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Shortcode update? Since updating to Wordpress 3.9.1 shortcodes icon no longer shows up in the post or page edit section. Therefore Shortcodes can not be used. Any chance of an update or at least a list of the shortcodes with the appropriate html to insert manually?

HI, we have the new plugin version which can be downloaded from our support forum

I have already downloaded the new version of the plugin short code and do not have the button. Also need a list of all possible short codes to use them. Thank you.

HI, if you installed the new plugin version which you have downloaded from the forum, you must see the icon. I can assure you that plugin have no bugs and works as expected. Please continue this discussion on our support forum.

I would love to follow in the forum, but I searched and fetched using short codes and can not find it could you point me to the url where you can see this information?

I cannot find your recommended Plugin “Force Generate Thumbnails” in Wordpress, do you know where I can find it or do you have another recommendation for a Plugin that does the same thing?


I have used page composer to create a new look for the home page, and now the pagination is not working. It shows up, but all pages redirect me back to the home page.

Please let me know how I can fix this. Here’s the site:


HI, for support questions please register at our support forum.

Hello there,

I am using the theme at I really need to use leaderboard advertisement. Is it supported? Near the logo?

Hi saaketu, the option you ask about will be available in a new theme version which is going to be released this month.

Waiting for it! Any exact date?

We will upload the update sometime during next week. The update will be added to the Envato review queue and it might take a few days till the update will be available for download.

Hello, How do i remove the post summary from being shown on my front page so all the images align perfectly?

site :

Thanks :)

Hi KasperPers, you using Masonry layout and it’s supposed to behave this way, but you can disable the excerpt in Theme Options if you need. For further support question please register at our support forum.

Hello, 01 This is a pre-purchase question re: home page slider

I understand that it is possible to customize the slider.

Does that include moving the slider text below each slider image? And perhaps adding a background colour to the text?

Thank you in advance for answering. It’s a beautiful theme, great work.

Hi, thank you for your interest. It’s not possible without additional work. Unfortunately we are not free for custom work such as this one.

Thank you so much for the fast reply.

Hi, how can i put an image in the submenu strip of the main menu like it is in the demo page? Greetings.

Hi, navigate to any category edit page and set the “Latest posts in drop down menu” on Enable. Also make sure that you have posts in this category.

but how can i make that pages instead of categorys shows there picture in de dropdown menu? or at least can i make categorys show there images acting like a submenu from a page?

Hi, this menu works only for categories which show latest posts from each category, it does not work for pages this way. For further support questions please register at our support forum.

Hi there,

I have donwloaded this them a while ago. But since a few weeks this theme gives a fatal error when i want to install it. Can you tell me what is going wrong?

Thank you. Marjolein

Hi, there is no fatal errors or any errors within the theme. What error do you have?

When i upload the theme and then activate it, my page goes blank. I don’t know why. I contacted my hosting company. They told me about de fatal error and advised me to contact you.

I really do not know what is going on.

It can be the memory limit thing. You can ask your hosting to increase the memory limit for you. Also, have you changed anything in the theme: folders or files names, have you added any custom code? Please register at our support forum for further discussion.

Can I delete the main menu?

Hi, this option will be available in the new theme version which is coming this month very soon.

Love this theme. Great work and good job! Quick question before I buy the theme. In the custom slider option is there a way to increase the height and width of slider so the full image can be displayed?

Hi, you can do it with little code tweaks and change the height to your needs.


Is there a way to change the rating system from numbers to letters?

I’m doing an Exam revision website and it would be good to use it to say what grade answering a particular question is worth.

No worries. Thanks also much for your speedy reply. One more question. The first letter of a post is currently displaying below the ratings box – e.g. – How do I fix this?

Please register at our support forum for support questions.

It’s ok i found a plugin conflict..but will register if have any future questions

Hi, Just wondering how i can increase the size of the logo? I upload larger logos but it scales it back down.


HI, answered in the forum

Hey, I suppose to buy your product and I’m new in these areas.I would like to ask after I buy this can I use this.I mean, should I do something more?

Hi, basically you need to know how to use a self hosted WordPress, how to install themes and plugins. Our theme comes with a details documentation which will help you to configure the theme.

You guys should consider doing a built-in About us option for the theme:

Hi, in our support forum you can download a new shortcodes plugin version which have the Authors shortcode. You can build a similar page using this shortcode.

Hi there,

I bought the theme and just started blogging with it. Unfortunately there are no images appearing on top of the post. What do I have to change, so that this will happen? – Because it looks just so much better!

Thanks for your help!


All formats works with Featured Image. This feature is fully supported. Not sure why you do not see them.

It only works with standard and audio posts! Are there other people who have had the same problem?

No, it’s the first time we hear about such problem. Please register at our support forum and give us your dashboard details as private reply so we can take a look.

Wondering if you can now change background to different colors? If not, would a third party developer be able to do this?

Hi, it will be possible in the new theme version directly from Theme Options.

When are you planning on releasing the theme update?

We will upload the update sometime during this week. Please note that the update will be added to the Envato review queue and it might take a few days till the update will be available for download.

I´ve just downloaded and when i try to install it, wordpress shows “No se ha podido descomprimir el paquete. El tema no tiene la hoja de estilo style.css.”. (the theme can´t be installed because the theme has no style.css sheet).

what does it mean? what can i do?

You need to unpack the downloaded package and install which is located in Theme Files folder.

thanks. working.

Its been a really hard one here, i just bought the simplemag template today, but i have issues with editing the homepage, i am trying to edit the index page but cannot do so in the admin panel. I also need to know how to add sliders to other pages. (trying to create my own homepage). Anybody quick help, I need to submit the site soon.

Hi, please read the documentation included in the downloaded package. It has a step by step instructions about how to use the theme.