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Hello..I was wondering also about a newsletter (mailchimp maybe) sign up to go with advertising section to integrated somewhere? I can add myself but it would be nice if it were already added and designed by you guys..thank you lovely theme

Thank you, we’ll think about it.

One of the best WordPress Themes 2013!

WOW! We are glad you liked it. Thank you MacJosetty.

Now an official purchaser! Setting up the theme I’ve run into a few quirks / issues that I hope will be addressed in the next update. Some are critical “needs”. Others are “wants” that I would love to see implemented (and I think would strengthen the theme) but that are not as essential. I’ve categorized them as such below:


1) Slider tinting: This is absolutely critical. Currently the slider is beautiful and well designed, but basically non-functional unless one uses very, very dark images. Slider should have a default darker tint that becomes even darker on scroll-over. For users that don’t want the tinting, allow users to toggle on and off in the settings.

2) Logo: Currently logo is completely non-responsive. It stays the same size regardless of device or window size. Absolutely essential that this gets addressed, ideally with user settings to adjust logo placement.

3) Page Builder: Under the “Latest Posts” content block, more options for “Posts per page” are needed. Right now user can only choose “3,6,9” etc. This causes a problem with the layout with sidebars enabled. Need an option to display even number of posts (2,4, etc.)

4) Social Media Post Sharing: Neither the Facebook or Twitter post sharing options render content properly. In Facebook, post meta-data is carried over into post description rather than post excerpt; need this post description to pull from custom post excerpt or post content. In twitter, only post link is displayed and URL isn’t shortened; need this to automatically shorten URL and also display post title.

5) Homepage post images: User needs the option to make these standard sizes so that the layout is uniform.

6) Author Info: Need to be able to display author name on homepage posts, both on the slider and on “featured posts” and “recent posts”.


7) Custom colors for slider tinting: Ideally, user would have the option to use a custom color picker to select slider tint coloring (assuming you create slider tinting). Here are a couple examples of places this is implemented very effectively: and the RAIDEN theme on ThemeForsest.

8) Custom colors for categories: Similar to #6, for posts displayed on the homepage, would love it if users could select custom scrollover colors for each piece of content, based on category, rather just the default theme color. In tandem with #6 this would be a very strong feature, because readers could identify categories based on color tint, both in the slider and in featured and latest posts. Again, see for a very effective implementation of this.

9) Custom colors for Menu A dropdown tooltip: Similar to #5 and #6, users could select custom colors for menu dropdown tooltip, based on the category, to match the custom color tint on slider and content displayed on homepage. Same rationale as #5 and #6 above; this would be a very, very useful feature for readers.

10) More author Info Box options: Would love an option to move this to the top of posts, and have it implemented in a way that looks similar to the “OUR RATING” box currently used on review posts. My news website is VERY author-focused, so it would be nice to be able for readers to see the author at the very beginning of each piece of content rather than the end.

11) Page Builder Content Styling: Would LOVE the option to overlay post titles (and small post excerpt) on top of post image, with tinted background, rather than below post image—similar to how you’ve designed the slider. Example: Raiden theme on ThemeForest.

Note: I would have posted these in the forum, but for some reason I can’t access my license certificate. Is there some way I can manually get this from you or another source?

Thanks! Just gave the theme five stars. I think it’s easily the best news/magazine site on ThemeForest from a UX standpoint. That’s the only reason I have so many questions, requests and ideas! :) Anyone reading this should know that I recommend they purchase this theme without hesitation. They won’t be disappointed!

Thanks! You last comment is a great testimonial. :) I’ll publish it on the Item Details page.

Hi chrislatondresse, we will try to implement some of the ideas you asked for, in the next update. Thanks again for your feedback.

Incredible work @ThemesIndep

Thanks themekiller

is a character limit for the widget “ti latest comments” possible?

Hi Blogplus, thank you for choosing our theme. Currently not, but it can be added in theme update.


how can I display a bar with the total score of my review on the homepage like you do it in your live preview under “sections—> review”?


Hi ancilotti, thank you for choosing our theme. First you have to enable the review feature on post add/edit page. After giving all needed scores – save the post. Now create a new page and call it Homepage, in the Template dropdown select Page Composer. When Page Composer will appear, click on Add Section button and in the menu select Latest Reviews. That’s it.

wow! What a fantastic theme! Will definitely be using this on my next project in the coming weeks!

Thank you mcollyns

Hi! I was just about to buy the theme and tested de “demo” on my iphone and it seems that the responsive feature is not working? I only see the website reduced to my phone screen.

Hi sergiorentero, that’s strange. Anyway thank you for telling us, we certainly will check it.

but the theme, regarding that the demo does not show its “responsive” feature, is responsive, no? I need this feature to work properly.

