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Hello, a pre-purchase question;

In regards to woocommerce, you replied to someone else that it it is compatible but requires ‘more work” to make it really work properly. Can you please be more clear on what we can expect to get it all up and running properly. This determines whether or not I can work with your theme. It is beautiful!

Thank you! Megan

Hi mebebrown, thank you for your interest. you’ll need to create another template for WooCommerce, similar to page.php, but instead of regular loop you’ll have to put ad WooCommerce function in order to pull the shop content. That is basically is.

Could you pleeease tell me how I´m able to remove the backslashes from the menu? Trying to solve this problem since days!

Thanks in advance, Hristina

Hi Hristina, please register at our support forum and we’ll give you the code

just registered and found it! Thank u :-)

Glad it worked out :)

PRAISE We purchased this theme for our magazine, and, like most themes, there are some things that need tweaking for particular need. The support we’ve received has been nothing less than spectacular, fast, and professional. The theme itself is lovely and functional and we could not be happier. Thanks!

Thank you for this awesome feedback! Added as a testimonial.

I am loving this theme, great job. I am looking forward to the next update, is there an ETA on the theme update? I am working on customization for the last few days and would like to know when you plan to release the update that is coming?

Hi Ana474, we work to finish it. Please tick the “Notify my…” checkbox so you can get an email when the update is available.

I am getting this error message upon first install attempts: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Can you please help?

I found the problem—I was uploading the entire zip folder with theme, documentation, everything. Please disregard this message; thanks for a great theme!

Hi candacevbutler, yes, you should unpack the downloaded package. Glad it worked out.

Very bad support, try with several email to register to the support forum but ended with the worest support I have ever seen

Hi rayyash, sorry you fill this way, but as i replied you by email, in order to register at the forum you have to use your marketplace username which is rayyash and the purchase code located in the License Certificate file. If you have troubles to register, email us your purchase code and we’ll create you an account.

I see you have successfully registered :)

Thank you for the good support and I’m sorry for the privose comments.

Get this theme with a dark layout or make it possible to change all colors and i will buy it.. also a tip for future updates, BBPress integration :D would be REAL NIce :D anyway, keep up the good work :D

Hi kalyptos, dark skin is not currently planned, but more color options will be available in the theme update. Thanks for the tip, we’ll consider it for future updates.

Hello, is it possible to show the summary part (excerpt) of WordPress posts instead of the first (for example) 25 words from the article?

Hi Innovata, you can add the text into the Excerpt box and it will replace the first words (paragraph) from the editor. Both ways will work.

Hi there, I love this theme and building quite a large site with it…I keep getting an issue though when using the Gallery setting in posts that after the post is published and the page is loaded…the image don’t load properly…they at first, show up one under the other, instead of in the proper slider …and then after a 5-10 seconds, it pops back into place….

Please advise on how to fix this! Thank you

Hi kaagency, for support questions please register at our support forum.

what is the name of the font you have used on your logo please?

hi, i am very interested in this theme but it is crashing on my ipad and my developers iphone when we look at the demo. is there a fix for this?

Hi adenson, thank you for your interest. It can happen because of the iframe. Click here to open the demo directly.

ah! yes you’re right. that worked.

thanks for your fast response!

Pre-sale questions:

  1. Is it possible to embed Youtube videos, like the vimeo video post? Just want to confirm
  2. Can you add other social sites to the top header bar?
  3. Does the slider gather content as long as I check off the featured post option?
  4. Is it possible to do like a summary in the review box?
  5. can the review box be made a little more compact? Like bringing the bars a little closer together? Also, would you consider an option like star reviews in the future?

Thanks. Are you planning any new updates in the near future?

Any rough date for the next release?

Just so I know – have a project im working on and would love to have the latest tools you focus have to offer when the project goes live

Sorry for the delayed answer, we do not have a particular date, but it will be released soon as we see it.

Noticing a bit of weird spacing on mobile sizing – not enough padding between images from “YOU MAY ALSO LIKE” and the text “BE THE FIRST TO COMMENT”.

Beautiful theme.

One other observation, I notice when viewing on iPhone / iPad that the comments box has rounded edges while the NAME / EMAIL boxes have squared edges. Looking at this on a desktop browser (Chrome) it looks like all edges are squared.

Hi ddubilowski, all this issues are fixed in the upcoming version.


I am having issue with featured posts on the home page of my site.

I am selecting post as featured and it is most recent date and it still does not show up on my home page?

Can you please help?

