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I would like to remove the ‘line’ underneath the main logo. HOw do I do that?

Hi pepiphenon, for support questions please register at our support forum.


I’ve read in the comments that the theme supports infinite scroll (Jetpack), but when I try to activate it Jetpack doesn’t allow me cause it says that SimpleMag theme doesn’t support infinite scroll. Is there another way to activate it? Thanks!

Hi saramartincan, theme does not support infinite scroll by default. To make it work you have to add add_theme_support() function to functions.php Please see this page for more info.

Ok, thanks!

I have another question. I want to remove the post summary in the homepage… I’ve tried with <!-more-> in each post but it only works in the categories, not in the homepage. Thanks!


Other question : if i use Co-authors plus , did i ll have 2 author social profiles in the same post ?


bizrre this line on the comments …

I’m not a familiar with this plugin, but I guess there will be two author profiles in the same post.

I just try and it don’t work. It coiuld be a future feature ?

Hi there,

I’m struggling with setting up the sidebar on my homepage.. I can’t find where the option to “Disable the sidebar in Latest Posts” is… please help!

“If you Enable the Page Sidebar, then Disable the sidebar in “Latest Posts” section.”

Hi, to see this option you have to add latest posts section using the page composer.

Hi – I have purchased the theme. Everytime I insert a wordpress gallery with an image – the image rotates itself as per the example here 0- can you help please?


Hi estuarymarketing, for support questions please register at our support forum.

Hey! Can I add an own button at “Top Strip Social Profiles” ? I want to add a button for “Bloglovin”. How can I do this?

Thank you! Verena

Hi Verena, for support questions please register at our support forum.

If I purchase this version today, the next version coming in February will be free update?

Hi tazhar, thank you for your interest. Yes the update is free.

Hi! I want to buy this theme! But I read in a comment that there will be a new version soon is that true? When it will be released? It will be so different from this? The update will be free?

You can build each category page the way you want. Please check “Categories” in the dark top strip in our demo. You can see the examples of category pages.

Hi! I’ve just bought your theme :) I can’t find my purchase code to access to Forum. Where do I find it? And one more thing, the update will be automatically installed? DO I have to reset-up everything again after the update?

Hi glamobserver, thank you for buying. In your Downloads page, click on the Download button and you’ll see three options. The last option: “License Certificate”, this is where the purchase code is. You’ll need to download the update, delete current version of the theme and install the new version. No reset or re-configuring is required.

Hi I purchased the theme but would like to know if there is a way to get rid of the giant bolded quotation marks that seem to appear at the end of posts?

Switch the editor to Text mode, scroll down to the end of your content and remove the blockquote.

Hello I was unable to remove the block quote because there was no block quote at the end of the content

Please register at our support forum and give us your dashboard user and password as private reply, we’ll check what is going on.


Thank you for this amazing theme ! Is there a way to change submenu color ?


Hi leaf_it, please search through our forum for a discussion similar to your question.

I have a problem with the gallery post type. Please see this link

Thanks MH

Hi mhxproject, thank you for buying. Please register at our support forum, we’ll give you the solution.

Hello I would like to create a hompage which looks like the example Homepage III, only that the sidebar goes below the slider. I followed the instructions in the documentation yet the posts slider isn’t showing at the top and the featured images of posts aren’t either. ( Please help?

Hi cindiec, Please follow instructions in “Step 4: Front Page Displays”.

Hi. That was not what I was asking. I fully understand how to make the created page as my homepage. The problem I am facing is that the images of the page I have composed are not showing. Please head to this link to see what I mean:

Hi cindiec, sorry for misunderstanding. Try to disable all plugins and see if it resolves the problem. If it does, re-enable your plugins one by one until it breaks.

For further help please register on our forum, we don’t provide support here in comments.

Hello. Your theme Simplemag is a very good theme but I have a small problem. The theme option doesn’t appear in the windows. I have actually installed the theme on a local system. I thought it was maybe the problem. But when I tried directly on Internet that doesn’t work too. Could you help me to solve this problem ? Thanks

Hi Sebastt, for support questions please register at our support forum.

I got problem to translante term like Search bar and Previous and next article button.

Hi jeremyrochefort, do you use a program like PoEdit?

It’s fine! thank you. i dont find the pursharse code to have access to to your forum.

In your Downloads page, click on the Download button and you’ll see three options. The last option: “License Certificate”, this is where the purchase code is.

How do I get the “Recent Comments” Sidebar widget to show the avatar as you have it in the demo? Currently it only shows name

Hi giorgiakm, if your users have avatars ?

I understand now that you using WordPress Recent Comments, but what you need is TI Latest Comments widget.

Hi, I just purchased your theme! Thank you. I have a few questions, though.

1). Can you please add “Tumblr” to list of social profiles?! 2). I want to move my logo to the left, how do I do that? 3). I want to move all the words in the navigation menu to the left, how do I do that?

Hi bashnaran, for support questions please register at our support forum.

1: “Tumblr” icon is coming with the next update, which is on its way very soon.
2-3: Please search through our forum for a discussion similar to your question. Please note that usually we do not provide customization services, it’s beyond our support scope, but probably there is a solution in our forum.


I have three question before order your theme. SEO stuff, mainly.

Is this theme fully compatible with W3TotalCache module? With its personalized features, not default options.

Second. Is SimpleMag fully SEO oriented? Clean & quick code, DB calls, etc.

Finally: Is this fantastic module fully compatible with EditFlow Plugin (authors management system)?

Thank you and fantastic theme.


Hi Yoryio, thank you for your interest.

We have many buyers using the W3 Total Cache plugin or similar caching plugins. However we can’t guarantee the correct work of our theme with any third party plugins.

SimpleMag is SEO friendly. We use correct H tags hierarchy, images alt attributes, etc. The code is clean and can be indexed by the search robots.

hello i have the code for the forum but i can’t make my inscription he said my usernam is wronger. Please help me.

Hi crystale, please send us an email, using the contact form on our profile page on ThemeForest and we will register you manually.

Do you think it’s fit for building a skincare blog? I got confused by the heading style of this theme, it’s kinda design magazine type, I wonder if it’ll look good with long tail ‘how to’ type of headings. I’d really appreciate your kind suggestion.

And, would you like to add custom icons in this theme if you can, to make it a bit more delightful? It’s still enough capable of doing pretty much but it won’t hurt to have this feature as well.

Above 4k sales ensure the success of this theme, would be more than happy to have my hands on it. But try to consider this little request of mine :)

Hi, thenk you for your interest in our theme. You can use the theme for skincare. The design is very suitable for site with this kind of content. The size of titles can be reduced using CSS. Not sure what you mean about the icon question.

FontAwesome Icons sort of thing I meant, which you can add anywhere in the posts.

You mean something like a shortcode. We don’t have it, but maybe you can use a third party shortcodes plugin which have these icons.


please how to put a background mask over class=”flexslider posts-slider”

I tried to fix background:#000\\,opacity:0.5 but is not working because the CSS is recognized but put under the slider.. I’m not able to put it over the slider.

Thanks Simone

Hi, answered in the support forum.