Discussion on Simplicity - Responsive Drupal 7 theme

Discussion on Simplicity - Responsive Drupal 7 theme

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May i ask, if i purchase this theme, that is provided theme and sql?

Compatible with new version of drupal 7.73?


May i ask, if i purchase this theme, that is provided theme and sql?

Yes it comes with the full site, sql theme and all necessary modules.

Version :

currently its its one or two versions bellow but update to 7.73 should be very easy to do. I just haven’t yet upgraded which I will try to do very soon.

Hi sir,

what is two version? i will purchase.

7.71 would be two version bellow. but you should be able to upgrade drupal withut a problem

How to update the bootstrap base theme? There is no bootstrap directory in the theme folder. But the available update report urge to run a required scurity bootstrap update.


You can manually update the bootstrap theme, thats ok. the version has already been updated several times in themeforest. The boostrap theme should be placed in sites/all/themes/bootstrap

For more info please open a ticket in https://themonkeythemes.ticksy.com/

Best regards Joao Garin

These are the problems I am facing in this theme:-

1.when I am changing the text of banner icons then icons are getting disturbed they are not looking good and when I am updating the menu.menu is also not looking good.

2.when I am cloning the view http://simplicity.themonkeythemes.com/blog-2-cols and view name changes then the design deteriorating.

3.when I am creating the block in right-hand side then the CSS is not applied at this block which is applied on this page block http://simplicity.themonkeythemes.com/blogs/admin.

4.menu is not expandable at third level


Can you please open a ticket in https://themonkeythemes.ticksy.com/ ?

Thank you!

Best regards

Hi Jota,

I need your help. I have logged out of website (based on your theme), and I can’t log in back. Could you help?


Like I said if you changed the password then the password that comes with the theme no longer applies. that password is only for when you install via database. how did you do the installation?

When I mention request new password is going to yourwebsite.com/user/password

Can you send me the link to the website?

I wish it would be that simple. I have AMPPS localhost server. I have installed website using an installation profile. I logged out to check the header of my website (as it was obscure by admin menu), and then I couldn’t log in back. I suspect it has something to do with the AMPPS server. I will be installing website under a proper hosting service in a few days, so fingers crossed thats going to be ok. Thanks for your reply – I still can’t use yourwebsite.com/user/password.


If you did so using an installation profile (the one provided with the theme) it asks for username and password for administrator. So I cant really tell which password you entered of course. Not even the username (usually its admin).

I dont know about the AMPPS server, but also if you have drush enabled you can also do it via drush or via the database directly.

Check this link : https://www.drupal.org/node/44164


I installed your theme on an existing site and got an error in creating theme features because a table didn’t exist in my installation: twitter_account. I managed to create it and when trying to reinstall theme features I get an error because some data is already into the database. I would like to get the features and the demo content. Is there an easy way to do that?

You’ll see here that some content has been imported and some not… www.cursapopular.com



Yes this theme still uses features 1.0 as 2.0 was released afterwards and there are some significant changes in it.

You can see how to create the manul content in this video. Basically you have to create some blocks for the footer, and other regions.

there is specific content in the theme you can either inspect the demo site or if you prefer look into the folder “content” inside the theme. there you can find some of these blocks and content types used in the demo site like blocks.content where content for the demo blocks are.



In fact, with features 2.5 the site wirks fine. And now I have seen that blocks have also been imported and the problem is text format. Nothing is selected there. I just get into every content and block and fix it to “full HTML” and then it works fine.

Thanks a lot for your interest in the problem. And as I did it, you can try it with features 2.5. It works ok.


Okay tks;)


I see that in the page, you support until version Drupal 7.2.x, in my case I’m working with version 7.34. They have installed the theme in this version?


Hello the theme supports version 7.34 definitelly. I think that is actually the version that comes with the theme.

Best regards Joao Garin

I feel like I’m missing something obvious here. But how do I edit the information on the site-wide contact form? I can’t find a place to change the map location or the contact info in the left sidebar. Help!

Hello, You can do this inside sites/all/themes/simplicity/templates there is a page—contact.tpl.php and a contact-form.tpl.php file

Best regards

Hi, first of all, I must mention that your theme is very nice among others (browsed tens of responsive modern themes past days). I am planning to buy it, I have just a few things:

1) I found a (small) bug – when hovering mobile version of expanded top menu, it moves down a little bit.

2) I like the sticky header, but for a small display (mobile), the header is quite big. I found that some themes can be configured in the way that the header is not sticky, if a display has a resolution under some threshold or the header is at least smaller for small displays. Is it possible in Simplicity?

3) I suppose that changing font size for top menu is not a problem (text is quite small for me).

4) Is it possible to enable smooth scrolling in the theme?

Thanks in advance for your answers!


regarding the topics you mention :

1 ) I will check this out. I have not noticed this before..

2 ) The size of the heading you could easily change with css.

3 ) Changing the font size is not a problem easily done with some css as well.

4 ) Smooth scrolling is enabled in the theme. If you point menus for specific id’s for example it will do smooth scrolling out of the box (part of bootstrap)

Best regards, Joao Garin

Thanks. One more question – is the theme compatible with Drupal i18n modules? I am planning to build a multi-language site, so I need to use Drupal localization features.

Hello, Yes the theme uses views which helps a lot in translating it as you can set the content types to have multilangual enabled easily. All strings in the theme use the t() function so you can also translate them.

If you need any help on that or see something missing I will of course help out and update the theme!

Best regards, Joao Garin

Hello, I’d like to buy this theme, but would like to know, can then customize this theme under a semblance of architectural design?