Hi Rdetmnt, it’s probably just miss configuration in the admin. Please register at out support forum and give us more info about the issue. What section are you using, what settings have you selected and please include the URL of your site.

Hi, Could you please tell me if it would be possible to place the search box in the main navigation menu area and also to make it so that it stays open instead of sliding open? The only place I saw it on the demo site was on the top bar. Thanks!

Hi again,

Thanks very much for your reply. A search bar to the right of the logo would be great. Do you have any idea when the new version of the theme with this option will be released?

I also had another question: I would like to use Homepage III (the one with the sidebar), but I would also like to place the full-size slider that’s on Homepage I above it. Is this possible?

Thank you again for your time. Very beautiful theme, by the way. And it responds PERFECTLY on the mobile devices I’ve used – landscape and portrait views. Love the way the menu opens up on the left side. Looks FANTASTIC

Hi luxurocity, thank you for your feedback, much appreciated. To make full width slider in a case of Homepage III will also be possible in the upcoming version. The next version have lots of new and cool features, more flexibility, styling and design options. As we see it, we’ll release it soon and i think it worth the wait.

Perfect! I’ll keep checking back to see when the new version is released.

Many thanks for answering my questions:)


Pre purchase question: Hi your theme looks great and is just the design and style I’m looking for. I intend to use your theme for a business rather than magazine website and therefore wondered if it were possible to remove the ‘dual’ menus once I’ve bought the theme (as I don’t need both sets).

By ‘dual menus’ I mean that (if we take your demo for example) there is a menu at the top (homepage, posts, search etc) – then there’s the company logo and then a menu below the logo (design/fashion etc). I’d like to remove the menu at the very top and just have the one below the logo however on all the example sites that I’ve seen using your theme all have both sets of menus. I therefore just wanted to confirm if that was their choice or if its because you can’t remove the top one. Also if you can remove the top one is there an option to put the social media icons somewhere else so that these aren’t lost also?

Hope that all makes sense – thanks!

Hi ooyeleke, thank you for your interest.

You can hide the top strip from Theme Options or hide just the top menu with a little CSS code. We help with that as well.

Social icons can be displayed on the footer and the sidebar.

Hi, A very nice looking theme, but would like to know a bit more before purchase:

1/ Question about the navigation bar bar (style/travel/music etc) a. This displays 3 articles on hover. Can these be manually chosen or are these automatically the last in the category? b. How many articles on hover can be displayed? c. The Design menu on hover also shows links – what else can be displayed on hover? Posts, Pages, links?

2/ Separate Review sections

The total scoring of each review is made up of difference sub-sections. A written review would naturally cover each of these sub-sections. Rather than making a review one long review post, can this be split into somehow inter-linked post-sections as well which are also separately linked to the rating chart? Or would I have to make a each review section a separate post?

3/ Pagination

Following on from 2/ is there pagination similarly to ‘Next Article’ and ‘Previous Article’ navigation in case the post is very long or containing ‘sub-sections’?


Hi geocachingstudio, thank you for your interest.

1. It’s limited to three latest articles from each category, but with a little change in the code it can display any other amount. The left side and the horizontal links (without the articles) is build with native WordPress Menus feature.

2. You can display this feature only per post. Like you doing a review for a movie, music or a book.

3. Paginated posts is definitely supported, please see this post for the example.

Where can I view the ShortCodes?

Hi vsena89, in demo, there is a Shortcodes link in the top dark menu.

Hello! This theme is spectacular, however I can’t find some basic info like how to change the blog from masonry to classic (I see the option to do that, but it doesn’t actually change it…I’ve tried it in categories, in the theme options, and by making a page with the blog feed on it and none of them work…also always has pagination).

I also cannot for the life of me figure out what size in pixels the slider images need to be, both on pages with sidebars and without. I looked all through the documents and couldn’t find the info and I even took a screenshot and that didn’t work for me either.

My brain is fried, figured out the slider sizes, however I had to figure it out myself so maybe having that in a reply would be helpful to others. I still can’t figure out how to change the blog.

Hi stornio, please read the documentation. What you need, to find the answers to your question, is “Homepage Setup” and “Adding New Post”, but please read the whole guide step by step, it will make you understand how to work with the theme. For further support questions please register at our support forum.

How do I change the colour of the background and also header/footer beyond the colours available in theme options?

Can you give exact CSS location/code as an example please?

Hi tomraffe,

Could you register at our forum and post a message there? We will help you with the code.