We have noticed that sometimes ThemeForest iframe above the demo preview is causing it. Try removing the iframe and see if it’s working,

Hi, I have no background in coding and I want to know where I can access the shortcodes for TABS VERTICAL LAYOUT, Lightweight Accordions and Toggles, Infobox shortcode, how to set the the layout in 2 columns?

Hi, thank you for choosing our theme. For support questions please register at our support forum with your market place username and purchase code located in License Certificate file which can be found when you click on the Download button.

Hi guys!

I finally purchased your theme and start playing. But I don’t really understand couple things. I hope you will help me.

1)Where to get this WP Gallery that you suggested couple posts before? How can I make like: 2) How to make Blockquote? 3)How to make dropdown menu with sub categories and latest post?

Thank you for your help!

Hi, thank you for choosing our theme. For support questions please register at our support forum with your market place username and purchase code located in License Certificate file which can be found when you click on the Download button.

This is a really great theme, which could fit for a new website. I do have one question, would it be possible to make the top navigation bar sticky? I mean, when I scroll down the navigation should be visible at all tme.

Thanks, and once again, thumbs up!

Hello, I mean the top bar with the dark background.

Hi, we already did it and it’s will be available in upcoming update. This feature comes with Enable/Disable options.

Awesome, I will purchase later this day.

I have a question before purchasing this theme, which I think is gorgeous- we are photography-centric and one of my partners is concerned about a theme that cuts off a featured image when it is previewed on a blog list. So here’s my question: would I be able to enable a single-column blog-style homepage, in which the featured images were resized and not cropped? This as opposed to a grid-style homepage.

Sorry for the extreme specificity, I just want to make sure of capabilities before making a purchase :)

Thanks! Gabriella

Hi Stabriella, thank you for your interest. Featured image cuts only in some sections of Page Composer, but it’s not cuts off in all categories pages and latest posts section. Unfortunately, there is no option for blog-style layout. We might add it in future updates though.

Once I have the site all set up, how do I change the title name from ‘Simple Mag’ to something else? I don’t want to upload a new logo, I just want to change the name and font of the main page title.

Hi eabrego, thank you fro buying our theme. ‘SimpleMag’ is image, there is no way to replace it with text, but only to create and upload your own logo.

Been a member on themeforest since it launched and this is easily my favorite purchase. So easy to use. Hope this is just the beginning of your theme portfolio.

Hi MChav06, thank you for this great comment. Enjoy using the theme.

Update? :-)

In progress. Soon will be uploaded. Lots of things to do.

Hello I’m a Theme Forest member since September 2008 and i’ve purchased a lot of items during this time. In my modest opinion, SingleMag is the best theme ever in the Envato Marketplace. I had this felling after the first “Live Preview” click (i check all the themes since the day one). ThemesIndep…this is your first theme and you have a great margin to improve this clean and unique masterpiece (i can’t wait for the next update). Thank you so much for the gorgeus inspiration. Keep up the good work. I wish you all the luck in the future. You already have my 5 Stars. Guga

Hi Guga, thank you for this kind words. Update will be uploaded soon.

Hello, I was wondering how I could remove the date and category from the slider also, how’d I make all the post thumbnails one size and reduce the text size on posts? Oh and finally, how’d you add the shortcodes that are included.

Hi, thank you for choosing our theme. For support questions please register at our support forum with your market place username and purchase code located in License Certificate file which can be found when you click on the Download button.

Can’t you help me here, I’m at work and I am not allowed to use forums..

No problem. Just please create a forum account sometime later, for future question. It will also help others to find answers.

To remove the meta info from the slider and reducing the excerpt length involves dealing with theme php files. If you can’t do it your self, please contact us via email using the contact form in our profile page.

Only images in Latest Posts section and categories pages using the masonry layout. If you want the images to be the same size, you just have to upload all images same size. Very important: if you installed the theme on your existing site, install and run Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. It will delete all your previous images sizes and create a new ones.

Shortcodes is our plugin and it’s located in Plugins folder in the downloaded files. Just intsall it as any other WP plugin. Then you’ll see a new icon [S] in the editor toolbar both on pages and posts. Click on this icon and start building shortcodes.

I decided to buy a theme and did it :) What is the font used for simplemag logo – it looks really nice and I would like to make my logo in the same way :)

I just tried to make a new post with title in Polish with diacritics and all fonts i tried work fine.

Hello again, is it possible to disable the place for tags below each post?

Ok, I see – if I don’t add any tag to the post, tags are not shown.

Hello, Sorry for my english i’m french. how can I remove the lettrine please ?