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I want to buy that theme but when i will buy it, can i use turkish character font (like arial, helvetica, times new roman) ?

Hi canertas

Yes, you can. The theme has many fonts that support the turkish characters.

Can u say any font on site which i can use “?, ?” ?

hi can you tell me how i can place these buttons under the rating avg score please see here

i like to place the more info / download affiliate links under 7.3 rating which i am going to do for all post and all links will be different


Hi ThemeOX

Buttons can be added by using the shortcodes plugin that comes with the theme.

I need to add buttons inside Rating box else i have to adjust these buttons for every post and shortcodes are not working “Rating Note” area :(

Please repost your question on our support forum:

Very nice, considering buying this theme. Regarding the mega menu, on the websites I have seen with this theme it appears that when one hovers over the mega menu and then hovers over a sub-category the article options do not change. Is it possible to get them to change? Here is an example go to hover over “TABS” and then hover over the subcategories such as Europe etc. See when you hover they switch. That is a good thing for a site with a lot of content. Thanks, Yidalin

Hi Yidalin, currently there is no such feature, but we will consider adding it in the future.

Okay, thanks.

Hai, how to get the simple regular drop down as in the first link of the demo:

it is not described in the documentation


Hi ManoahBiesheuvel, it’s not is the documentation due to a reason that it’s a default WordPress functionality which just supported by the theme. To create simple menu: first add links which you want to be parent links, then add links which you want to be in the drop down and then just drag those links to the right and drop them.

Thanks! Another question: How can I delete the format icons which overlay the image?

Please register at our support forum, this questions was covered many times.


Viewing your theme to create 2 sites
similar to these for a client:

The first site is a single web page with; 3 columns, many links and a few


The second site has many images in a gallery
and the capbility to sort and link images to different categories

Can your responsive theme emulate these 2 web sites?

Thank you,
Sue Gibson


Hi, Sue, thank you for your interest. Theme is posts based, everything you see in the demo is posts outputted in different variations. To achieve what you need and to build the desired layouts i can suggest you to use a shortcodes from our shortcodes plugin which comes with the theme.

I like my current theme (Hemlock): but I want to add some magazine features. So I thought about buying SimpleMag and trying to mix both of them :)

Do you think that would be possible with “a little” help from your support?

I love how you have so many possibilities with SimpleMag, but I can’t have a blog that’s too much “magazin style”, because it is a Fashion & Beauty blog.. so full posts and big images are better. (Whereas I would use the grid view elements and shortcodes to display certain categories for a quick overview)

I would like to keep my fullsize posts on Homepage and add some posts in grid view at the bottom of the blog (to show that there are some more posts in different categories). Is that possible, or do I need to choose: full width post OR grid?

I need to know that in advance, because I need to keep certain features of my current theme :-/

For example the social icons between the posts and at the bottom of my current theme, as well as the social media icons in the floating menu. Is it possible to add them to SimpleMag via css or something? The are using font awesome…

And I am using a special font for my headlines / titles (uploaded it via ftp and added it manually), is it possible to use it instead of yours (which is Oswald I think)?

Like here: full posts, but “whats trending now” is grid style. Is this mixture possible with SimpleMag too?

Hi Cheana, sorry for the late reply. Yes, this kind of layout is possible by adding two sections from the page composer.



I’m using your theme and updated to the newest version. I’m surprised that you removed the pagination function on the page composer for the home page. Why would you do that and how can I create standard pagination on my home using page composer. That feature was really nice and judging from all the comments about it, I don’t understand why it was removed and now there’s no easy way to create pagination on the home (again, pretty standard) using page composer. In your documentation you state change the “Blog pages show at most” and that would create pagination. However, you also can’t use page composer at that point. I need to know how to add pagination on the home using page composer. Same as your older versions.

Thx, moi06

Hi moi06

Pagination was removed from Home Page because of very serious SEO issue.

You can create an archive page, which outputs all posts with pagination, then a new button, for example it can be named “All News” will appear on Homepage.

Please visit our demo and click the yellow button at the bottom part of the page.

To enable this feature watch this video tutorial:

First of all guys: Your template is THE BLAST! I use it since 1 year and I just simply love it. Thanks for inventing it ;)

Second of all: You are doing great because you guys are always answering our comments so fast. And again: You’re great.

I have one question: I have the old template design of Simple mag. I saw that you upgraded the layout. Do I have to buy the new template again though I have already bought the old one?

Best, Kat <3

Hi Kat, you do not need to buy the updated version. Just navigate to your Downloads page and download the theme. Please visit our support forum to see the update video tutorial.

Oh, another question: Can I add little language flags into the upper menu?

You need to install one of the popular translation plugins with this functionality.

Would love to buy this theme but will not do so until its 100% compatible with woocommerce.

Horrible there is no ecommerce support with this theme imo

Hi eqttrdr, we are building WooCommerce child theme it will be available soon.

