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Is this theme 100% post supported or can you use pages the same way posts are used?

Hi, i don’t quite understand your question.

Small edits that would make a huge difference to the themes popularity:

1. Make it possible to remove the frontpage logo. 2. Make it possible to remove the main navigation 3. Give the secondary menu the same effects as main menu (when holding mouse on navigation categories, displaying latest post etc) 4. Make it possible to remove the lines on the left and right side of every headline. (---Hello World ---) 5. Make it possible to add little logo in left side og secondary menu.

Thats it. Small changes that will have a huge impact on the popularity. Please do consider the changes, as they will make the theme very close to perfect.

And ofcourse as other mentioned, adds are important aswell.

Hi Nimav, thank you for buying and your feedback. The update is almost ready, so we will consider your ideas for future updates. Ads already included in this update. We can help you remove the lines from the headlines, please register at the support forum.

Hello , Great theme : 2 question pre purchase : 1- does it come with demo data ( I want to have a typical site like yours so I can follow up changes ). 2- what is the possibility of adding woocommerce?

Thanks and congrats

Hi isaed, thank you for interest to our theme

1. Yes demo xml file is included. It won’t be exactly like our demo, but you’ll see all the main features.

2 We have not tested the theme with WooCommerce.

thx purchased

WOW, ThemesIndep this is a really awesome theme!

We are currently evaluating between your theme and another option to set up a fashion blog. We therefore have a two quick questions:

1) Is it possible to configure (/code) the HOMEPAGE (landing page) to display the slider only two columns wide with a sidebar on the right side and ‘latest posts/articles’ underneath the sliders by using two columns (just as shown under ‘category with slider’ but with a smaller slider and a sidebar reaching to the top)

2) Is it possible to change the format of articles such that the first (featured) image is smaller (same width as slider above) and again have a sidebar reaching to the top?

Many thanks for letting us now!!

Best, Dana&Michael

Hi Dana&Michael, thank you for your comment an interest. No, there is no options like you described.

Many thanks for your quick reply!

Hi. I purchased the theme but the mega menu feature is not working – all of my subcategories are showing in the main menu. Please advise.

Hi, thank you for buying. If you installed the theme on an existing site, go to an existing category, check that drop down is set to Enable an save the category again. And please be sure you have posts in this category.

Thanks for the quick reply. It isn’t just the posts that are the issue. My primary problem is that sub-menu items are showing up on the main menu bar even though they are indented (as sub-menus) in the menu. That fix worked for posts though – thank you.

Fell in love with this theme. Am not planning on having any comments on the site. Could the area occupied by ‘Latest Comments’ on the homepage be replaced by an Instagram feed instead?

Thank you!

Hi urbanite79, thank you for the interest. Latest Comments in sidebar it’s widget. You can use or not, it’s your choice. We do not have Instagram feed widget built-in, but you can install a plugin, there are plenty of Instagram plugins in WP repository.

Hello. Excellent theme!... one question though. When will the update be available? Will that be sometime today (Saturday) or later this weekend?

Hi kei_etowe, the update is not coming today. Very sorry for the delay. We work hard and the update will be available next week.

Hi, thanks for the awesome theme. I install the theme fine but now I am having trouble getting the main navigation menu to show the category links I set up. The secondary navigation menu up top shows fine.

I am also not seeing any pictures for the main posts on the front page, just headlines.

Hi nvsnu, please check this link about the menu (last topic)

All posts now use Featured Image, check if you uploaded Feature Image

Hi there, love this theme so much! I was wondering what is the best size for images to use with this theme? (for normal blog posts, sliders) Most of the photos from my existing posts come out looking crap on the slider. F.Y.I: I’ve already downloaded the force regenerate plugin.

Hi shaqinahf, the best size is minimum 1050 pixels wide.

Hey there, I have another problem with the gravatar this time. So I have edited the profile section and changed the role to author etc… but neither the profile info nor the gravatar appears on the sidebar. On single posts, the profile info appears but not the gravatar. (On the all users page on admin panel, I can see the image.) Please help!

Please register at our support forum for support questions.

Hello, have a few pre-purchase questions:

1. Posts excerpts do not display evenly when choosing 2, 4, 6 etc. – only even with 3, 6, 9 etc., will the ability to display 2 post excerpts evenly be added?

2. Will the ability to add single post excerpt (with side-bar 300px wide) on homepage be added?

3. Will the ability to add header ad-size 970px wide banner (i.e. under header logo or between header logo and top navigation bar be added?

4. Is this theme compatible with Gravity Forms & W3 Total Cache Plug-ins?

5. Is it possible to change image (excerpt) mouse-over color to a darker color?

6. Will the ability to add ‘static content’ to homepage be added?

7. Will the ability to add custom photos/banners to slider (especially important for homepage) in order to display information about the site etc. (as opposed to only being able to add and display blog posts) – also, the ability to add custom text (which overlays any added custom photo/banner) as an overlaying click-able link be added?

