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You have some kind of a problem in your demo..

Some bugs in FF.

Derek, I agree there are problems with the demo. Question, will Feature/Tour, examples and FAQs page support the tab features as is on index page? The tabs do not work but the accordian does on FAQs. Putting a slider feature on the front page would make this template rock!!

Great template, alot of content in five pages. Adding a contact page would put this template over the top. Great job.

Thank you so much for your feedback. To answer your question, no, the tabs aren’t meant to work on the subpages. However, if there’s enough demand for that and the other features you requested, I’ll consider adding them and having the template updated for sale with the new features.


@ everyone -

Did you try turning off the preview frame when you viewed the demo of this template? I’ve found that having it on can adversely affect how the demo works. Throughout my testing, I found only one bug, and that was in IE7 . There should be no bugs in this template. If there’s still issues after trying that, please let me know what you see and I’ll look into resolving them.

That works now :)

Removing the frame in FF 3 .5.3 works fine. I like the feel of the tabs. Need a nice contact page and I may consider this for a revamp I am doing

Hello, I liked your template and purchased it, was wondering about the PSD files though it says in the help file that the images can be re-exported, there are no slices in PS…

I sat there for ages changing everything to how I wanted it and expected to export all the individual images and just got one big slice. Doh!

Do we have to make the slices, or am I doing something really stupid???

Thanks in advance!

Hi Derek

Thanks for you help and advice, all sorted now, very nice template.

Looking forward to more from you.

Cheers Have a good one. I’m off to learn some wireframing ;-)

Hey Derek,

would you be able to modify the colors of this template? Thanks.

Hi pranav_11,

Yes, it is possible to modify the colors through the PSD file. If you are interested in having me make the edits for you as a customization service, please contact me through my user profile page and I’ll be happy to chat with you. Thank you!