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Simple, clean, very good looking :] gl.

Nice template. It looks like the one I saw out there:




I love his portfolio, I also based it on http://www.alexcohaniuc.com/, (which for some reason isn’t available right now).

Nice work. Good job @cesiel1993 !


Clean, elegant, and simple. Perfect!

Awww, very stylish.

Thanks everyone!

Wow cesiel! You’ve done it again, you’re templates are sexy! :D

Dude, you have to delete the PSDs from your preview, people’ll steal them :O


That’s an HTML template. Not PSD


Thanks for pointing it out; his point, however, was that people who illegally reshare templates will look for any resources to make their life easier.

When the whole shebang is available to download off the net, I’m sure some pillock will seize the opportunity, and this’ll be on warez sites by the end of the week.

Which is why there should just be some HTML files there :)

Very nice one. Bookmarked it and bought it in the end. I like the simple layout, no-navigation approach. Btw: hope you don’t mind if I modify it a little ( more ). Have a nice day and happy selling.

No problem! Go ahead and modify it all you want. I’m glad to hear you’re satisfied.

Just bought this one. Nice simple and very usable site!

Keep up the nice work!


It’s rather clear (even for me…) how to tweak things. One question though: where do I find the parameters to alter the look of the contact form? I like to change the height of the input fields and the like….

Thanks for your feedback!

Just look for #contact form input, textarea towards the bottom of the page and add the height to the inputs.

That worked fine – thanks!

I really love the wooden background. Very nice!

Thank you!


I bought your template and have now discovered a bug that I hope you can sort out.

When I enter longer text paragraphs in “A little bit about me” the “Contact me” section will position it self under “Portfolio” and not directly below the “A little bit about me”.

I hope you understand what I mean and that you can describe to me how to solve the problem so that the layout remains as it should even if the text in the about me section is a bit longer than in your example.

Thank you!

Sorry for the delay, school’s been keeping me busy. I will definitely look into this. Do you have an online version? If so, can you email it to me? That way I will be able to keep in touch with you better and get you a quick solution.

Thanks for the purchase!


Have you found a solution to my problem?

It would be great if you had time to find a possible solution.

Thank you!

Best regards, InformationDesigner

Hey Bought this a awhile back

I just want to have the accordian on load be closed not open..

Do you know where I can so that?

I assume its in the js