8. What is the current logo-header banner pixel (width and height) for replacing default theme logo?

9. Will the ability to ad user-rated reviews (as opposed to author-rated) reviews be added? &

10. Lastly, Authors get their own post-page/s (with posts); but is it possible to have an additional feature added where all Authors can be displayed on a single page (without their posts) – i.e. Our Authors page, Our Writers page or Our Staff page – which would display as a grid of say 4 medium sized image-thumbnails (without any bio text) per row?

Thank you

Hi MJtcb,

1. and 2. I don’t really understand what you mean.

3. Yes, after the update it will be possible to add banners anywhere, but under the main menu.

4. It should be compatible with GF, because of our global form styling. We have not checked if with W3.

5. Yes, you can change it to any color you like.

6. Maybe, can’t promise you.

7. Slider works only for posts.

8. There is no limitation of logo size, it’s up to

9. and 10. No currently not.

Thank you for your interest.


Pre sales question if thats ok?

I understand you can set category pages up differently however are there multiple sidebars available?

Also the top rated widget, can you have multiple instances of top rated per category ie top rated books, top rated movies, top rated games? etc or is it just site wide on top rated wideget across the board?

Many Thanks

Hi somecombination, no the multiple sidebars feature does not exists. There is no top rated by category, it’s site wide for all posts from all categories. Thank you for your interest.

Many thanks for your quick response

Hi, so nice theme but I have a few problems. I can’t use the ‘gallery-post-format’, the button Add images don’t work. I click the button, but don’t react. How can use this option? I want like this:

Hi, thank you for choosing our theme. For support questions please register at our support forum with your market place username and purchase code located in License Certificate file which can be found when you click on the Download button.

I haven’t really check that well but from the live preview it would seem that you can’t pin images from the gallery post, any work around for pinterest? and is there any particular reason why you haven’t add a facebook like button to your demo?

Looks amazing by the way, congrats :)

Hi priss, thanks you for your comment. Just checked it, the images are being pined fine using browser Pinterest button or our Pinterest share link. There is a Facebook share link.

I love the theme and I’m keen on purchasing it soon. When will the updated version be available?

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Hi, the update will be uploaded soon. Due to lots of different requests and wishes from other buyers, we delayed it a bit.

Hello, I am very interested to buy your theme but before purchasing, I would like to know if I can add ads on the theme ? I did not see spaces for ads ! Thanks you by advance,

Hi, we adding ads spaces in the update.

Thanks you for your reply. Yes, I searched the answer among the questions and I found my answer before you replying :) I have other question : I did not find the widget « popular post » and facebook widget, are they presents in your theme ? Thanks,

No, but we will add Facebook widget though

Thanks for this great theme!

However, I have a question: If I want to update every time a new version is available, but also want to customize my theme, would it be the best to use the Child Theme?

When I want to install the Child Theme now, I’m getting the following error: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the index.php file. Theme install failed.

And what if updates are made to style.css or other files that are available in the Theme and Child theme? Will it still works when my child theme is modified?

Yes the best way to customize the theme is to use Child Them. Take only the code you want to customize and don’t edit the parent theme style.css directly.

Currently we have a bug in our Child Theme, because we forgot to add something in it’s style.css, and it will be updated. Meanwhile, you can find a fix here

Yes it should work, but you’ll need to read the instructions after the update.

Love the theme and want to buy but had a few questions.

1) is it possible to have a 970×90 banner ad either over or under the header logo?

2) Can I have the homepage set up as the blog with latest posts and a sidebar without the slider?


Hi soxfiend2004,

1. This options will be available after the update. It will be possible to add banners anywhere below the main menu.

2. Yes it’s possible, see “Homepage II” of the Live Preview. You can see it’s only latest posts and you can enable the sidebar as well. The layout will be two columns of posts and a sidebar.

That is EXACTLY the theme I’ve been waiting for, then. Any idea when the update will be made available?

Few days or so, stay tuned.

Before i purchase, with this theme, is it possible to make multiple sidebars for the different pages.

Hi bigtomisin, currently there is no option of multiple sidebars, but we will add this feature in the future.


all my posts are automatically mentionend on my facebook page as well. Unfortunately, the sentence “gear2explore mentioned on facebook” appears on my homepage as well, right under the pictures and in the main text (see how can I avoid this?


Plugin that you installed is causing it. Please register at our support forum. The answer will help others to find an info if they have same issues. We can help you there.


Can we have a start rating for reviews?

Hi raja314, Do you mean star rating? Start rating is not currently supported.