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Hello, I’ve purchased the SimpleMag theme and have some questions. My right magazine sidebar shows up next to my posts and sometimes in my categories, sometimes not. 1) Can I turn it of within some of the individual categories and posts, but still keep it in my blog roll? 2) If I leave the magazine widget blank, it will still show an empty box. Can I get rid of it completely in anyway so that I have more space for my posts? 3) How do I activate the contact form and make it appear on my page? 4) The pictures that I upload seeem to vary a lot in quality depending on whether they appear in f.i. the slideshow in the footer (low quality) or in the single post (high quality). How can I solve this? Thanks in advance.

HI, thank you for buying.

1. and 2. Each page, category and post have an option to enable/disable the sidebar. Please refer to the documentation or our knowledge base for more extended info.

3. You need to install and activate Contact From 7 plugin. This plugin came with the theme as a recommended plugin.

4. Please install and run the Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugin which was also recommended by the theme.

For further support please register at our support forum

Hi, I’ve tried to register at the support page, but no password reaches my email address, so here comes one simple question: How do I remove the sidebar from my frontpage, which is my blog roll? Is this at all possible? I can remove it from all others pages, but not this one. Many thanks in advance.

Hi, i have a problem when i share some content in facebook. The default image isn’t the content image but a random photo in the site.

Best MH

Hi MH, thank you for buying. Please install one of the available OpenGraph plugins such as this one

Great theme! I’m looking to buy it but wanted to ask first – is this theme compatible with most plugins? For example, Events Manager? I will need to add more functionality to my site via plugins and need to make sure that this will not be a problem before purchasing the theme.

Thank you!!

One other follow up: In your opinion, do you think the awesome bells and whistles that come with your theme (different homepage layouts, post layouts, etc.) tend to make your theme slower than others?


Hi stepoutbuffalo, thank you for your interest. To be honest it’s impossible to know if theme is compatible with most of the plugins. There are hundreds of thousands of plugins out there. Theme is not slow despite the ability to create different homepage layouts.

I saw that there is a full-width update since I first purchased the theme. I tried looking for it, but I can’t find that option when designing a page. What is it called, so I can add it to my homepage?

I just tried this, and my website is a wreck! It also only redid the 2.1.1 version, not the new version. I need help, quick! Is there any way you can email me? It took 6 hours to show me that you had responded, and I need to fix this asap.

Scratch that. I figured it out. Sorry for the freak out.

Hi! I would like to change the title of the comment box from “Leave A Reply” to “Questions?”. Which file should I edit to do this?

HI, you need to ad a function to functions.php file. Please register at our support forum, we’ll give this functions with the instructions.

Okay, I’ve posted a support topic on the forum. :)


I would like to know how to put the slider in my homepage and only my lastest post without sidebar ? Also, I don’t know how to log on your support page because I can’t find my purchase code… Thanks for this wonderful theme !

Hi, to find the purchase code navigate to the Downloads page of your account, click on the Download button and them on the third link in the drop down. Please see this link

I have a few quick questions:

1. How can I make the black strip “sticky” and give it a drop shadow like this website: 2. How can I cut out the white nav bar (white strip) out completely, as well as get rid of all of the white area between the black strip and the full-length image? 3. How can I make it to where the full-length image is taller?

Thanks, and I’m looking forward to your response!

Hi, for support questions please register at our support forum

For some reason the update caused my posts to have two images at the top, and not just one. How can I fix this? My site:


Hi, for support questions please register at our support forum

I am no longer able to see my post titles / post category / page titles / section titles?? I did add css to my child theme however I removed all the css and it’s still not showing? I had a caching plugin and i uninstalled it, still not showing me the missing info. please look into this for me.


Thanks, Omar

i just switched it back to the child theme and its working again… weird not sure what happened.

also how can i hide the TITLE, DATE, AUTHOR and READ MORE on the SLIDER only?

