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first of all, congratulations for the great Theme. I just purchase and I am realy happy. I have a question. since the Website that I am building is for Germany, I would like to have it in German, I change the wordpress into German and all works perfect but in the Theme all is still in English, for example, “read more”, etc. Could you please let me know how can I have the Theme in German.

Thanks in advance. Best Regards.

Hi VandaWeb, thank you for your feedback and the review. We have a detailed video tutorial in our knowledgebase about how to locolize the theme The only things is that you need to register using the purchase code.

Hi, thanks a lot for the fast reply. I will do it as you decribe. Cheers.

Hi, I can’t seem to be able to post in the forum, i have posted a few about a month ago i think. i have an issue with the site where the recent posts are not showing up on the landing page. ive disabled the cache plugin. it was working fine before. also made the post featured, should show up.. but doesnt. Please help! Thanks!

Hi Mehamemet, please give us your site URL so we can see the issue. If it’s possible please do it on the support forum.

Hi, I don’t want to put the url on an open forum, please send me an email that i could send you the url or at least reinstate me back in the forum to post there.

1 Question:

1 – Why our LOGO is aligned to the left side? Can we put on the center?

our link: public pass access: webiwebi2015

Hi webiwebi, you are using the third header type: Logo and Ad Unit. You can change it back to default under Theme Options -> Header. For further support questions please register at our support forum.

hi i purchased the theme, but I don’t know how to upload it on my wordpress. there is no button that says add new theme or anything on PLEASE HELP ME!

Hi sakariyamargs, very sorry, but the theme won’t work on, premium themes works only on self hosted WordPress installations.

hi i purchased the theme, but I don’t know how to upload it on my wordpress. there is no button that says add new theme or anything on PLEASE HELP ME!

Hello, I have an important design issue, about the format of the home page that is shown in the preview. There is a slideshow on the left and 2 smaller images (Gallery Post Format and Typography) on the right. How did you made this structure? I have searched in the documentation. but i could not find anything. Thank you

HI silvanaweb, for support questions please register at our support forum with your Envato username and the purchase id.

Another issue. I have installed your plugin shortcodes-indep and activated it, but it does not work, i mean the [s] does not appear in the editor neither for pages nor for posts. How can i do?

HI silvanaweb, for support questions please register at our support forum with your Envato username and the purchase id.


I need help as soon as possible as I'll have investors looking at my website tomorrow. I've had this theme for a year and stupid little me decided to update it today and it wiped out the whole format and now I have to rebuild it all again.

It had the same format as the Simple Mag theme with the photo slider but for some reason as I’m using the new updated Wordpress and updated theme now the page is super wide. Every photo is wide. Also instead of displaying 3 posts per category horizontally its displaying them one by one vertically. It won’t give me a sidebar and the menu is not cooperating. It’s a MESS!!

Vlad is taking a while to answer and I really need help.

HI, we usually answer within 24-48 hours. Please continue this discussion on the forum.

Pre-purchase question

What’s name of carousel plugin use in simplemag theme?

Hi RealWondah, thank you for interest. The carousel slider plugin is not a standalone plugin, but part of the theme.

Cool thank you!


I would like to reproduce the same layout as in the demo for my homepage (the top part with a small slider and 2 posts). What section do you use? I can’t find it in the page composer.

Thanks for your help. Lucie

Hi Lucie, use the Posts Slider section and select the “With two latest posts” option. For further support questions please register at our support forum.

Hello! I really love this theme. In order to gain some time, ca you tell me how easily to add the number of comments on each article on the homepage? Thank you in advance.

Hi annesodub

Please take a look at solution posted here:

For further support questions please use our support forum.

Updated the theme. But for some reason there isn’t a theme options tab in appearance? Please advise.

Hi ahmadbarber

Please make sure you installed and activated the “Redux Framework” plugin. Appearance -> Install plugins

For further support questions please use our support forum.

I LOVE YOUR THEME… I have a question. I am using categories to display specific posts but would like to change the current ‘10’ posts default to show ‘20’ posts per category. Where can I find the code to increase this? Thank you so much – Kristy

Hi Kristy, to change it, navigate to Settings -> Reading and change the number in the “Blog pages show at most” field.