Hi – I have a pre-sales question – can I incorporate a twitter widget? I didnt see it in the features.

Hi wenricha

You can achieve it by using any of free plugins:

Hello ! I just found this theme after purchasing another one and I feel terrible that I didn’t find this one first ! But I am seriously thinking of buying it because I love all the features and its aesthetic. Can you just tell me if it is possible to not have the featured image appear in the post ? And if so, how? Thank you very much !

Hi, you can disable the Featured Image for every single post from Theme Options.

How can i change my theme language like “read more” to “devami” ?

Hi canertas

You can translate the text using the poEdit program

For more assistance watch the video tutorial and follow the steps

Hi! This is going to sound really silly (I am SUCH a rookie with web design… Sorry!!!). But I have purchased your theme and am now currently developing my blog and having some troubles.. I want a three-column site and somehow it won’t change when I go into theme options. Right now it looks like this, two columns with an annoying space for a sidebar: —(Hopefully you can view that link) I also want to get rid of the ‘define your site main menu’ bar :-) Thank you SO much! Your theme is incredible, and I am so excited to have finally bought it!

Hi mollypavlovich, thank you for buying.

Please follow steps under the “02. Homepage Setup” section in the theme documentation.
Step 2: Page Composer – choose “Latest Posts”
Step 3: Homepage Sidebar – “No sidebar”

For further support questions please register at our support forum:

This is going to sound really silly (again I am so sorry), but I can’t find the Homepage Setup page and am not too sure what you mean by theme documentation – as when I am on the ‘Appearance’ section I only get Theme Options & Customize etc. Where do I find the theme documentation? Thank you so much!

The documentation is located in the Documentation folder inside the package you have downloaded from ThemeForest. You can also find a knowledge base and video tutorials in our support center.

Hello, I am having problems installing the demo content. After attempting to install i receive a list of media that was not installed; eg; Failed to import Media “lake”

then at the end of the large list “All done. Have fun!’ However no content is uploaded. Can you please help. Thank you


Will the theme support bbPress or BuddyPress?

Can we set the latest 3 posts to display on the Category page slider instead of select them in the individual post level?


Hi themall, theme will support bbPress in the near future. It is possible to show latest posts in the category slider, but some code changes are required to achieve it.

Hi ThemesIndep,

Thanks for the reply.

Forgot one point about the Category Slider, we would also like to know if we can change it to either showing the latest posts or random posts from the category. (3 or 4 posts)

Will the code changes be difficult?

Thanks again,

It is possible to show both latest or random posts. The change is not complicated. If you need further assistant please register at our support forum.

Hi there. Nice theme.

Few pre purchase questions: 1. Is it possible to have a subtitle just under post title and above of the featured image, video etc?

2. Is it possible to hide author box of a specific author?

3. What are the options of the author widget? Can I define which authors will appear?

Hi Kaskarino, thank you for your interest.

1. It’s not currently possible, but you can add a manual except under the image or video starting from the next update.

2. Unfortunately it’s not possible.

3. Authors widgets has options of including/excluding users by roles: admin, subscriber, contributor, author and also two layout options: slider or list.

Thanks for your reply.

1. ok, do you know approximately when you will do the next update? 2. Any chance to have a liitle help to add an exception in child theme? 3. Any demo or sample to see list author widget?

4. Can i see a screenshot of post options?

1. There is no exact date about when the next update is going to be released.

2. It requires custom coding, unfortunately currently we are not free for custom work.

3. Here you go you can see the widget in the sidebar.

Hi! I love this theme and the update is great! I really really want to change something small! I want to have edgewise pictures as thumbnail in the grid layout but I can’t figure out how to do it. When I change the thumbnail height from 220px to 495px, then it isn’t working! Please help me! The images are already edgewise but the grid layout is only displaying them in 330×220. Even when I change the size the image is cropped the same way but appears distorted! So this is the link:

Thank you!

Hi viviensophie.

It does not work the way you tried. Please repost your question on our support forum:

I noticed with your recent updates, themes are now not shown to be compatibility with ie 7 and ie 8. What kind of issues am I looking at with outdated ie? any chance you could bring back ie 8 compatibility?

Than you

Hi lejund, these browsers are very old, outdated and we do not support them anymore. The oldest browser theme supports is IE 9.

I want to translate ‘Leave a Reply’, ‘Comment’ and ‘Post Comment’ in the comment section, but these lines aren’t available in the .po files. How can I translate them?

I tried to post this question on your support forum, but I didn’t receive an email with a password after making an acocunt..

Hi these words come from WordPress, not from the theme. When you install WordPress in your local language, they get translated automatically. Regarding the forum, using the contact form on our profile page, email us your ThemeForest username and the purchase id, we will open you an account.

Thanks for the quick reply, I figured it out!