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Pre-Purchase Question: Is this theme compatible Woo-Commerce, WPML, and/or BuddyPress?

Hi Kamilthedesigner, thank you for your interest. We have not checked the theme with WPML, bit we know our buyers use this plugin, so it must be compatible. The functionality of WC and BP will work, but additional work is required to make it fully compatible and look like the theme.

Hi, great theme!! One question before purchasing it: Is there an update in the next weeks?

Hi Sabins, thank you for your interest. Theme will be updated.

Like, Sabins—I am curious about the update. Last time I asked I was told to expect a release in December/January. Now, its February almost March and still no word on update. Can we really expect an update soon or should we assume one is not coming? I really want to buy the theme but won’t do so until there’s an update. I can say that a lot of people are in my same situation. Please update the theme.

Thanks! Do you have a time frame as to when the theme will receive an update?

You can join us in Facebook to get notified when update will be released.

I wish I could. I don’t have a facebook account. I’ll just hope it is the next few weeks.

Hello I loved your theme. Would you consider adding woocommerce the next updates. Really wanted to buy, but I have a shop and could not lose my products. :(

Hi alinebelota, thank you for your interest. We do not currently plan to add WooCommerce.


a pre-purchase question : is there any possible widget or function that could serve for “upcoming events / next gigs” ? if not, what widget / plug-in do you recommend?


Hi, we do not have such feature.

Hi I’m using this great theme on my new website, but I’ve got a problem with the carousel breaking onto two lines when viewing the site on the MBP 15” full screen in chrome/safari/firefox etc…

this is an example. Could you let me know if there’s a simple solution?

Hi agilepixel, i think i know what the problem is. Please register at our support forum and give us your dashboard user and password as private reply or use the contact form on our profile page here on ThemeForest and email us those details.

Hi! Can you please tell me how to fix that the first letter in a post is so big?

I can see you are answering others with the same question with “please register at our support forum and you’ll find an explanation to this”

Isn´t there any easy way of doing this?

Best regards Sissel

Hi Sissel, thank you for buying. We have an answer to this question in the forum and it involves a little CSS code and we do not want to paste codes here. If you register at the forum you will find the answer. You also can ask us for further support at the forum.

How does it perform in the page speed test? Because the demo and all the examples you’ve shared take a lot of time to load. I’m pretty much concerned with this problem. Can we consider it a clean and robust responsive theme? If the reason is that your demo contains a lot of rich media, which causes it load slower, can you add a separate page that has less rich media so that we can determine how does it perform then?

Hi, you can test the Shortcodes page vs. the Homepage. Since Homepage have lots of images, just for demo purpose, it loads slower then Shortcodes page for example. Another important thing you should keep in mind when testing the loading speed is hosting. We use shared hosting which has it’s limitations vs. dedicated hosting which has it’s advantage and of course the speed is very different.

I have just installed the theme to my wordpress site but the homepage slider is not showing at all. Please help, thanks!!

Hi cyygrace, thank you for buying. Please read the documentation included in the download package to understand how to configure the theme.

Hi :-)

Wonderful theme you have made. I do understand it is primarily targeted blogs/mags but I like the visual a lot and consider it for a portfolio site where the blog is included but less important.

As far as I can see there is no portfolio included or am I mistaken? Do you think it can work making pages as portfolio pages?

All the best, Martin

Hi Martin, thank you for your interest and your feedback. Theme have no portfolio options, but if you use it only for photography maybe you can create static pages for each portfolio and add images into the editor as gallery. Unfortunately there is no option of showing these portfolios on the homepage.

Hi, is it possible to put the sidebar on the left side instead of the right for this theme.

Hi yidalin, it can be done only with CSS, you’ll need to rewrite it a bit.

Thank you

Hi again. If I were to purchase would you be willing to help me rewrite the CSS in order to place the sidebar on the left side? Another question- is it possible to have the megamenu just categories rather than pictures? Thanks

Hello, I am trying to install the purchased theme on my domain. but it keeps failing because the theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Hi gheng, thank you for buying. You have to unpack the downloaded package and install located in the Theme Files folder. After the installation please read the documentation step by step.

But I have to upload a zip file to install my theme. once i unzip it i still do not know how to install it from there

oh i got it. thanks!

Hi ! One question before purchasing this theme : is there an update in the next days ? Thanks.

Hi MoTou, thank you for your interest. Currently the theme is fully functional, working and compatible with latest WP version as promised and as it described. You can buy it and start building your site.

-I’d much rather see frequent smaller updates than one update every 8 or so months. You’ve been saying the update is coming ‘this month’ for the last several months.

Hi, currently the theme is fully functional, working and compatible with latest WP version as promised and as it described. Updates with new features are gestures of good will rather then mandatory and everyone who already bought the theme will get the updated version for free. We work to finish the update and reached the final stages, please wait till we upload it.

Pre-purchase question: my host site is Jimdo which requires HTML and CSS files to change the design, so would it be possible just to copy/past the CSS and HTML ? Thank you

Hi lunaattar, this is WordPress theme, it will work only if you install it on WordPress.

Really clean and easy to use theme. Thanks for this great job. Here is what we-ve done with it for hotel blog in Paris Just beginning but looks good !

Hi HM35, thank you for sharing.

Hi, Customer here. Just installed the theme and am getting this error for my gallery:

Warning: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0

Please advise

Is there something that needs to be done to “activate” the mobile site? It’s the same as before I downloaded the theme and keeps redirecting to a mobile domain even though there are no plugins making it do so.

Website under construction:

Ah, found out that I can turn off the mobile site from my web hoster so that is no longer accessible. However, that doesn’t stop from being redirected to the mobile URL, so I can’t even see if the Simple Mag theme is theoretically working on if it wasn’t redirecting?

Hi itsloanie, this is not a theme related thing. Please check what plugin you have, Jetpack Mobile theme and similar or contact your hosting support.

Safe to say there is no update coming? You had promised an update before the end of the year with all sorts of added functionality. The theme is good but needs some work.

Hi j0hnnyb1, update is coming. What do you mean by “need some work”? There is no limit of things which can be added to the theme.

Optimization… specifically for images. The theme is great, I believe I rated it five stars but it could use some polishing. Thanks for the quick reply.

We optimized all images and improved lots of things, please stay tuned.


Is the gravator working because I registered and added a picture but nothing is shown

Best, Roel

I did but it’s not working

It works now. I had to activate it in Settings… Thanks!

Glad it worked out.