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Very good theme and very quick support! :-)

Hello. I would like to purchase, however, I am wondering if this works with shopify?

Hi thanks for interest, as this is only html template, you have to implement with shopify.

Hello. I purchased this theme for shopify. How do I place it on the website? Do I just simply upload the zip file or paste the html? Please help. I can’t figure this out!

Its html template not shopify. You can giv this to shopify developer to implement.

Hello. I purchased this theme for shopify. How do I place it on the website? Do I just simply upload the zip file or paste the html?

Hey, as I told you this is simple template, you can ask shopify developer to implement template with shopify.


will there be any update on the theme? The menu is not working/responsive in iPad mini portrait mode. I would love to buy this theme if there are updates.

not in landscape mode. check it once again. please :) I could provide you screenshots if you want..

In my initial post i accidentally told it as portrait mode.. but the problem is not in portrait mode, it is actually in the landscape mode itself.

Any update on the menu request I posted? Kindly revert back, as I need to decide if I have to buy this theme. Of-course, menu is the only thing that is stopping me from buying.

When you click on menu links hover event will automatically get converted in click & submenu will open. If you still need it as dropdwon, we will help you once you purchase


So you mean the main menu item should always be a # link inorder to have submenus to open right?

No, on first click submenu will open & if you again click you will redirect to particular page.

Hi, Is this a responsive template to allow the visitors using their mobile devices?

Thanks BC

Yes ofcource, thanks

everything is fine

The layerslider does not display correctly in google Chrome. Transitions as well as some of the H5’s are all messed up. Do you have a quick fix for this?

So I figured out it is the rotatein and scalein that chrome does not like. I would like to keep it though I like the effect. can we add something or use a webkit or something for a fix?


We have updated layer slider.


If I bought the theme long ago, how I can have updates? the download is not available

Yes you can download latest.

You are missing the pretty photo image files btw, there is no navigation on the popup

yes, We are not including photo images, they are only for view purpose.

What version of Wordpress and WooCommerce does the latest version of this theme support?

HI, Thanks for interest. it’s not wordpress. It’s static HTM5.



Chuks1 Purchased

Hi. Layerslider h5 images does not display correctly on mobile and tablet. Slidedirection top get messed up. Can you fix this?


Chuks1 Purchased

I’ve not been supported since i bought this theme. I’ve sent private mails, without any reply yet


Can you please email us URL of your website?


Chuks1 Purchased

it’s too late, I don’t think you can do anything. I’ve paid Compensation for breach of contract. My client withdraw his project