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Very nice theme. Good luck “pxcreatetemplate” :)

Is it come with well documented guide of using it? Gladly to buy it.

nevermind. Just solve it

I’ve sent you an email from your profile page.

Replied your email. Thanks :-)


We want to puchase your theme. Can you please let us know twitter feeds really work or this is just html.


Yes, Twitter feeds really work :-)

My client has purchased template now. But twitter does not seem to work. Any help appreciated. It shows message “loading tweets…” I think twitter has been not updated that is why asking.

Twitter is already updated, you should follow document . You can see it is also working on demo. send us email , we will help you to set up Twitter feeds. Thanks

Hi … have a good day, I’m sorry I do not speak English this is a translation by google .. bought yesterday the template main reason to have a display on mobiles, but my iphone is seen in the browser page normal .. not design for mobiles .. please help me .. will happen? I send you the link where my project: http://mdservidor.info/calcograf

I found the mistake .. content=”width=device-width, name=”viewport” <meta had removed initial-scale=1.0”> for this reason not served .. hopefully this works for other buyers …

Hi, thanks for purchase. so it’s working fine :-) let us know if you need any assistance. You can send us email from our profile page.

Please don’t remove meta, it is there for better look in mobile :-)

is there a way to get this say fixed width to 960 before I buy?

Yes it’s possible. we will help you. Thanks.

Hi – I have I have bought it purchase now so how can I have the container 960 so its not as wider thanks Rob

Hi, Thanks for purchase. its minor css change, can you please send us email on our profile page, so we can guide you. Thanks

Nice theme :) Thanks…

Glad you like it, Thank you very much :)

Hi there,

I’m really interested in your theme – but I was looking at it on chrome on the mac – and I noticed that every once in a while there is a page flicker. Do you have any idea why that would be happening?


I can make it happen pretty consistently – go to the product grid page: http://www.pxcreate.com/template/simplepxcreate/productgrid.html

On there – mouse over the second or third product – wait until it zooms and then leave the mouse there for a second – then mouse over the first product block – and the whole window flickers after the zoom is complete. It actually seems to be consistently the first product. Can that zoom feature be disabled?

Yes, it’s possible to make zoom feature disable. Please email us on our profile page if you have any question related template. Thanks:-)

Hi, I’ve just bought this template and want to congratulate the designer/developer for such an awesome work. It saved my day. I’ve managed to adapt it to my project in ASP.net. Everything is working fine in my working enviroment, but I’m having an odd issue with icons when deploying to productiong web server: Icons are not being displayed ! I’ve done some Firebug research, but no luck finding the icons path or source. Could you guide to where icons are stored ? How are they shown in pages ? I need to adapt this to work in ASP.net.

Thanks in advance.

Maynor Gamarro Guatemala, Centralamerica.

Hi thanks for good words. Did you upload fonts? Can you pls send email with url so we can check. Thanks again :-)

Thanks for the quick reply. Fonts were the reason. They were not copied properly when deploying to production. Problem solved ! Thanks for the assistance.

I have another question, I’m working now with Google Map in Contact page. I’ve not found yet where can I set my own Latitude and Longitude for the map. Could you guide me also with this ? Any documentation provided ?


Hi, its in document. You can change it in custom.js in js folder. Find below code in custom.js

<!- google map -> $(”#contactmap”).gMap({

Here you will see word latitude and longitude where you can change it.



How do I go about changing the slider at the top of Home Style 9 so that it’s not an auto slide but a manual slide with the arrows like Home Style 5?

I tried to edit the code in custom.js but had no success.

Thanks and great template!


Hi, Thanks for purchase, Can you please send us email we will do it for you, its minor change in custom.js :)

Email sent. Thank you.

I have interest to buy this theme but I have tested in ipad IOS 5.1 (landscape) and try to press the menu button for example: Products. No any response. ..

Hi, Thanks for interest. it must work because it is default form element – select box, so it will work with any OS. Please reload and try again. Thanks :-)

How do I install this theme for opencart ?

Hi Thanks for Interest, but this is not opencart theme, this is simple html template.

i want to know whether,you have included psd files this pack

Hi, No, we are not including psd files.


Hi there.

Got the theme – great thanks. However, we’re having problems getting the email form to work. We didn’t need the ‘url’ field so got rid – no joy. We renamed it – no joy. We therefore tried to use our own form handler (formtoemailpro.php) but no joy either..??

We just can’t get anything to submit.

Help please.

Done :-)

Sorted – thank you for all your help :-)

Do you plan upgrade to version 3 Bootstrap like Simpleone?

Yes may be, if we get more request to update. :)

Hi, Bootstrap 3x updated :)

+1 for an upgrade to version 3 Bootstrap

Hi, Bootstrap 3x updated :)

I buy this theme, but I need PSD files also, In the download folder PSD files not included. Please let me know, how i can get this theme psd files. Thanks

kind regards Zan

HI, Thanks for purchase ! Sorry, We are not including any psd file.

I buy this theme, but I need PSD files also, In the download folder PSD files not included. Please let me know, how i can get this theme psd files. Thanks

kind regards Zan

Sorry, We are not including PSD file. if you need particular help please send us email. Thanks :)

I need psd files. i can buy psd files….

NO need to purchase psd files. Let us know your requirement – send us email, we will try to help you

Sorry we can’t add psd files, because we have made lot of modification while making html. Thanks,

Hello, can you send me the PSD file? I see that are not anymore the same with the HTML file but it is enough to have the base of them.


HI, Thanks for purchase,

We are not including PSD files. If there is something we can help you please send us email. As you can see we are not using much images or graphic, only font awesome & bootstrap :)

Thanks Great theme. Just purchased.

Problem: on the flex slider – the arrows and navigation don’t show up, any tips?

nevermind – fixed, found where you reference skin files in JS. Thanks again, great product!