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Hi! I’ve just purchased your theme, and it just got released the new version of wordpress. I know it takes time to update the theme for a new version, but I was just wondering if some issues that i see (like the secondary menu duplicated and the shortcode generator not working) are related to the new wordpress or it’s something that I’m doing wrong.

Thanks in advance!

Hi mariocarabotta, theme works greate with WP 3.8, no bugs or errors besides some UI glitches in the admin which we will fix. If you have functionallity issues then its something else. Please register at our support forum and we will help you to resolve everything.

Hi there,

Please can you direct me to support forums or any documentation about how to use TI Site Authors widget and also breaking down the homepage by latest posts, featured posts,latest by format etc as shown on live preview of this theme.

Much appreciate your support,

Thanks Gunel

Hi ggunel, click here to visit the support forum. Please register with your ThemeForest username and the purchase code. Authors widget show users with the “Author” role. When you add/edit user please select Author from the Role dropdown. Be careful no to make your self as an author, otherwise you will be no longer to use your account as Admin. Create another account for your self and use it as author. How to build the homepage please read the documentation.

Hello, I’m considering purchasing this theme. Is there support for people that purchase it?

Also, is it possible to add a 728×90 leaderboard add in the header above the carrousel?

Hi syrinx32123, thank you for your interest. We support the theme and help you to resolve any issue you have (besides the customization) on our support forum. It’s possible to add a banner above the slider on the homepage.

just purchased theme and tried signing up for the support but have not received e-mail containing my start up password. i have several questions and would like to use the support to do so.

Hi HumbirdNM, thank you for buying.

Can you check your email spam folder?

i received the emails about 10 hours after my inquiry. Didn’t help me much.

Can you register at the forum now?


Can the footer be removed?

Hi LollyGreen, thank you for your interest.

It can be done by customize the code through CSS. We can help you with that.

How Do I activate the Carousel image slider?

Hi Misstoniviola11, thank you for buying. You have set the post to Gallery in Format box and then upload the images.

How do i change the main page to a classic blog instead of masonry?

it says need a a license certifacte code, i dont have that :

where can i find license certificate because its not in the downloads

When you click on the Download button, you’ll see three options, the last option, “License Certificate”, this is where the code is.

Some 10 days ago, you replied to me the following in the Comment pages:

The next theme version have a back-end option to make a fixed top strip, main menu or none.


I forgot to mention that my request for “top fixed menu” is for desktop version only as mobile navigation is perfect as it is!

As I don’t see any changelogs, how will I know such option will be provided for? Don’t want to rush you for next version —just how will I know.

Understandably, the external Support Forum is for verified customers only.

Waiting for an important feature before purchasing a really nice and inspired theme.


Hi zakoops, if this is the only thing you need, we can give a small CSS part to make the top strip fixed before the update release.

Hi again, ThemesIndeep. One thousand sales before you told me that you were thinking about including a custom section in your page composer to introduce any html content (columns, shortcodes, etc), because at that time you could only use texts and images.

I don’t know if you have already done it because I don’t see any changelog in the description or if you are still planning to include it. Maybe in the next release you’re announcing lately?

Merry Christmas, wishing you many more sales for such a brilliant theme.

Hi Yogova, after you purchase the theme we can help you to make the page composer section to work with shortcodes and html content by replacing only one file. After the update it will work right out of the box.

Thank you for your wishes and Merry Christmas to you to!


I’m having issues with the sidebar on the homepage. I used the page builder feature to create the layout and with the sidebar enabled to the right of the content. When in a single post the sidebar is correct but I can’t seem to fix it on the home page. It’s showing up below ALL the content at the very bottom.

Is this a glitch in the theme or is there something I can change to fix it? Thanks

Here’s the link to the homepage where the problem is at.

Hi seedtheory, thank you for buying. You have to disable it in the Latest Posts section and enable it in Page Options box on the right. For further support question please register at our support forum.

Thank you so much! I had it enabled for the page so I didn’t understand what was wrong. Sidebar is working perfectly now! Thanks again! Love this theme!

Glad it worked out!

Do you have any plans to add either woocommerce or buddypress integration to this theme?


Hi dcg627, thank you for your interest. Can’t tell you much about BB, it was not in the plans, but we do think about adding WC in the future.

hi there,

I discovered this great theme yesterday, after checking out a bit and finding it really cool, i decided to buy it, so i purchased the 45$ version; at the confirmation i confirmed to buy for 47$ and checked the conversion in euros which made me happy. i entered my infos to pay on paypal without being registered and clicked and paid. A few minutes after i had the pleasure to get an e-mail telling me that i bought the extented version for 2250 dollars, which was a huuuuge cold shower ! so i don’t know what happened, but i know that i would never have bought the extented theme, cause 1/ i’m not a Professional 2/ i can’t afford it

and i’m 100% sure i bought the 45$ theme; i can’t explain what happened, i remade the manipulations and there’s no way i clicked on the 2250 $ purchase option. I don’t know where the problem is from, if it’s from themeforest or paypal.

so i’d like to know how to quickly get my money back, i still ‘d like to get theme tho !

thanks in advance


thanks in advance

Hi nogias00, thank you for your feedback and buying. We thought it was a very nice Christmas present : ) You need to open a ticket to contact the Envato support and explain them the situation. We do not have access to this money, so we are not able to refund you directly.


thanks for your answer; yes bests Christmas present ever…but seriously 2250$ is a lot of money; i sent an e-mail to Envato; no answer yet, i hope they’ll be able to refund my quickly… can’t wait to use the theme tho, merry x-mas to you

They usually respond within day or two, but your case is urgent, so i believe they will respond sooner.

ok, thanks a lot for the answer and the support !

I have a couple of questions before buying if thats ok :)

Can you remove the border round the sidebar? on the demo some of the blog posts have full width images and some just the width of the post…is that a setting so i could have all the posts with big lovely images at the top? Can you upload your own logo to the theme? Do you have to have both menus (the one at the top & the one under the logo? Can you chose which one to use and not show the other? Will additional widgets work with the sidebar?

Sorry…Ive just been burnt before with themes that done do what i want them to so i want to check! x

oh and one more…can you take away or hide the box talking about the post’s author? My blog will mainly be written by me so i probably wouldn’t need that…

Hi ouissi, thank you for your interest.

1. It can be done via CSS, we can help you with that, nothing complicated.

2. You can choose how to show the post media, one click site wide or per post. Available options are Full Width or above the content.

3. Sure, you can upload you own logo via the Theme Options.

4. You can use both menus or disable the top strip and use only the main menu via the Theme Options.

5. It’s a regular sidebar so any other widget, the ones you install as a plugin or adding your own will work with the sidebar. Theme also come with it’s own custom widgets.

6. You can disable the author box from showing via the Theme Options panel.

Thank you so much for your reply ;) I’m thinking that it may be the perfect!!


Have you been able to add woo commerce to this theme with success?


Also, is it possible to add a type of buddy press or forum to this theme as well? If so, which one would you recommend to work with this site?

Thank you

Hi soniaroselli, all plugins functionality will work, but additional work is required to make them look like the theme design. For WooCommerce you need to create additional template, similar to page.php, to show the products.

This theme is perfect!! Great job!

Thank you very much!

Is there a way for our site to be included under the “How People Use SimpleMag” section? We absolutely love this theme!!

Hi pwapps, answered by email.


great theme, guys! one question before buying, is the any way to make main slider to be full width (not boxed), maybe with help of css?

thank you in advance!

Hi clamor, thank you for your interest. Yes it’s possible, we can help you to apply this change.

When will the new version of SimpleMag be released? I am waiting on the update before I buy. Thanks.

Hi teetide, we work to finish it as soon as possible.

Hi – Im looking at purchasing this beautiful theme. Can you let m know if it is HTML5 and CSS3? If not will the new version include this? If so I think I’m on a true winner! Thx.

Hi JenTran318, thank you for your interest. Yes, this theme is built using HTML5 and CSS3.