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Hi ,

Like i was saying to you , when i have bought your theme, i wait for your update to launch my website. You said that it was for February . But in 3 days , we are in march.

So can i have a real date to known when i can communicate the launch of my website. Time is money


I know it’s why i wait to launch :-)

How can i have this featured without waiting for yhe hypotetic update ?

Please register at our support forum, open a new thread, give us your domain, ftp details (server, username and password) as private reply and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours.

Hi. I purchased this theme and i have problems to dhare posts with title and image correctly. And the customer forum need a purchase code and i dont get one, only download archive.

¿Any idea?

You posted your comment twice and got the answer about the purchase code in the second comment, below this one! We can’t help you here, it’s a bit difficult and this is why we have the support forum. Please register at our support forum, give us your site URL and describe the issue, we will help you to resolve it. From the first sight i can tell you that it’s not a theme issue. You have to install a plugin which adds the OpenGraph functionality to your site. Please consider changing your rating, because it’s not justified!

Hi. I purchased this theme and i have problems to dhare posts with title and image correctly. And the customer forum need a purchase code and i dont get one, only download archive.

¿Any idea?

Hi periodicocarajo, when you click on Download button you see three options pop out. The third options this is where the purchase code is.

Is there a way to disable the submenu that appears when you hover over a main navigation page/category? It’s like a ‘preview’ of images or posts but for me it’s not necessary and is redundant to my design. Otherwise this theme is rock solid! Thanks.

It’s odd. Please use the contact form on our profile page here in ThemeForest and email us you purchase code we will register you. Fill you real address to recieve the confirmation link.

I did, still waiting :(

We have registered you at the forum.

Hi just bought and downloaded the them SimpleMag but installation failed due to missing style.css file.

Hi IDDEPT, you have to unpack the downloaded package and install located in Theme Files folder.

I was wondering how to show multiple categories on home page like My site shows all posts in home page without separating them category wise. Thanks in advance.

Hi zentrader99, you need to select Page Composer template, from the Template drop down. After that you have to assing your homepage in Settings -> Reading. Please read the documenation, included in the downloaded package, for more details info.

Would be the icing if this had woo-commerce support! Any plans?

Hi, we do not currently plan to add WooCommerce, but we’ll surley consider it in future updates.

Hello Mate, we would like to use your theme for Is there any chance? I am looking forward to hear from you. Best regards, Jen

Hi Jen, unfortunately premium themes outside the WP repository are not supported by

Hi there, you promised an upgrade for February. I m waiting it because I’m between, your theme and Newspaper theme. This second one already has been updated.

Hi 1joao, you don’t have to wait. Currently the theme is fully functional, working and compatible with latest WP version as promised and as it described. We work to finish the update and reached the final stages, please wait till we upload it.

Hello, I am starting to use the theme and customizing my website. I would like to know: how do we install the kind of teaser / diaporama that features latest photos and “Read More” on the home page? Thank you!

Hi lunaattar, you need to select Page Composer template, from the Template drop down. After the composer UI will appear you can add the sections, the section you ask about is Posts Slider. Please read the documenation, included in the downloaded package, for more detailed info.

hello dear how are you? i will buy it if you will add futures like views (eye icon) likes (heart) icon dislike icon. + make the same square posts like all squares will the same line.. like paralel example website. and please add auto load funtion + facebook login it will perfect thanks if you add this future i will glad and i know many people will buy it

Hi vogueaz, thank you for your interest.

The grid with the same size squares will be added in next update. All other features you would like to have (like/dislike, facebook login) may be achieved with third party plugins.


Just purchased your theme and want to make changes, like removing the lines under the menu etc. I thought it was possible as it you’ve said it should be available in the february version but I can’t find any option in the theme options. So, were can you remove the lines around the sidebar, headings and the menu? All the best, Petter

We’ll the thing is I bought the theme because you said in another comment it was possbile to change those things in the february update of the theme.

Please register at our support forum, we’ll help you with this.

The update isn’t out yet, but you can find how to do this on our support forum.

Hello! Great theme!

