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Your style is very nice! :) Beautiful theme! :D

Good luck for sales

Nice work :)

Good luck with sales PixelForces…

Thanks guys, we are happy to hear this :bigsmile:

Wow really nice! But with Wordpress intergration it was really top :)!

Thank you! Sure, WP theme will come in few weeks.

I’m also waiting for the Wordpress intergration, nice theme!

very clean layout, good luck with it!

Hey there! When will the WordPress theme be ready?


it will be ready somewhere in the middle of this month.

Thank you!

hey, i want to purchase this template but, i was wondering if you could update the bootstrap version to the latest before i do purchase it..?



What’s wrong with current version of bootstrap?

just thought it’d be nice if you could. nevermind got it anyways :)

Great template, but the “Latest Posts” thumbs are outside of their boxes when viewed in a desktop browser (Safari and Firefox). Have you got a fix for this? Thanks.


thank you very much. But it is such a design idea, if you put them inside there will be not enough space for the text.

Thank you!

Alright, thanks!

I’ve got another question – in the archives.html I want all of the hgroups to be open by default, but if I give all of them class=”open” only the first one is open. Any ideas? :)

Thank you for theme :)

Thank you! :)

Will this work with the latest bootstrap version without modifications? 2.3.x I believe?

Hi. Sorry, but theme was not tested against 2.3.x version.

Can you test it? Wouldnt you just need to copy the newer CSS file into your theme and see if it all works? I am interested in purchasing but I want to make sure it works with the newer Bootstrap CSS before I buy. Thanks

Great template ;) I’m going to buy , But first i want to know the difference between HTML5,CCS3 and other template , i mean, why the price of this template is 15$ and other 40$ ?


you have choice of HTML/CSS template, where you need to edit the content in code editor manually. Or WordPress theme, which allow you to manage content with WordPress CMS without coding skills.

Thank you!

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