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Hello, I’ll bought your theme. :) Is there sample data with your ZIP?

Thank you. :)

Hi kusuyama

Demo XML file is included. It won’t be exactly like our demo, but you’ll see all the main features.

Hey I’ve just purchased your theme yesterday and I have couple mortifications I would like to make though.

1. How do I resize the slide size on the Homepage? I wanted to keep the same width but make it shorter instead. 2. Also how do I prevent the category part from showing on top of the masonry styled posts from the Homepage? 3. Can I change the divider colors between the masonry posts on the homepage? 4. How can I change the button’s border color? (example the button in the reply) 5. How can I adjust the font size in the main menu drop downs?

I am trying to match my website’s design to look exactly like this one: Here is my website:


Hi jazl, thank you for buying.

We provide support via our forum:

Most of your questions were discussed already there. Please register at our support forum and use the search to find the solution.

A pre purchase question

Can you paginate categories while displaying?

Hi osolorza, yes absolutely, categories have pagination and you can changed the number of posts per page in WP admin by navigating to Settings ? Reading.


Can you please help me with a problem? I have the slider, the one with 3 elements. But the main slider does not have the tint on it. The other two do. How can I apply the tint to the main slider? Thank you! The website is

Hi magikreator, we are aware about it. We will release an update with a fix to this issue.

I have sent a question and not received reply. I have tried to fix myself. The pages will not turn. I can not go beyond page 2 on the site. Need help x

Hi, i do not see a question about it on our support forum. What theme version do you have? Please continue this discussion on the support forum.

A pre-purchase question: How easy is it to change the yellow color?

Hi, it’s easy to change the colors via the Theme Options. You can select any color you like.

Hi! Is it possible to make it not responsive. My client wants it to open on mobile the same way it looks on desktop.

Thank you!

Hi agfuturo

There is no such option by default. This can be done with code modification.

Hi, I forgot the font name of the logo . Please tell me again.

It was “something Script” type. I forgot actually but i need to know urgently.


Brush Script Std

Hi, I want to add a custom icon on the top strip, how do I customize that? or where could I change the icon of one of the existent options?


How best to have column 1 and column 3 the same size in the footer area? I also posted this question in the forum,

Hello, we provide support only on the support forum. The response time may vary from 24 to 48 hours as it is mentioned in our support policy.

Thank you! I actually first asked the question back in July, inside of another question I posted having to do with the footer area. That question had gone unanswered so I then posted the question again today by itself.

Sorry, in which release is your theme wpml reday ? Multilanguage is for me important.

Hi, we do not now yet when it will happen. We are currently waiting fro WPML guys to contact us back to start to work on the theme.

Hello. Is it possible to put this full-width background with title ( ) in a normal post with sidebar and comments? A simple yes or no is enough. Thank you.

No, there is no such option.

Hi, Interested in buying this theme. Is there any WooCommerce support? Thanks

Hi, thank you for your interest. Theme has no support for WooCommerce unfortunately.

Hey ThemesIndep!

I was wondering if it was possible to get a PSD mockup of this theme (if you have it?)

I purchased a while back and ended up not using the theme for a project, but have a project I think this theme would be great for, just want to be able to present the design to the client first if possible, and a PSD mockup would save me a bunch of time.


Hi calebvaroga, there is no PSD for this theme as it was almost entirely designed directly in the browser. Maybe you can show the demo to the client or make screenshots from the demo.

Hey ThemesIndep!

Thanks for your theme one more time! I can’t find the “Roboto” font in list of google fonts, and I need it :) Need your help!

Thanks a lot!

Thank you! Will update with WP 4.0!

And one more little wish: Please add to fonts the standart fonts like: Verdana, Arial, ‘Helvetica Neue’, Helvetica and Georgia! Thank you!!!

I meant new theme version, not WP version. There are also system fonts in the new theme version.

Love it! Is it possible to modify the background color and font color of the sidebar? And to remove the border?

Hi, thank you for your interest. It is possible to change the background and remove and remove the sidebar border. Though CSS is needed for changing the sidebar font colors.

Great. I want to change the sidebar background, how can I do that?

We provide support only via the support forum. Please note that customization is not part of the support.


We have some troubles with typographies, we would like to change the font but it does not work. Could you please help us? Waiting for your comments. Best regards.

Hi casaenorden, we need more information about the issue. Please elaborate what exactly does not work and how it does not work. Give us your site URL. Please register at our support forum and continue the discussion there.

Hi! I’m interested in switching from Canvas by WooThemes, do you have any FAQ or documentation on issues related to switching to SimpleMag with an existing site? Thanks!

HI, thank you for your interest. We do not have documentation about how to switch from another theme, but i can tell you that basically the whole theme is just regular WordPress posts and static pages with some additional fields and controls. Also theme comes with a page builder which lets you build pages with different sections. You can see that all homepages in demo were built using the page builder. There is also the Theme Options panel where you can change logo, colors, typography, etc.

I am interested in this theme but i really dislike the hover over image zoom in function it has. I read over all the comments and it seems like you do not provide support for removing this function. I would need more indepth info about how to remove this or where its located before i purchased this theme.

Hi sheldon911, thank you for your interest.

It is certainly possible to remove the zoom effect and how to do this is described in our support forum.

Hello, I am looking forward to WPML! :) Great theme but I can’t use it for my clients (almost everyone want multilanguage…)

theme seems to work pretty good with wpml.. (just started testing :))

Hi kkenazz, we are now making the theme fully compatible with WPML and it will available for download in a few days or less.

great news :)