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Hi Guys,

Pre-purchase question. I keep going back and forth with myself about purchasing because of the sub header at the end of the page? I don’t like it at all and was wondering if it could be removed? Additionally, I think the website used your theme and I absolutely love their website and that’s why I’m 99.1% sure I’ll be purchasing. I would love to add infinite scroll, but if not instead of the page “1, 2, 3, 4…” format, is it possible to change it to “previous” “next” ?

Thanks! Awesome theme!

Hi ashgilly09, thank you for your interest. I’m not really sure what you mean by “sub header at the end of the page”. Can you be more descriptive about it. Infinite scroll can be done by modifying the theme code. We are not free for custom work. Changing the numbers to prev/next can be done by replacing the pagination function with WordPress prev/next function.

When you scroll down to the bottom of the theme and the huge black box is shown with the latest posts and so. I don’t know the correct term for it, but as mentioned if you scroll to the very bottom pass the page numbers then you can’t miss it.

I think you mean footer with widgets. If you don’t add any widgets into the footer sidebars, all thia area won’t be visible.

Is there a way to configure the homepage as a 3 column template? I initially thought there was, but what I thought was 3 columns actually turns out to be a grid layout.

Is the home page fully widgetized? Could you please provide a widget map for the widget areas of the homepage(s) layouts?

There is an option to make three columns layout. Two columns of posts and third column is a sidebar. You can see it in the demo.

I’m pretty sure there are only 2 columns: A sidebar and the grid-8 column div. The grid-8 column uses css floats and absolute positioning to create a masonry effect that LOOKS like two separate columns, but it’s actually only one column.. I can’t use this template if it isn’t a true 3 column. If you will you simply provide a widget position map for the homepage it will definitively answer my question. Thanks.

Widgets are used inly for sidebar and footer. Homepage is created using page builder. Three columns the way you mean it are not available.

Another question because I just actually tried to purchase THREE times, are you guys hearing of any problems with cards not going through via PayPal and the other method? I just tried to purchase this theme 3 different times with 3 different cards that were surely funded and it keeps saying unable to process.

You should contact Envato support about it. All payments are processed by Envato, not us.

Does this theme have a option for a sticky menu? I want my menu to stay at the top when visitors scroll down

Do you mean the top dark strip or the main menu under the logo?

Either menu… I want the menu to stay at the top of the screen when people scroll down I always want the menu at the top of the screen so people dont have to scroll back up to get to the menu

We can help you to make the top strip as fixed with little CSS code.

Where is found index.html in simplemag? I need to insert any code to <head>

Hi Kisskissmeow, there is no html files in WP themes. What you need is header.php, but if you are going to add analytics script you can add it using the JS box in Theme Options without the need to edit theme files.

Hi Kisskissmeow.

The <head> tag is located in header.php file.

Thank you so much. I did it

Thank you so much. I did it)

Glad it worked out!

PRE-SALE Q: for the homepage: - can the slider be vertical instead of horizontal? - and the 2 featured posts be placed where the top widget for ‘latest reviews’ are at? - can the fonts in the navigation be changed

Hi nikiartstudio, thank you for your interest. The slider and featured posts are not currently exists. You can change the font for titles and menus.

I meant can the orientation of the slider on the home page be set to vertical instead of horizontal….

the slider looks to be about 690×380 pixels. can it be set to be 380×690 pixels?

for example

It can be done but with lots code modifications. Unfortunately currently we do not have time for custom work.

I have purchased and installed the theme. How do i start customizing though. Like the columns and stuff?

Hi Nassork, thank you for buying. Please read the documention included in the downloaded package and you’ll understand how to configure your site. If you have still questions please register at our support forum.


I bought your theme. Good luck for your theme sales. One question Is there a way to make it non-responsive?

Hi erkindeveci, thank you for buying. You need to remove all CSS Media Queries from style.css. For support questions please register at our support forum.

Hello, all my compliments for your beautiful theme. I have only a small problem with Pinterest icon that do not appear. Please, see at top/right of my website. www, Any idea how to solve the problem? Thank you

Hi axolotl11, you have an old theme version. Navigate to your Downloads page and download the latest version. Please see the update instructions on our support forum.

Hello, thank you! I will update.

Greetings! I am thinking about buying your theme. I want to know if this theme supports twitter feed? Also, is it easy enough to be customized for layperson?

Hi sehyr, thank you for you interest. You can add twitter feed generated in Twitter site and paste it into the widget. Configuration of theme is easy and intuitive. Theme comes with page builder and theme options panel.

OMJ how have I never Seen This AWESOMENESS?! GRT Job (and amazing on mobile too) Is there a way to see screen shoot or vid of page builder/backend? THNKS, n you ROCK

Hi sterlingwilliam, thank you for your feedback! Currently we do not have backend screenshots, but we’ll make some when the new version is going to be released.

Hey! very nice theme. I really interested to your theme and want to buy it. but is there any RTL support on this theme?

thanks :)

Hi mr_henry, thank you for you interest. RTL is not currently supported, but we’ll add in future updates.

Hi, just a quick question, when i install the theme in wordpress, it says: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

How to fix this problem? Thanks!

Hi mahacakrie, you need to unpack the downloaded package and install which is located in Theme Files folder.

Hi, thanks! Problem solved already. Another question, in the dropdown menu (navigation), how to make it shows 4 posts rather than the defaulth 3 posts? Thanks in advance. Really great great great design! :)

Thank you. It’s possible only by modifying the code. If you need further support please register at our support forum.

I’m anxious to see improvements in a new update, I have read that have the option to change the background color (or image).

Hi RequiemX, It’s a new feature rather than improvement, but we also have lots of improvements ))

Hi ThemesIndep,

I really love this theme of yours and am very close to purchasing it, but I’m wondering if you can put different ads on different pages in the sites with the use of widgets? I’m only a Wordpress beginner so not sure if this can be done. For example, you might have 3 ads in the right hand side bar on the home page, can you have the About Us page with 3 different ads showing in the same right hand side bar?

Thanks so much, Heidi :)

Hi heidimcl, it can be done with installing the WooSidebars plugin. This way you can create different sidebar for every page, if you need, and use different widgets with every created sidebar.

Thank you very much, much appreciated. I will check out the WooSidebars plugin :)


If i set a featured photo in one of my post the colour of that photo is not the same as when i am not using a featured photo and just put the photo in to the post. Can you solve this?

Hi Radhga_G, for support questions please register at our support forum.

How can I change or eliminate the double thick/thin line border with the headlines?

Hi HeedMag, please register at our support forum and use the search. This topic was covered before. If you’ll still have difficulties please open a new thread.

Hello Themeslndep team,

Pre-purchase question:

I saw you have this scrolling box for “more articles” below single post page

so I wonder would this category post scrolling box could be one available element for homepage?

WITH author information between title and excerpt maybe? And hopefully the author name could linked to their archive.

Because I wanna build a site looks like this:

I think it might be out of support so please let me know how could I get support on this? Will you charge more?


As i have mentioned, unfortunately we are not free for freelance or custom work.

oh free = free time, sorry my bad. I thought you were saying not free on price. sorry! thanks for you patience.

Yes i meant the time. Sorry, but it’s hard to find the time for freelance, we have lots of stuff to do.

why my web page is crashing on ipad? if i touch the ajax slider its crashing. i think it is about the ajax of the page. how can i disable ajax loading or how can i fix that?

i tested your demo and it is crashing when loading page like fading in top to bottom.

i use ipad air and chrome.

When you test the demo, remove the iframe on top of the demo. Please register at our support forum.