Omar, the child theme you have is not SimpleMag child theme, it belong to some other theme. In order to make everything work, you need to install SimpleMag child theme which is located in Theme Files folder of the downloaded package.

Do you have this theme in HTML/CSS version without WordPress?

Hi, thank you for your interest. This theme is only a WordPress theme.

hi there,

I am trying to delete the line on my homepage between images. I look everywhere but I am stock and there are still there. Also I would like to add my About & contact info under the picture: do I have to add a section-text? thank you in advance. have a nice week-end

Hi marrylor, for support questions please register at our support forum

Hello, =)

I would like to buy your super amazing theme for my blog / magazine but I would like to know if is possibile to create the cover ( like a real magazine) to put in the logo area.

We would like crate the cover in this way :

Do you have any advices to give me? Thank you

Hi, thank you for your interest. Currently we do not provide customization services. I can recommend you to find a freelancer at Envato Studio or maybe you can find a plugin, free or premium, which adds this functionality.

Thank you for this update :)

Hi barreoblique, Glad you find it it useful!

Hello there! Bought this theme just yesterday and it works smooth. Superb design.

I wanted to know whether the reviews could be arranged on the homepage categorically. My site houses movie reviews, book reviews, music reviews, and they are all showing up at the same bar, which I don’t want. I want movie reviews to come under movie section, and book reviews under book section.

Any way how I can achieve this? Let me know. Thanks. :)

Hi, thank you for your feedback. It’s not possible by default, but if you could register at our support forum, we’ll try to help you within 24-48 hours.

Thanks for the reply. Will register at the support forum.

Also, I wanted to know why category dividers are not appearing on the homepage. How to enable them? I searched a lot in theme options, but the effort’s all in vain.

Category dividers (in the live preview, below the slider, we can see ==== FEATURED POSTS =====)

In my site it’s just FEATURED POSTS. No divider lines on the left and right. Kindly assist. Thanks.

Ok, looks like I got it.

The theme is recommending that I install the Shortcode Indep plug, but when I click install, it says “Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.”

I searched for the plugin the plugin repository but couldn’t find it. I also didn’t find it in the download package from Theme Forest.

Any suggestions on how to install this plugin?

Hi justcharli, just tested it and plugin was installed without any issues. To install it manually, you can find it inside the theme admin/tgm/plugins or by following this link

Thanks, this worked great!


i try to find the log to know what is the purprose of this update.


Hi zepatente, you can always find the change log on our support site

Thanks . Your quick help is always so appreciate !

Hi there, A couple of pre-purchase questions: 1. Are things like “Latest Reviews” populated automatically or is that a manual shortcode.

2. Is it possible to put different Sidebars in each category?

Thank you!

Hi Darlingwolf, thank you for your interest.

1. “Latest Reviews” section automatically outputs the latest reviewed posts with with score

2. It can be done with a plugin like WooSidebars

Thank you for the feedback. Is there anyway we can see the showcase sites before purchase? We’d love to see the theme in action but currently, it’s only viewable after you purchase, which won’t help us :) Thank you.

You can find several sites using this theme on our Facebook page

I am using the latest version of the theme, and have the search box in the header. After I updated to the latest version, the text in the search box is white so i can not see it, and there is a black search button next to it. I have tried resetting the section at the styling and layout options but nothing helps?

When I register on your support forum, it says that I have to wait for a password, but it never comes – have tried several times, so hope that you can help here?

Hi Grafiksmeden

Can you check your email spam folder?

If it’s not in the spam folder, please email us your username and purchase id using the email form on our profile page here at ThemeForest.

It is not in my spam folder , I will send info to you now


Will be really really great if you create the header style like @

Thanks for your greatest magazine theme ever. Great honor!

Hi, thank you for your great feedback.

hi there

the main navigation menu doesn’t seem to work on smart phones (and the home page slideshow disappears) – how can we get this fixed?



Hi Adam

Please register at our support forum and post your question there. It would be helpful if you can provide a link to your site.