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I’ve registered at your support forum twice now – a week ago and a few days ago – but have yet to receive an email. Thanks.

If it’s not in the spam folder, please email us your username and purchase id using the email form on our profile page here at ThemeForest.

Cheers! Did so just now.

Hi I have the new theme update but can’t find the area to enable the infinite scroll? Help!

Hi rachellesaevil, theme have no infinite scroll feature. Are you sure you talk about SimpleMag theme?

Hi there, I was hoping you could help me. I have the sidebar enabled in simplemag and I have it looking exactly how I wanted but when I create a new page, the sidebar shows a small empty box to the right with no widgets. I do have sidebar enabled on new pages and enabled it on the new pages I create but it always shows a small empty box to the right. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi, we support only verified customers.

Hi.. I thought the license covers one client which I am the client of a developer who purchased the license last month for me. I would be willing to provide any proof you would require.

You can register at our support forum using the purchase id.

HI! Amazing theme! I wanna buy it! But firs I want to ask you a couple of questions: 1) is it possible to make a full width slide bar on the homepage? 2) is it possible to add some banners/widgets in the middle between the posts on the home page?

Thank you!! Darya

Hi Darya, thank you for your interest. Full width slider is not currently available., but it will be in the near future. You can add ads between the sections as you can see the big leaderboard banner on theme demo.

thank you! while I was waiting for the answer, I’ve got some more questions, hope you don’t mind! 1) I didn’t see the “archive” widget. Does it mean that it doesn’t exist in this theme? Or do you have it? 2) can my ads have ANY size or do you have fixed sizes? It’s important for me cause I work with the affiliate widgets and they have fixed sizes. 3) as far as I understood from the previous comments, it’s possible to add the sticky menu, right? how?

Thank you!

Hi, the Archives widget is a native WP widget and it exists in the theme. You can add a fixed size image add and it will resize accordingly to a screen size, it will be responsive. For code ads you need to generate a responsive ad script. Google Analytics have such option. The top strip can be made fixed with a little CSS snippet.


Really great theme! Purchased it a week ago.

Is there a way to add Creative Commons captions/attributions to featured images on posts? I tried several plugins but the attributions just wouldn’t show up.


Hi, thank you for buying. Yes it’s possible, but requires some code additions to the theme. We can help you with that in our support forum.

Despite long promised update (aka version 3) of SimpleMag still not yet in view, we’ve decided to purchase your theme. But just before, we want to insure that the following will be met concerning posts.

We want to insure that a post (not speaking of pages or list of posts) can be rendered full-width without any sidebar. Before asking such question, we made a search in the comments and discovered contradictory replies.

To be more precise, let’s say we have a category of posts named “NEWS”. What we want is being able to publish a post in that category full-width without sidebar. We would also want for the same category, being able to publish another post, that time with the normal sidebar. We want a per post setting, opting in or out of the sidebar.

If there was such a possibility, your demo should reflect that…

Is that possible? If not, will version 3 be able to handle that?

Thanks for any precision!

Hi zakoops, this option exists in the theme since day one. Not sure what contradictory replies do you refer to.


Really glad to hear that!

I was not too sure after reading that comment and your reply to Lil.

Thanks for your reply!

hii.. iam having “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” problem.. even after unpacking the zip file and then uploading the zip file of themefiles, iam having same error.. plz help me..asap

Support is given only to verified customers.

Hi munishmaya, for support questions please register at our support forum.

Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2014/06. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

cant install. what should I do? :(

Hi fanluna, is it an error you get or you upload the images but there is an issue with the upload? Can you please elaborate about it on our support forum?

whats the images? i cant install theme at all. after clicking install button i see this message. my wordpress is empty. there is no contact. un fortunately i dont have time and desire to invistigate on forums. its easier to ask for refund. write me your email i will send you access to me admin panel try to install it by yourself

There is a problem with the htaccess file in your WP installation. There is nothing wrong with the theme.

We’re creating articles instead of posts and checking Summer 2014 (Article/Issues/Summer 2014) in the Issue box. We’re not publishing the articles, but when we preview an article, it appears with posts from the last issue. Just wondering if that changes once we publish?

Support is given only to verified customers.

