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Beautifully, clean and well executed, good luck dude :)

Thank you very much ! :-)

Nice work! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Very good theme. Buy html version?

Hi, thanks. We have first developed html then opencart. Both available in our portfolio.


Great theme, one small question. Where can i change (Contact Us) Text in the footer, when im using another language than English?


Yes, I noticed we will add & update soon. Thanks,

We have added it, you can see in demo, will update it in download folder today.


You can download latest version :-)

i can’t open your demo.

It’s working fine, please check again.

Hi. By this template, found an bug – with the screen resolution for mobile (360px) accordion in footer do not opened. Please fix it.

Hi it’s approved you can download latest update.

Hi. I have made ??many corrections in template. Can tell which file to replace to fix?

Yes sure, its minor css change, please email us.


I can’t seem to locate the documentation for this theme. Can you please direct me to where I can locate it?


Thanks for purchase, You will get folder name ‘docs’ on root. please email us if you need any assistance .

Dear Sir,

Just purchased this template. There is no documentation There is no folder ‘docs’ on root. I get following error: Notice: Error: Could not load template /public_html/catalog/view/theme/default/template/module/pxcreatefooter.tpl! in /public_html/system/engine/controller.php on line 90

Can you please tell me what i need to do to solve this.

It’s approved, please download latest version.

Done, all is fine now. Thank you for the quick response.


I like your theme very much and i’m interesting in puchasing it but I wanna know if your theme overwrite core files and if the theme could conflict with some external modules i’m already using. I know you don’t know my modules but did you came across similar issues with this theme?


Hi, Thanks for interest. We have not face similar issue, but we are not sure about any third party module. We will try to help, but no guaranty for third party.

Hello, I try install your template, but I have an error. Blank page. I try to look through the debugger and what I see. : Undefined variable: heading_title in /public_html/catalog/view/theme/simplepxcreate/template/common/home.tpl please tell me how to fix it?
I try reinstall and now I have another error. Notice: Undefined property: Loader::$config in /catalog/view/theme/simplepxcreate/template/common/footer.tpl on line 3
I look that Pxcreate Custom Footer is not set in the settings and try install it. End received: Notice: Indirect modification of overloaded property Controllermodulepxcreatefooter::$data has no effect in /admin/controller/module/pxcreatefooter.php on line 35, 43, 60, 63, 66, 102, 109
over and over again =(

Please follow documentation or send as email, we will do it for you. Thanks:-)

Hi, Where to see all the color for the template?

Hi, You can see screenshots on below html template page,


Theme has same colors. Though we will update with color switcher shortly.



How do I uninstall this theme? When in admin and select the default theme I get a blank page. I like your theme but its not for me..

Thank you


It should be work. Please share your ftp detais will do it. Thanks

Hi! Do you have plans to upgrade this theme for OpenCart version 2.0?

May be later, not now

How can i change the HEADER???? I opened HEADER.TPL – but its empty file, searched everywhere-cannot find. I need to change completely info in header and cannot find where. Help me please where can i find all classes wich should to be in header.tpl , is that some other file?

Hey, header is nt empty, can you please email more details.

Hi! Few month ago I bought html version of “Simplepxcreate Responsive Ecommerce-Multipurpose” template. I like it but I decided to replace with OpenCart and buy your template for Opencart. I have 2 questions: can I use the same design in OpenCart version like your html template? Is this template working with 2.0, any experience about it?

No you can not use same design for both. Thanks.

We love your template! Thanks for a great design! We have some modules that are a must to improve our customers shopping experience and they only have a 2.0 version. A 2.0 Version is greatly needed can you give a us a timeline on this?

Its been 2 days. Would love to hear back from you.