I recently noticed that soundcloud (or wordpress) changed the apearence of it’s embed for soundcloud, so, as you used to have on your example preview, the player would look nice (and small) under the image, and now, it shows a big player under the (already) big image. Is there any way to correct this? Maybe with a custom player? And also for Mixcloud (instead of soundcloud), the problem is the same…

Here’s an image of what’s happening:

Thank you for your time, hope to hear from you soon. Best, Bruno

Hi brunorosa. Thank you! We glad you like it. Please post your question directly in our support forum:, because we do not provide support on comments.

Hi I’m considering to buy this theme, but I have some questions:

1. is it possible to choose your own layout for mobile? (or choose for exactly the same layout as on computer screens?)

2. which social share buttons are included with this theme? I’m mostly interested in: Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, RSS and Pinterest

3. is it possible to create a boxed layout (with background color for outside the box)?

Hi Blogger_, thank you for your interest.

1. The theme is responsive and it knows to fit itself to the screen resolution depends on wich device the site is surrently viewed.

2. Currently all you mentioned. Bloglovin is going to be included in the next theme version.

3. It will be possible in the next version.

4. All updates a free. We work now to finish theme version 3.0

Thank you for your response. Regarding question 1, is it also possible to show the web version instead of the mobile version?

And when will the new update be ready?

To show the desktop version you’ll need to remove some parts of code from CSS. We work to finish it asap.

Hi, I have a client who wants to use the SimpleMag theme, and she wanted to know if there is a way to add a sub title to the post titles (similar to the Page layout capability Thanks! Lori

Hi lcorbett, thank you for your interest. Sub titles do not exists in the theme. We will consider this functionality in future updates.

Good evening gentlemen. Love your theme but I am in need of some of the features that have been promised for SimpleMag 3.0. Many people ask about this theme update daily and you only give vague answers (ie..”asap”, “soon”). For those of us who have been patiently waiting the theme update since last year, will you PLEASE provide a legitimate release date for SimpleMag 3.0 so we can plan accordingly? Thank you.

We do not have an exact date. Is there any specific features you are interested in?

Yes, there are several features we need that have been promised for SimpleMag 3.0. The ad position to the right of the logo is one important one for us.

If this is what is the most important, you can buy the theme, register at our support forum and we will help you to implement it.


I’m very interested in purchasing your theme. I had a question about ajax functionality as I have a music player that needs to have continuous play. I wanted to use this plugin to ajax the website:

I see that the theme used javascript to load the images on the homepage, giving it the zoom effect and cascading appearance as you scroll down. If the theme was ajaxed with the plugin, that javascript wouldn’t be loaded on each page load. Therefore the featured images on the homepage wouldn’t load after going from a post to the homepage. Is there way to disable the javascript associated with the zooming functionality of the featured images on the homepage? Or would you be able to provide the javascript code that I can insert into the ajax plugin to allow it to reload every time a new page is visited?



Thanks for your prompt response. If I purchase the theme will you able to give me the reload code?

We need to develop this behaviour, but unfortenutely we do not have time for custom work. I can suggest you to find a developer at

Hi author, I’ve been using this theme and it seems great so far! I noticed in your demo under “Posts” on your 2nd menu on the top of the page that Typography and wordpress gallery post format are available. But when I go to my post and I can only find 4 formats which are standard, audio, video and gallery post formats.

Also, I want to know if an archive page layout is available somewhere in your theme. Thanks.

Hi, Typography is not a format it’s just an example page of how different size titles are designed. WordPress gallery is a gallery which you need to add directly into the editor and it works with any of the four formats. The archive page can be configured as any static page with Default template and must be assigned in Settings -> Reading, “Posts page” drop down. For support questions please register at our support forum.

Hi, do you have an idea when you are going to release the update of the theme with the Sub-Sub categories in the menu?

If I start working on the website before you release the new version, hoe I can update the theme and keeping the modifications I made?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Valentine, child theme needed only if you plan to customize the site with CSS. If you do not plan to make CSS modifications, you can ignore child theme and not install it.

Hi, No CSS modification for us :) the theme is installed. It looks really nice :) How do we have to proceed to install the third level? Can you do it if we give you access! That would be so great! Thank you.


Please register at our support forum, open a new thread and give us your dashboard user and password as private reply.

Hello guys,

I have installed the update for the theme, but now I cannot find where to insert de Excerpt for the articles. Can you please help me with this? Thank you!

Hi magikreator2, For support questions please register at our support forum.