We’re creating articles instead of posts and checking Summer 2014 (Article/Issues/Summer 2014) in the Issue box. We’re not publishing the articles, but when we preview an article, it appears with posts from the last issue. Just wondering if that changes once we publish?

Hi, not really sure what you mean. Please register at our support forum and elaborate on the issue. If it’s possible attach screenshots and URLs.

When is the (long-ago-promised) update to the theme coming? This is really a ridiculous amount of time to promise an update, and then just not deliver it.

Hi, it’s coming in July or even earlier.

Hi, I like the theme! But before I buy I need to know:

Can you clarify which sections can be added with the page composer? E.g. latest posts from category, content, galleries, etc.?

Thanks and KR

Hi, seidelinho. You can see all the sections and how they can be added on theme demo Homepages.

Hello. I read several times the documentation but still have some questions.

1) there is no images in related posts, only headings 2) is it possible to translate theme to other language? 3) slider on main page is empty. i did everything by steps 4) where I can add google analytics? 5) how can i add several TI Image Banners? 6) i have read more tag but i still see description on main page

could you please answer by numeric list. thanks

Hi, we’ve already answered those questions by email. For support register at our support forum

thanks. i posted on the forum

Very good magazines themes. Wonderfull you used video posts, but only for vimeo.

I need it for youtube. Have i a chance, you add this feature in near future ?

Hi, the video post is no limited only for Vimeo. You can use YouTube as well.

Is a good theme, but I dont buy because dont have updates, dont have portfolio, dont have different galleries… maybe when next update arrive

Hi, thank you. Update is coming in July, there are plenty of galleries: gallery post carousel or WordPress gallery which can be used with theme custom layout. There is no portfolio, because it’s a magazine theme and portfolio is not really needed in this type of the theme.

Thankyou for the answer, this theme is very used on fashion blogs, and some times a portfolio is essential, believe me.


voilàs I purchased your theme yesterday

I’m really happy it is really beautiful. By cons I wanted to know if you have a user manual?

I do not find where changes the home page like the demo, to test one that suits me best? I would also like to completely remove the right column but I can not see where to disable? and also I would like to enlarge the font size of the title and menu tabs at the top of the site, should I go to the line of code?

sorry for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your help

Hi, thank you for buying. Sure, there is a documentation included in archive with you have downloaded. It’s located in the Documentation folder and it have step by step instructions about hot to configure the theme.

wow thank for your quickly reply. oh For sure in the folder ! I searched everywhere here and in the code on the template, since yesterday. And I don’t thinking to search on the template link I have purchased.

Thank you very much it will be easier now your template’s really beautiful

Thank you.


Just bought this theme.

One thing i miss is possibility to ad “Most read/popular post”, and some choices like “Today”, “This week”, “All time”. I mean if you dont have an idea what to improve :-)

Hi, thank you for buying. Great suggestion, we will consider it in the future.

hi, I would like to know if you can put a google map instead of the main slide on the homepage?

I would do something like this:

HI, after the the major update which is coming in July, it will be possible. You can install maps plugin and if it have shortcode, you’ll be able to use the shortcode.

thanks for your reply! do u know already when will be the exactly day of the update?

Hi there, just purchased this theme. How do I handle text-only posts? They keep having a big blank space where the featured image should be.

Hi, thank you for buying. For support questions please register at our support forum.

Hello Guys,

You all are coming up on 1 year since you’ve release an update to Simplemag and we’ve all been asking you about different additions we want added to the theme. We have personally had the theme now 8-9 months.

You told us there were going to be an update a few months back and yet nothing. And when we ask about the update release, you guys don’t respond to our messages.

We really like the theme but we’re seriously considering buying another mag theme because of some additions you all have yet to add.

Can you please respond to our message and let us know if and when you will update the theme, so that we can make a decision whether to keep it or buy a different theme?

Thank you.

Hi seidemg, we respond to everyone. The update is coming in July.

Hello Guys, thanks for replying to our post. If you responded to every post or mail to your support, we would not have had to send you a 3rd message about an upgrade.

However, we are happy to know you all will provide your customers with an upgrade in july, 2014 and cannot wait.

Thanks again.

We do respond to every post and email to everyone. I can see that we have replied to all your questions in our support forum!