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I purchased your theme; there seems to be an extra space above the featured image in single blog posts. I didn’t add or change any css. Can you have a look?

I tried asking on the support forum but it’s closed at the moment.

Thank you, it worked!

Glad it worked out!

Hi there, I purchased the SimpleMag, which I like. However I’m having an issue with the javascript ad when I add the ad code in the TI Code Banner widget, the ad doesn’t show. The reason I’m posting it here is because the regular support says it doesn’t accept new tickets until April 18th. I appreciate your help. Thx.

Hi , please check the following: mobile sidebar option is disabled in theme options, you pasted the correctly including the script tags. Disable other plugins you usings and cbeck if the isuue is resolved.

I tried all above (1. confirmed that mobile sidebar is disabled, 2. confirmed the script has all the tags, <script and ending </script>), 3. I disabled all plugins on the site and still don’t see the add to the magazine sidebar. The code used to work on the previous theme. Thx.

Hi dotzco, sorry for the late reply. Please register at our support forum, open a new thread with a link to your site. We’ll check the issue.

Will there be an option to enable left sidebar for posts/pages in the new theme update?

Hi we will consider it for future updates.

I just downloaded the file and got an error message saying “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” I’m new to this and don’t know how to fix this. Is there a video tutorial that can help me?

You need to unpack the downloaded package and install located in Themes Files folder.

How to I adjust the site to “homepage 5”?

Hi please read the Homepage Setup in documentation which is included in the downloaded package.

I have purchased the theme. Everytime I insert a wordpress post with an image, the image rotates itself on iOS 7.

Please can you help me?

Hi we will check this. Please register at our support forum maybe you will find an answer there.


could you please update Advanced Custom Fields plugin and addons to latest?


Hi vask, please register at our support forum and open a new thread. We’ll explain you how to update the plugin.

I really like the design of your theme, however we have not seen updates with news features such as: Newspaper, Bridge, Enfold and other themes … I m worried before buying a new theme because I already have bought two big themes here at Envato and I’m not using them because they were not updated and also I don’t want to program, write much CSS code or to be adding countless plugins that could turn the site slow. I am a designer (for jeanswear companies) and buy themes to facilitate my job with my site. Your theme has been selling a lot lately, however I wonder if more resources or updates couldn’t help for customization or adaptation to each type of different new site. You promised us an update for the beginning of the year, March, but so far you haven’t updated it. We look forward to seeing the new feature of your theme that we love it so much.

Hi 1joao, we will release a major update pretty soon, please stay tuned.


I want to realize the same “NATIVE WORDPRESS GALLERY EDITOR GALLERY UNIQUE LAYOUT WITH SWIPEBOX SUPPORT” that you have set in “page full width” example.

Can you help me?

Hi comunicale79, it’s a native WP gallery. You need to insert the images directly into the editor. Please read about how to do it in the documentation.

hi please advise Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _verify_activate_widget() (previously declared in /homepages/34/d323284552/htdocs/electronicaoasis/wp-content/themes/SimpleMag/functions.php:263) in /homepages/34/d323284552/htdocs/electronicaoasis/wp-content/themes/SimpleMag/admin/functions/functions.php on line 23

Hi it’s not a theme error. Please delete all themes besides one WordPress default theme and then re-install SimpleMag.

Hey Guys, Thanks for the response. I deleted as instructed and still get the same error. Please advise. Thanks!!

Hi ambro7386, please follow this thread on our support forum

Hi guys,

The visual shortcode stopped working with the release of 3.9 ..

If you are planning to update the theme, when would it be live? I don’t really care about the visual shortcode, but I don’t know all the commands :)

Also, kindly fix the _blank target of the button shortcode, ti doesn’t work in the latest version :) I have a fixed version you sent me via the support forum, but unfortunately that’s not 3.9 compatible.

Thank you kindly

If it helps, I found this thread started by a fellow author:

Hi fifty_tons, thank you for pointing us to the issue, we will surly fix this error and make an download link for the plugin on our support forum. Please check our support forum for the link today or tomorrow.

Hey guys, What an awesome theme – many thanks! Here is our implementation on a Swiss Lifestyle Blog: We did some modifications that required to change some lines of code here and there incl. the background picture, replacement of the social sharing texts, individual color per category, random pictures and some other details. Cheers, Raphael

Hi Raphael, thank you for sharing. You did a very nice customization.

Any fix yet regarding the display issue on android devices using the android default browser ? I’m receiving complains regularly and don’t see any initiatives on your side though you told me it would be done. Thanks.

HI rigo29, please register at our support forum for support questions.

Hi! There are a few things! I would like to have a scrolling gallery like the preview page. Any help with this?

Hi djmahone, create new post, select Gallery from the Format box on the right and upload the images using the gallery interface below the editor. Please see the documentation for more detailed info.

I have the need to install the theme on wordpress multisites version. I would like to use the same theme on all sites in the network. I can rename the folder “Simplemag” in “Simplemag1”, “Simplemag2” ....... In this way I could get a different layout for each site. Is possible? There are other ways with your theme? Thanks

Hi maarlok, not sure if it’s possible or a good way to do it. Please Google about it to find an explanation.

Hi got a Q: I tried to install it but it fails, telling me its missing a stylesheet. Any help here?

Yeah that’s the thing that doesn’t work somehow… everytime i select to enable the sidebar and I update it unselects my choice and doesn’t show a sidebar. It also disappears when i update the demo content. Everything else seems to work fine, so far so good! The sidebar is the only thing I can’t get working.

It’s odd, this option have no known errors. Please register at our support forum, open a new thread and give us your dashboard details as private reply. We will login and check what is going on.

Okay, will do. Seems the problem is a bit bigger since the posts don’t show any uploaded pictures either, when published. Will open a thread.

I am trying to add a Logo in the footer area one for a TI About the Site. What do I need to put in the logo Url?

Also, how do I change the the logo next to the url up top?

Hi qdanny2, thank you for byiung.

1. Upload the logo image in Media. After the image will be uploaded click Edit, copy the image URL from the box on the right and paste the URL in the appropriate field in widget.

2. To change the favicon navigate to Theme Options, General Settings and upload the .ico image using the Favicon upload options. Follow this thread for more info

Hello! I have some interest in purchasing your theme… When are you planning to update your theme..? The last upadate was back in 9 August 13. Many thanks for replying me. Regards, Nuno

Hi Nuno, thank you for you interest. Please follow us on Facebook, we will publish an announcement as soon as the update is released or you can check theme page here on Theme Forest.

You’ve been promising an update any-moment-now since February. I know how one thing leads to another, and you want to add more and more great features to this already great theme, so I understand your position. I meanwhile just want an estimated date. Be it “next week” or “May 10”, whatever. I can then plan my site updates around the date (I’ve been delaying altering the theme files, thinking that an update is coming any day now making my work redundant).

As for the next update, will you make any improvements to the theme’s search feature? At the moment it’s very inconsistent.

Example: The “festivals” sub-category shows 15 post results. The “festivals” search shows 5 post results plus 1 page. The “festival” tag shows 11 post results. The “festival” search shows 21 post results, plus 1 page.

Hi competetowin, we work on the update and we will post on our Facebook page as soon as the update will be released.

Search and search results are default WordPress functionality. In order to improve it, please use a plugin such as SearchWP or similar.

Ok, thank you

HI, I just purchased SimpleMag and when I go to Theme Options, there is nothing there. All of the tabs are blank and unclickable.

Hi, thank you for buying. It is strange you have this issue. Using the contact form on our profile page please email us your dashboard username and password, we will check what is going on.