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I have just bought the theme but the space between stuff is huge. { margin-bottom: 60px; }

I would need to change that to 20px the problem is that is hard coded. can you please help me changing it to 20px

Here is our support forum. Open a new thread and please more descriptive about where you need to reduce the margin.

impossible because it only give me the link regular license.

To register you need to add your marketplace username and purchase code. That is it. If you have troubles to register, please email us your purchase code and we’ll create you an account.


Is there a possibility to add an easy summary at the end of a review containing positives (+ sign) and negatives (- sign) like you sometimes see at the end of a review, or wouldI have to make this myself with a unordered list and some CSS to add the signs?


Hi geocachingstudio, no really sure i understand. Can you please give me a live example of what you mean.


Sorry – hope this makes it a bit clearer. At some review sites there is a summary / verdict section. This is where the (sub)ratings are shown but also a summary from the review where they highlight the good and bad points. Some sites do this by creating a header ‘Good Point’ followed by an ul. Others use some icons (a red minus sign and green plus sign) either for the header good and bad, or for the ul itself. Some examples:

1. Pros & Cons with green & red bullets: 2. Good points (green bullet) & Bad Points (red bullet) bullets (although this is from someone commenting rather than the reviewer)

There are other review sites with a large plus sign associated with the ‘Pros’ header and a large green ‘minus’ sign with the ‘Cons’ header.

Hope this make sense….

Sorry, it’s not something that our theme have, but maybe it can be done manually in the editor.

Hi, Can I add WP Bakeries Visual Composer to my site with your theme? Tanks, Greg

Hi Greg, i guess you can use this plugin, but please note that the styling off all plugin elements will remain its default.

Hello, Thanks for building this terrific theme. Is it possible to replace the logo with a site title, somewhere in the backend? I can do this by changing the child-theme myself, but it’d be great to have the option for a text-only header in the options panel, without needing to place a logo there. Thanks, Nate

Hi natedawg, thank you for your feedback. Currently it only possible by changing the code, but starting from the next theme version, this change will be possible from the admin. If you need it now, please register at our support forum and we will help you.

Hi there, I am about to buy your theme and was wandering whether we could add a tab with interactive maps plugin showing a trip itinerary. I will be soon traveling for 2 years and would need to go for a map plugin showing where I am going… What plugin would best-suit my needs? Looking forwards to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Clement

Hi ClementGuerra, thank you for your interest. Any map plugin, which have an admin UI for controlling and configuring the map and a shortcode which you can place into the editor to show the map, will work with the theme. You can try free plugins to test how it work and then, maybe, buy a plugin which have more options then the free one. Traveling for several years it’s a dream. Have a nice trip!

Hi there :) I have bought your theme but I got a question to ask. in the gallery post. How can i make it load pictures from my flickr instead of loading them in wordpress harddrive.

Can you please let me know how to make gallery loading pictures from flickr account?

Hi tdanial, thank you for buying.You need to install a Flickr feed plugin, you can search to find the most suitable for you, and then use the plugin shortcode or use it as a widget in the sidebar.

It is nto what I mean. What I mean is when you choose gallery post option. You get a gallery images showing in the post. that store the images in the local disk. Please give me a pluggin to use flickr as images. I need the name of the pluggin and how to make it work with your gallery image tool.

It won’t work right out of the box if you install a Flickr plugin. It still require code modifications and changes. We do not offer customization, maybe you can try to find a developer at

Just curious if the theme will have an update before the 1st of the year?

Hi simplifiedfun, as we see it, the update will be released till the end of the year (GMT).


I had another question…I haven’t purchased yet, so I don’t have access to the support forum, but I was just wondering if you have a paid customization service or could recommend someone? I’d like to add a second menu under the logo, and also I might need to have the search box moved to the navigation area. I’ve found some WordPress articles on how to add menus and search boxes, but I wanted to make sure they ended up being responsive like the rest of the site.

Thanks very much

Hi luxurocity, we do not offer paid customization, but maybe you can try In the next theme version we made header variations. One of the headers have the search right to the logo, it seems similar to what you have described.

Thank you! We’ll be purchasing in the next few days to get started setting up our site. Again, very, very beautiful theme and we really appreciate all the work that’s been put into creating it. Just looked over the various features and the demo again. WOW. Especially love the Page Composer and Different Category Layout options, and the Shortcode features are gorgeous. If I have any more questions after we purchase the theme, I’ll set up an account on the support forum. Cheers

Thank you for your feedback!

Hi! Great theme! Curious if there is a slider shortcode independent of the page composer?

I’d like to create a front page that has slider and then add my own content beneath it.

I can load a nivo slider plugin, but thought I’d ask first.



Hi clayasbury, thank you for buying.

You will find the solution on our support forum. Please visit this topic: ,but you have to be registered

Is something wrong with your support forum? I tried to register – it verified my purchase but never sent me a password? I can’t express the urgency enough here. Please advise.

I don’t see you have registered at the forum with this username: clayasbury. Please email us, using the contact form on our profile page here on Theme Forest, your purchase code, i’ll create you an account.


I love this theme. I have already purchased it.

I have one issue:

I would like for there to be a page displaying all of the authors. For example, this theme has a great page that just shows all of the authors. Is this possible in a new update?


Hi treyvancamp, thank you for buying. Yes, we made an authors template in the next version, please stay tuned.

wow great theme! but i have question.. can your theme make looks like this format i need badly..

thank you very much in advance.. tell me if your theme can make that picture. so that ill purchase it right away^^

Hi intereet, thank you for interest. You can’t make a page exactly like in your example, but you can check all homepage variations in theme demo and find something similar to what you need.

Hi there. Great looking theme. Quick pre-purchase question.

My client wants a leaderboard ad to sit between the logo and the main menu.

Is it possible/simple to code in a responsive banner into the header.php?

Many thanks.

Hi, thank you for your interest. To add a banner where you want it can be done only with some code editing. If this ad is an image we can help you to make it responsive, if you using third party service such as a plugin or Google Adsense then it depends if this service have responsive ads or not.

Thanks for the response. I thought that would be the case. Seems like a simple fix. Think I’ll be purchasing.


i have several questions before i buy the theme:

- Is infinite scroll avaible? - Possible to plase an ad-banner over the content (top banner) as you can see at - Is the feature Google RichSnippets (microdata) avaible? - Is the theme retina ready?

Thanks in advance.

Hi tobias_pohl, thank you for your interest.

1. Infinite scroll is not available, but some of our buyers used a plugin and some custom coding and he shared his solution in our support forum.

2. In next theme version we made several header options. One of the options is logo on the left and banner on the right.

3. We have microdata, but only for author box.

4. Theme have only one image, border on the sides of the titles. So it depends on the images you will use for your articles.

But does the theme support retina images?

You can install a plugin that does that. Here is one for example.

Would you consider adding my site to the featured sites ? Thanks !

Sure, just added. Nice customization.

Thank you very much !

Hello, great theme! But how do I turn off the lazy load (animated) option?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Innovata, thank you. Please register at our support forum, we’ll help you with the solution.

Is it possible to make the homepage slider full width so that it runs to the edge of the browser?

Hi qsaafir, thank you for buying.

Please read this answer on our support forum:

Hello I purchased the theme and ‘I am very satisfied compliments. Now I installed woo commerce and I have some problem you can ‘fix it somehow? I await your swift news thanks Gabriele

Hi Parterex, thank you for buying. Theme does not support WooCommerce right out of the box. Additional work and customization is required to make the theme to work with the plugin. We can help you with the template file required by WooCommerce for basic pages, but the design will remain plugin default. Please register at our support forum and we’ll give you that template.

ok please help me with the basic file thanks P.S. them in the future you have intension to update the theme so that woo commerce functions on it? In addition volevole subscribe to fotum but I had problems with the inscription as I do? I look forward to hearing from you thanks

To register at the forum you need your marketplace username and purchase code. In your downloads page click on the Download button. The last option, License Certificate, this is where the purchase code is.

I cannot find the “License Certificate”. The how-to you have is out of date. Please advice how to confirm my purchase of this theme.

Thank you.

Hi janhalt, thank you for buying. When you click on the Download button, you’ll see three options, the last option is “License Certificate”.

You’ve made several references to an upcoming theme update. What is the planned release date for the updated theme?

Will there be an option for a leaderboard ad position to the right of the logo in the updated theme?


Hopefully before the end of the year.

Revisiting this question as the year has now ended. How much longer before the new theme version is released? Thanks.