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Video Excerpt I am updated a Simplemag Theme for someone and they wanted to be able to see videos in their category excerpt pages. I’ve created posts, clicked the post type to “Video” and nothing happens. Even when the video embed is the first bit of text. I tried using a video excerpt code in the functions file (which works for other sites that I build) and it also does nothing.

Is there something REALLY obvious that I’m missing?

Hi, for support questions please register at our support forum using your marketplace username and purchase id.

I don’t have a purchase ID—I am updating the site for someone else.

We give support only to verified customers.

Quick question: I want to purchase the theme, but I’m curious, can the main image at the top be a static image and/or a video with play button? I’m a speaker, and the video at the top is kind of a “must have” thing. A static image might work, but a video would be perfect. Looking forward to your response.

Hi, thank you for your interest. Theme comes with page builder and the slider on top is a section of the page builder. It can be easily replaced by video from YouTube and Vimeo or with static image.

Hi, great theme, I’ve purchased the theme but not sure what the purchase ID is. can you tell me how to change the default behavior of category page display from masonry to classic layout? I know it can be done individually, but I need it by default for a plugin I’m using.


Hi amerhaleem, thank you for buying

In your Downloads page click on Download button, you’ll see three options. The last option, License Certificate, this is where the purchase code is.

Please see chapter “03. Creating Categories” of the documentation for instructions on how to change the category layout.

suddenly my website shows 404 error for every post except the home page.

It can happen if you changed the permalinks, check your permalinks, or can be due to a changes in one of the plugins you using.

Hi, i’m very interested in your theme,. I would like to know if its possible to display all the article like a classic blog… Thank you

Hi khaled83, thank you for your interest. Currently it’s not possible, but we will add it in future updates.

Ok thank u can you tell me when, so i know if i buy your theme or another one..

We do not have an exact date yet, but it will be released in the near future.

Hey, We’re very interested in using your theme for a news service we soon will release. As this service will both have illustrated posts as well as numerous items without images/illustrations I wonder if you have any example of sites with a masonry style flow w/o photos? Have not been able to find such an example. All the best, Markus

Hi Markus, thank you for your interest. In case if posts have no image the content: category/date, title and excerpt will be pushed up and it will look good.

Hi, how can I put my sidebar below the slidebar? I want the slide bar occupies 3 columns and sidebar begins below it. As this one: Thank you. Flávia

Hi, thank you for the anwser. But I don´t want to disable the side bar, because I want the sidebar under the slidebar. I want both, but one above the other, as this one:

HI, in our demo homepage we use page composer Latest Posts section with enabled sidebar and Posts Options box on the right with sidebar disabled.

Thank you

How do you access the support page if purchased through Themeforest? I updated to WP 3.9 and the shortcode plugin does not seem to work. Please advise?!

Hi eddynelson

In your Downloads page click on Download button, you’ll see three options. The last option, License Certificate, this is where the purchase code is.

The plugin has been updated and is available for download on the support forum.

Hi, sorry about writing again. You guys are so helpful! =) How can I take off the image from the top of my post (exemple: ) Is there any specific configuration for it? Can you tell me where I can find it? Thank you very much. Flávia

Hi Flávia, it’s a featured image. Navigate to Theme Options -> SIngle Post and set the Featured Image option on Disable.

Thank you very much

Hi. Is it possible to have 4 columns instead of 3?

Hi silvasw, currently it’s not possible. We’ll try to add this option in the future.

I bought and use this template, but when i scroll in mobile, the screen turns to blank/white and then when i stop scrolling it changes back to normal again, which makes for a very bad experience on mobile.

I notice: has this problem too.

Is there a way I can fix this?

HI obibby, thank you for buying.

This issue exists on native browser in Android 4.1 There is no such problem in other browsers and other OS’s. This is known bug and will be fixed. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Meanwhile please visit our support forum for help.

Hi there,

How are the related posts determined? Is it by category, tags or something else?


Hi woodwinked, related posts are displayed from the same category as the single post you currently viewing.

Hi I have purchased the template and it works great. Is there any way to stop the date of the post from showing on the front page ? I would ike to remove the date to keep it more simple, thanks.

Hi bukirok, yes it’s possible. Please register at our support forum and use the search to find the solution.

This is one the best and easiest templates I have ever worked with. So well done, so well laid out. This is a 5* template, fully customizable!! Great support forum, with hundreds of tutorials. You can view our site at would love to be added to your theme description list. Thanks again.

Hi ohandre, thank you very much for your awesome feedback! If it’s not a trouble please rate the theme with five stars.

Thanks for adding us to your list of sample sites. Rated 5*

Hi there, I am really enjoying this theme so far. I would like to link the entire slide instead of using a button in the ‘custom slider’ – when I put the link it and don’t add button text, there’s no way to link it. Can you help?

Thanks, EB

I figured this out – so no need to spend time here :)

Hi lizziebowgirl, glad you have sorted this out!

Hi. About the slider at the homepage, what is the ideal size? Can I have an image at the slider that is different of the image of “latest by category”, por exemple? What is the ideal size for the images, such as for the slider, latest by category, latest post at the sidebar? Thank you very much. Flávia

HI Flávia, the ideal size of images is 1050×700 which keeps the 4:3 aspect ratio.

Thank you for the answer. Can I have an image at the slider that is different of the image of “latest by category”, por exemple?

I love this theme, just one question before i purchase it. When the site is accessed via mobile (so nog when accessed via desktop) I’d like the sidebar to show up before the page content on the homepage. Is there a way to do this?

Reason: I want my mobile users to quickly see a list of the latest posts instead of having to manually scroll down.

Can i do this and how?

Hi rutgerteunissen, thank you for your interest. There is an option to display the sidebar on the mobile side panel.

But can i show the mobile side panel as the very first thing users see when they open the homepage on a mobile device?

Hi, sorry there is no option like this.

There’s no update coming, is there?

Hi, It’s coming soon. You’ll be notified when it’s up.

Hi, How can I put the social medias widgets, such as Facebook like’s box, Instagram last photos, or Twitter last posts at the sidebar or the the footer? Thank you Flávia

Hi Flávia, you can use a plugin for each social service or you can generate the codes by your self and then paste it into the theme’s code widget.

But where I can found those plugins? Thank you

Please use Google and search for: Facebook like box wordpress plugin.

Pre-Sale Question – can you use a custom background or change the color, or does it need to be white?

Hi kickingbird, thank you for your interest. To change the background requires some additional CSS customization.