Hello, replied to your email if you need anyhting let me know via private message (email) ;)

Helo sorry wrong message.. Can you send me a private message? Im afraid I do not know what you mean exactly. The theme has several options to customize such as fonts colors slideshow (different versions etc)

I just purchased this theme… does it come with subtheme? Thanks. Your theme looks great. :)

Hello, thank you for buying the theme. No unfortunatelly it does not come with a subtheme. If you need some assistance in anything feel free to email me directly I will be happy to help out,

Can I create a subtheme using this theme as base?


Yes. In Drupal you can create as many sub-themes and nested sub-themes as you want so it shouldnt be a problem.Just add simplicity as the base theme of your new theme and there shouldnt be a problem.

“Unable to send e-mail. Contact the site administrator if the problem persists.”

Well besides a couple of things this is the major one at the moment.

The core mail does work perfectly like when you create a new user.

But your contact script don’t

Sorry don’t really understand, the contact form on the site (menu “Contact”) is the Drupal core contact form. I don’t know what you mean by “user account contact form”. If you need send me a private message.

I found the problem and feel a little stupid about this. The reception e-mail address in > Structure > Contact form was still empty. I thought having the e-mail in the > Configuration > Site information is just fine. Sorry for bothering :)

;) Great to knkow it’s fixed. That actually makes sense ehehe I could have thought of it earlier as well

Elegant and energetic as always. Congrats.

;) Thank you

Hi Joao, Just created my first post with the simplicity theme, and I’m receiving this error on all pages containing blog posts. Notice: Undefined index: flash_player in soundcloudfield_field_formatter_view() (line 355 of…

It’s in reference to the soundcloud module. None of the posts utilize the soundcloud field at the moment.

Thank you

Hello, How did you make the installation of the site?Through the installation profile? I am not being able to reproduce it. It’s sline 355 of which file? can you send me this by email please?

on structure -> content type -> soundclould field can you check on display settings if you have the flash player in there? Did you update the module?

Best regards

Hi there, Thanks for the theme. I need to customize the css, and I don’t see a custom.css file. The readme refers to method 1 or method 2, but this doesn’t show up in the documentation. What is the best way to customize css so that I can update the theme and not override my edits. Thank you


Thank you for the tip. Unfortunately I am out of the office for some days I would only be able to submit this change when I get back. But when I do I surely would make this update no problem. In the meanwhile if you need some help in putting this css file in the project send me a message I can explain detailed how you can make that.

Best regards

No problem, I will await the update. Thank you


There is an update provided as for today with this feature included. It contains a custom.css file that you can override.

Best regards, Joao Garin

Jota, It looks nice, but I need sticky/floating headers in themes I use. TIA.

Hello, the theme has a sticky header (fixed bellow slider) or a header always fixed on top. In theme options in demo check the “partial” slideshow option. Don’t know if this is what you would need?

Please answer to my questions about “Simplicity”: 1- This template can be bear an image catalog graphic designer ? 2- This template can support a video gallery and audiovisual events production ?if yes, what are the different formats it accepts ? 3- The plateform of this template is it custom ? if yes, give all details to make.

PS: I love this template, but I would like to reassure me about certain things before buying.

Hello, sorry I don’t think I got any email about this. And I do not get notified for messages left in the comments of the theme unfortunately. Getting to your questions :

1) If I understand correctly. I believe so. The theme contains a portfolio section where in each “project” (you can name it differently) you can add images in the form of a gallery

2 ) In the project details you can also fairly easy include viemo / youtube (embed) videos..if this serves the purpose than I guess yes. Although I have to say it’s not out-of-the-box functionality. For example for events I guess some “date” fields would be necessary (?). I can help in making this fit a bit better your purpose if you would like..

3 ) I dont understand the question sorry. It uses Drupal which is an open source framework. there are custom modules and the theme is totally build by me naturally

Thanks for the first answer. I want to know: 1- The plateform of this template is it customizing ? if yes, give all details to make.

2- Is it possible to integrate a flash video to the template before accessing the homepage ? if yes, give me all details please.


1 ) Do you want to customize it?or do you want to know if was customized?Sorry don’t understand the question..Either way if you know php and / or html and a bit of Drupal you can surely do some things with it. If you don’t know any of those, hardly.

2 ) Not without some changes to the theme. sorry I am not a flash expert it doesnt seem like it would be much of a problem. But I have to say I would not recommend it as any device that does not run flash (iphones / ipads on the top of my mind) would be stuck before ever reaching the homepage.

If you need some more specific details please send me an email through my profile page I can give some more details.

I am new to Drupal and implementation of themes. João has been great at offering support. His responses have been timely and covers all of the points that are pertinent. He leaves little room for additional questions and I can get back to the implementation. He is also has been keeping up with versions of the modules (see his release notes). Great experience! Love the design!

Thank you for your nice words;) I am here to help, leave a rating as well if you would like. I think you can do this in the download section in your account.

Loading time for the page is taking forever, and potentially I have lost any clients if this was my website. Took more than 20 seconds for your page to load in it’s entirety. Pity as this looks nice

Hello mcollins, thank you for advising on this issue I wouldnt have noticed it so soon I was actually rendeing some very big images in there (some of them with 3 and 4 MB).I compressed them and ran some tests now and it’s bellow 3 seconds on rendering the page. This can easily be improved with Drupal by using boost and Drupal caching system. Mandatory things for any good Drupal installation anyway. Thank you

FIXED : mcollins marking this as fixed. Thank you for your feedback ;)

Thank you drupalet! go drupall


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