain categories or even individual posts from the ‘latest posts’ areas.

Reviews can’t be scored with a single number, it currently has to be a breakdown. How do we get rid of the breakdown and just have the one score?

‘Read More’ inserts from visual editor do not seem to work on ‘featured posts’ section.

Is there an simple way to integrate a subscription box into the footer through the likes of mailchimp?

Can we have a video pop up in a lightbox from the homepage slider?

How do we add the side bar into individual category pages halfway down the page, like on the fixed homepage design and demo? It only appears to be an option for the homepage.

We need to add shortcodes to the homepage using the ‘code box’ page builder it only currently allows basic html, how do we do this?

Thanks for your time! Much appreciated.

Hi ofisher, please log in to the support forum. It’s more convenient environment to answer all your questions. To retrieve the password you can use this page.

I am sorry but I have tried this multiple times now using username and email details and it still sends no email out, it has been days.

Please send us your purchase id using the contact form in our profile page. Also check you email spam folder, maybe it’s there.


Before buying this theme, i would like to ask you a few questions:

1) Can i hide the top bar with the “homepage/posts/categories” etc buttons ?

2) Can i add a custom header/background made in photoshop ? (like the one here:

3) Can i hide the footer so i only have last articles + a side bar with custom social buttons and some widgets displayed on the main page ?

thanks a lot !

Hi 8rax, thank you for your interest in our theme.

1. You can hide the top strip from Theme Options or hide just the top menu with a little CSS code. We can help you with that.

2. It’s possible to add this kind of header using CSS.

3. Footer is three Footer Sidebars, you decide what widgets you drag into the sidebars. In case you’ll leave all Footer Sidebars empty of widgets, then it won’t be visible.

One of the best theme that I use around. One of our blog use this theme, see it in action TQ ThemesIndep

Thank you neulabs!

I’m interested in purchasing this excellent theme. Just one question (before purchase, at least… :) )

In there is a “socialbuttons” line under the post header which includes post views also. Is it included in the theme or it is custom made?

Thanks in advance

Hi drteddy, thank you for your interest in our theme. It’s not part of the theme. I think they’ve used a plugin to add this social buttons.

Thanks for the answer… I have another question:

Is it possible the homepage slideshow to display latest posts instead of selected posts?

You can select only the latest posts. There is an option of custom slider where you can add anything you want and link it to any page of your site. Maybe it can be used for latest posts.

Is there a rough estimate of when the next update will be released? Thanks.

Hi simplifiedfun, what do you need? Maybe we can help you right now.

Hi there,

I’ve purchased this theme and did some css manipulations – now I have an issue not displaying gallery correctly –

Sometimes it loads ok, but sometimes with a bug – displays only two images. Need to refresh the page or change the size of the browser to load the others.

Any chance to fix this issue? I’m not css expert, maybe some lines of css code can help.

Let me know, Vlad

Okay, I found an issue, it’s not calculating the right width of the gallery and loads with of the browser. I’ve changed the width to 200% (definitely more than the width of the screen) and this bug disappeared.

Hi vorcot, it’s very hard to understand what changes you did, please register at our support forum and tell us a bit more about the code you’ve changed. It’s always best to use the Child Theme when you plan to customize the theme and not to edit the main CSS file. Please roll back your changes, install Child Theme and then customize the theme.

Hello! I really love your theme – I’m nearing the completion of a site I have built using your theme, but one question remains from my client… In the slideshow on the homepage, they would like the text that currently displays across the centre of the image to be moved down to the bottom of the image. Could you guide me to where this would be adjusted in the CMS and/or plug-in script?

Many thanks!

Hi sadrobot,

Please register at our support forum, so I can give you instructions.

Thank you! I’ve done that and reposted the question. ta.

Are you coming out with sticky menu or parallax theme?

Hi heresanother1, sticky menu (options to select: top strip, main menu or none) will be available starting from the next theme version. Parallax theme is not currently planned.

Thank you for the quick reply. Looking forward to the update

hello, planning on buying this theme. is there an option to set up homepage running full latest posts instead of excerpts??

thank you in advance

Hi dusik77, currently it’s not possible, but we adding a new posts layout to the theme and the update it will be possible with some code changes.

Thank you very much. Do you have a release date for the update??

We don’t have a particular date, but we work to finish it as soon as possible.

I can’t set up an account on your support system—I fill out my Themeforest username and purchase code, it registers correctly, and then…I don’t get an email with my password. I’m using a routine Gmail account and it’s not in my spam folder, filters, or anything else.

Hi blbrown07, it’s odd. Please use contact form on our profile page and email us your purchase code, we’ll open you an account.

Hi I am considering buying this great theme, but I have some questions though. I am new to this. Is it possible to turn the frontpage/homepage into ‘blog’-mode and post full width posts on the frontpage? Or is the ‘blog’ only with the 3 columns?

Hi lexcole, you can use 2 columns with sidebar, posts list with sidebar and starting from new version you’ll be able to use one column classic blog layout.

Thank you, for the answers. Will I be able to use one column blog without a sidebar?

Yes, there is an option to disable the sidebar per page or post.

Hello, I am very interested in purchasing your theme. The only thing it’s missing that I would really love to have the functionality of is paginated posts. Is there any customization options? If so, how much would it cost and how long would it take? Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

Hi bsinibaldi, thank you for your interest in our theme. There is a paging option for post, please see this page

Hi there, this question might sound a bit silly but it would be really nice if you could assist.

“Facebook comments” plugin doesn’t put the comments at the end of the post/article, but rather to the very end of the whole page. Is this caused by the plugin or the template? Is this something you can help me with very quickly?

Thanks you so much in advance! Love the template!

Hi damianmerino, thank you for buying.

It caused by a plugin. I think this plugin have a shortcode or a template tag, both can be added directly into the code and replace WordPress comments. Please register at our support forum and in a new thread tell us which plugin exactly have you used and give us your dashboard user and password as private reply.

As another option you can use the contact form in our profile page and email us all this details.