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i have disabled the ‘social share’ on single post option but the ‘social share’ is still displayed on all posts. please help


Hi, i do not see the social share links. Clear your browser cache and refresh the page.

found the problem. It was because share integration on wp twitter plugin. i have disabled it and works fine now

Hi. I install the theme and it makes both the frontend and backend just a blank white page. I have to go through the FTP to delete the theme. Are there any known bugs similar to what I’m describing?

Hi michaeleman, sorry you have this issue. It never happened before. Have you unpacked the download package and installed the archive located in Theme Files folder?

just purchased theme. i tried to upload it and received an error message.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

just read a previous post that solved my problem. thanks!

Glad you have sorted this out!

Hi, I have few questions:

1. How can I disable (or hide) the Slider and Featured Posts area of the second page and the following page of the Latest Post. What I mean is I only want Slider and Featured Posts area on Homepage only, not in /page/2/ , /page/3/ ... etc.

2. How can I turn off ALL CAPS for the post title?

3. Is it possible to turn off Drop cap of each post by default, and enable it using shortcode when I need it in specific articles?


Hi clothic. Please register at our support forum as it’s more convenient environment where we can help you.

hi. I don’t think everything downloaded correctly because I’m not sure how to get the footer like the one on “the site” you created. Could you help me?

Also, I just noticed this is fro wp 3.8, correct? because I believe I have version wp 3.8.1. Is that an issue?

Hi Sjweber18, thank you for buying. To create a footer please navigate to Appearance -> Widgets, there you’ll notice three Footer sidebars, drag the widgets into this sidebars and the footer will be created. Theme is also compatible with WP 3.8.1. Please read the documentation included in the downloaded package and register at our support forum for further support.

Thank you, I found that useful. I went on there but I can’t find my licensing id. I purchased the theme. I read where it should be but when I went to look for it. It’s not there. Did i not purchase the licenses?

In your Downloads page click on Download button, you’ll see three options. The last option, License Certificate, this is where the purchase code is.

Hello! Your Simplemag theme is simply stunning. Congrats!

I am considering buying the theme for a new business I am about to start but I would need quite some amendments. Do you offer customization services in addition to the cost of the theme?

I look forward to hearing from you, Ascha

HI benbenasc, thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately we do not have time for freelance work. I can suggest you to find a developer at

Hi! Thanks for your prompt answer. Are you recommending that I buy your theme and bring it to a freelancer?

If you need to heavily customize the theme, it would be the best solution.

Hi guys,

Great theme. It looks perfect for my website. Just a quick question though. I’m using a Genesis theme. If I use this theme, will I need to modify my SEO settings? Or, simple put, will changing to this theme affect my SEO?

Hoping to hear from you,


Hi Gene, thank you for your feedback. We built the theme with SEO optimization in mind. The H tags hierarchy, images alt tags, etc. You should keep in mind that when you change the theme your SEO performance will be dropped at first, because search crawlers need time to understand your new site HTML.

Hi! Can you help me? I have purchased theme, but I need to change some social networks in the header. Can you told me where I can find the code to change social networks/ what php file configure it?

Hi smart409, thank you for buying. What exactly do you need to change? Please register at our support forum and open a new thread.


First of all great theme. The design and little details are what elevates this theme above the others. I want to add a Blog link list to my front page and wondered what you recommend I do using the homepage builder?

website: AppleWasabi

Sorry! my website is applewasabi

Hi, you don’t need to use the homepage builder, you can create a new category and name it Blog. Add certain posts only to this category. Please continue these discussion at our support forum.

Does this require a lot of plugins? My current theme does.

We do not have special slider for mobile, but this layout is the best to view photos on mobile.

I see. A technical question, does the theme require support for the function: mb_detect_encoding?

No, we don’t have something like that.


how to hide ‘sub-posts’ in sub-menu? I didn’t find many theme options in it. and tried using ‘display: none;’ but the sub_post background still there by the sub-links.

Thanks for replying!

Oh by the way the sub-links menu can’t be the same as when enable “Latest posts in drop down menu” ? Drop down directly with just-right width not 100%width

Hello it would be great to have your reply :)

Hi we did not see you latest messages, this is the reason we provide support only on our support forum.

URGENT! Please help! We use our Simply Mag theme as a blog, but we’re also trying to add a ‘shop’ feature for a specific section only (www.domainname/shop) whilst still keeping our blog as normal. We want to know whether Woocommerce shop plugin will work for this or whether the plugin will make 100% of our blog to become a shop when we add the plugin? which you see here

Secondly, also want the Woocommerce single product page to display our Simple Mag administrator/Editor profile photo as you see here Is this possible? Please remember that our normal administrator/editor profile photos for the Simple Mag blog must remain as it is in the original Simple Mag theme, we only want the Woocommerce shop single pages to display the photo as shown that link I provided above.

Please advise, we’re desperate and have a very tight deadline today. Thanks a million!

Best wishes, Kev

HI Kev,

You can install WC and it will work.

Only two things: first, you need to create a special template for WC shop pages, more info you can find here. Second, the design of the shop will remain WC default, you’ll need to work with CSS to make it look like the theme.

WC is not part of the theme by default therefor unfortunately we can’t support it.

One of the best themes around. Clean and Ads-capable. I will surely buy this one soon. I just noticed the site was like updated back in August 2013. Nice to see some updates like Bbpress and Buddypress custom styling in the future with this beautiful theme.

HI, thank you for your interest. We work on the update, but BB and BP are not currently planned.


I really like the theme, I’m building the website but: The images of the current demo content cannot be visualised … Is there any way to receive new demo content that can be seen?


Hi, thank you for buying. For support questions please register at our support forum.

Hi, Pre-sales question. Is it possible to add a display ad/widget at the top of the page? And, is there a way to add a sticky left side-bar on post pages?


Hi cyclr, thank you for your interest. Currently this options are not available.


The blog title is not the page title but it takes over the SEO title, see

How can I change this that it only takes the page title for the title of the page and the not the SEO title – I’m using the Yoast plugin (maybe it’s because of the settings there but I couldn’t find it).



Hi Roel, thank you for buying. Please register at our support forum and see this thread with a solution.

Hi, we need a multilanguage site. Is there any place reserved to add the language switcher?


Hi, you can use any translation plugins for multilingual site. We have not tested the theme with WPML though, but we now some buyers use it for their sites.

Hi! For some reason, all my post and page titles have disappeared. I can’t find a setting to fix this and I don’t know what I could have done to make this happen. Please advise.


And… nevermind. Turned out to be a third-party plugin that made them disappear. Weird!

Thanks for the great theme!

HI, thank you for buying. Glad it worked out.

Have you got an aprox. date for the update? Thanks

Please Google about it, there are lots of tutorials and explanations about it.

Sounds like I asked one of those “just google” it questions. My bad. I thought it was something specific to your theme. Thanks for your help :-)

Sorry for a bit quick answer. Child Themes are part of WordPress and are widely used for theme customization.


I am having a problem uploading this theme!

Here is my error message!

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hi djmahone, Please unpack the downloaded package and install located in Theme Files folder.