THANK YOU! You learn something everyday! Love this THEME!

Thank you for this amazing theme.

One question to make it a dream-theme for me :)

If I’m not attaching featured image, the posts’ page display yellow “empty” square.

My blog is mainly text-oriented. Is there any option to disable the empty square for posts without featured images, so it starts with the post title and preview-text?

Please help me with it, guys! Thank you in advance!

Hi kostyasazonov, answered on the forum.

Thank you for your help. Great support!

How can I make the site boxed, but with the full width footer and menu bar?

Ahh, okay thank you for letting me know. Is there a way I can remove the word search.

Oh, and one more thing how can I make the menu bar non-scrolling.

You can make the menu fixed in Theme Options panel under the Header tab. For further support questions please register at our support forum.

Realy nice theme ! :)

I have some questions :

0) Is there a left-main-menu mode ?

1) Forms : I’m going to use Gravity Form for big forms. Do you add css for all input : radio, checkbox, html button, etc… in the theme?

2) Is there OnePage features ? Like when you click an item menu, it go to the section in the same first page ?

3) Latests-post : Do you have “latest posts box” ? Whit a masonry blog extract ? or a [blog] short code ?

4) Slider Sticky Posts : Is it possible, to have a slider with Latest Post ?

5) Font : It’s possible to have the Google Font (“Exo”) in h1, h2, in template ?

6) Can I import all demos content ?

7) Code : can I create a Child Theme & make functions can override yours ?

8) There is way to test with WP-Admin ?

Thanks Nico

Hi Nico, thank you for your interest.

Left menu is not available for this theme.

Yes, all forms will receive the same styling automatically.

One Page functionality is not available for this theme.

There is a Latest Posts section which can be added from the theme’s Page Composer. You can see the section in the demo under the “Latest Posts” title.

Each post can be added to the slider by checking a custom check box filed in post edit page. With little code modification slider can show latest posts instead.

Theme comes with a huge list of Google Fonts for H tags and body text.

Theme comes with a small demo content which will help you to get started. Images you see in demo are not part of the demo content.

Theme comes with child theme which works the usual way. You can copy any file from the parent theme and make all the desired changes.


How do I fix the width for the new iPhone 6’s?


Hi dumbmage, for support questions please register at our support forum.

hi, i bought your theme few month ago and i’m wondering if you can explain how can i have home page with post sliders and two pictures ( gallery post format and Typography) one above the other like you? thanks

Hi osseland_sarah, you need to select the “With two latest posts” option in the Posts Slider section. For further support questions please register at our support forum.

Interested in buying your theme, but need to run various ads on our website. What ad sizes does this theme handle, and where can they be placed in the layout?

Hi boogieboa, thank you for your interest. Theme comes with multiple ad placeholders which support both image ads and code generated ads.

1. You can select a header variation where logo will be placed on the left and ad on the right ( 970 pixels limit)

2. Between Page Composer sections (see demo) You can place an ad under each section (1050 pixels limit)

3. Latest Posts section. You can place an ad between the posts (see demo)

4. Sidebar – using theme’s custom widgets place 300 pixels wide ads.

5. Above the widgetized footer.

6. Single post – the ads can be placed above and below the editor content.

We have a detailed video tutorial about the ads spaces and how to use them.

Thank you for your comprehensive reply. Where may I find the video tutorial, or do I have to buy the theme first?

Sorry for the late reply. Video tutorials are available only after the purchase.


Love this theme.

I was wondering if there was anyway to have the author’s profile run horizontally across the top of the page (when you are that authors page) and then have the articles they have written below in masonry.

This is what I am wanting (the example is from Darling Magazine, which I can see has used your theme):

You can see they don’t have gravtars with their author profiles – I do. So I would need to know if it’s possible to have the author photo there whilst running it horizontally?

Currently my author profiles runs vertically down the side of their page with their articles on the right.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards, Rach

Hi Rach

Please take a look at the solution posted here: