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Pre-purchase question, are there any plans to make this theme a bit more optimized for ads in the future? Such as adding more ad sizes to the widget such as 160×600 or 25×25 and allowing for more flexibility as to where ads can be placed on the site?

I have looked at so many themes and this one is by far my favorite, but ad optimization is making me a bit hesitant.

Also, any plans to make this theme compatible with BuddyPress and/or bbpress in the future?

Hi NatalieSevillano, thank you for your interest.

Theme comes with custom ad widgets. One for static image ads and another for script generated ads. You can use any size ads with this widgets and the ad will be always centered in the sidebar. You only limited to 300 pixels width. The next theme version will support more ad places such as header, single post and footer.

Sorry, but we do not currently plan to make BuddyPress or bbPress styling.


All of a sudden my short code button has been lost and all of my posts are showing the code and not the title headers and sub headers.

Please help! I have spent several hours trying to figure out where it went?


ps..the theme is absolutely gorgeous and easy to use. :)

Hi, thank you for your feedback. Have you sorted this out? If you need support please register at our support forum and we’ll take it from there.

ok let me go to the forum. thanks


It’s a great theme, nice work. I have a question that is: Does this theme has RSS feed function?

Because I have some readers need it.


Hi, thank you for your interestin our theme. The RSS feed is generated by WordPress automatically. The URL will be your site domain slash feed:

Thanks for your work! My sait with your theme – It’s russian magazine about creative/interesting people and culture

Hi igorkolobrodov, looks like a very interesting project. Thank you for sharing.


Amazing theme, been looking for one like this for FOREVER!

Just want to ask one question about the home page. I see you can add featured posts to the home page but from the examples I’ve seen, I see that only 3 posts show up fro each section? Is it possible to have all featured posts show on the home page and not just 3?

Hi xx_niquita_xx, thank you for your interest. We use three only in demo, but actually there is no limit. You can add as many featured posts, like in all sections, as you need.


I’ve integrated facebook comments on the website, however ”comments are closed” strip is still there.

Can you please tell me how to make it invisible?


Hi ggunel, for support questions please register at out support forum.

Jumping on to share a link of a site recently launched for a client using SimpleMag.

It’s been a pleasure to use the theme. Very solid and very easy to customise with snippets of custom code.


Hi, thank you for your feedback and sharing your site!

I read last month that you were planning on releasing a new version of this theme soon (optimistically before the end of the 2013). Is there any new estimate about when we’ll see the update?


Hi JMatthewGore, we work ti finish it ASAP.

Hey. All of a sudden my secondary menu disappeared. Is there a way to get it back somehow? Thanks for your help.

Hi f_radtke, please check if have not disabled id in Theme Options. For support questions please register at our support forum and give us your site URL so we can check the issue.

When you first click onto my site, the menu does not appear, and the posts dont show the pictures, it just shows the headings. Please can you help me solve whats causing this?

Hi AngelEventesse, for support questions please register at our support forum and give us your site URL so we can check the issue.

Hi, I have purchased your theme, yet when I follow the steps to locate my license certificate to access your support forum, the link is not there.

The process outlined was -> Downloads -> Click license certificate—> Locate purchase code….

All i have is a link to read about regular license….

Hi pulplife, thank you for buying. When you click on the Download button, you’ll see three options, the last option is ”License Certificate”.

Hello, I just set up your theme Unfortunately, like others I can not find my license. In fact, when you click the “download” button, the theme download again ! You can not access the license … It’s very annoying, because I have questions like: how to integrate the google analytics code in the theme ?

Hi dbgalerie, thank you for buying. When you click on the Download button, you’ll see three options, ?lick on the last option “License certificate & purchase code”.

Why is the first letter of a bolded sentence being scaled up / enlarged and made a Drop cap? How can I use this properly or disable it rather than as the first letter of each bolded sentence?

Hi tmcguire, drop cap have this styling only in the first paragraph of each post not each sentence… If you need to remove this styling please register at our support forum we will help you to change it.


Can you explain me what does “Child Theme Support” mean? Is compatible with Genesis as Child Theme?

Where can i find info about this?


Hi iosqar, you have to use child theme in case you want to customize and modify the theme without changing theme core files. it is not compatible with Genesis. You can read more about child theme here

WHen yo will have the new theme versión?

Are you planning consider infinite Scroll ??


Hi, we have an infinite scroll in the new theme update.

Really enjoying this theme but I have a couple concerns. I would like to know if there will be an update anytime soon that will allow the theme to be woocommerce compatible? Im ready to start my online store and I would love to stay with this theme.

Hi vonnybravo, we do not add WooCommerce support in the next version, but we do plan to do something about it in the future.

hello ! I would like to know where I change de background? or I have to change on the code ?


Hi rosapel, for support questions please register at our support forum.

Where can I find your update info to know what the newest additions are?

We will post a link to a list of new features in the Item Details page as soon as the update will be uploaded.

Hi! Is there any date estimate about when we’ll see the new Simple Mag Versión ?

Hi iosqar, thank you for your interest. We work to finish it asap.

Hi – I’m looking into purchasing this theme but have one question. Is there a Tumblr social media icon included to link back my tumblr site? Thanks!

Hi SMag23, nk you for your interest. Theme does not have a Tumblr icon, but it can be added with CSS.