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Hi ATLChris,

Nice template!

I’m wondering how much for a license that would allow me to redistribute this template?

I don’t offer redistribution licenses on my templates. Sorry, my work is exclusively available through Envato.

what does the extended license offer from Envator? perhaps ChopSuey should investigate that.

click on the arrow next to regular license on the top of the page


not sure what the problem is. IE7 gets an error and I cannot view the live preview with IE7 , now using FF to view and comment on template


The problem you are experiencing must be an Envato issue. I have tested my theme on IE7 and it works just fine.

what do yu mean unlimited color combination? If i want the template to be black and white is that going to be matter of changing the css or through admin panel?

This is an HTML template, it has not admin panel. But yes, you can change it to black and white with out ever having to edit any Photoshop files. I designed all the gradients and buttons to work with any color via CSS .


I really like this theme and it looks really professional. I just have one question about the theme.

When I upload the html pages from the supplied files I get a nice blue line under the Logo but above the page name – see

Yet if I change any content on the page in my html editing software (online) the blue line disappears… very strange.

This happens if I just change a letter or word in the text or change the name of the page i.e. from ‘about us’ to ‘about me’

And even if change it back to the original text i.e. replace ‘about me’ with ‘about us’ the blue line does not reappear.

However, if I:

- make a copy of the original about.html file in the themefolder supplied - change the text in that copied file (copyabout.html) - delete the original about.html file on my site and upload the copy (copyabout.html) - changed the name of the copy page from copyabout.html to about.html the change occurs… and… like magic the blue line stays!

Any idea why this happens?


I am not sure I follow you. Can you please link me directly to the files you are having an issue with so I can analyze the code and see if I can’t help you. Thanks!

This is one of the cleanest/simplest, yet most complete, themes I have purchased on TF thus far. This perfectly matched a need I had.

I like that you:
  • used a fairly common font (Myriad Pro), instead of some other one which always looks nice in the example, but requires extra $$$ if you want to match the quality.
  • included a working Contact form (php). Again, a lot of themes have the “look” of a contact form, but when you buy them you discover it’s more of a placeholder. Yours had all of the plumbing attached.

One nit: There was no open head tag, just the close one. This was no big deal, however.

All in all: Very nicely done.

Thanks for a great theme. I need to make the logo larger in height and width, but when I do that it gets cut off in some browsers. How can I modify the template so it can fit a larger height?


Customizing the template to this degree will require you to edit the CSS file, and know the CSS language. I can customize the theme for you for if you like. Please email me privately through the form on my profile for a quote.

I purchased the design for the PSD files. However, they are not included as advertised. Please advise. Thank you.

I include PSD files for some of the themes components. The theme was no designed fully in PSD . I have included all of the PSD ’s I have for this theme.


I have a question about the theme.

I am looking for a products/features comparision table for the site… do you have one?

To explain:

I want to use the site to sell a product with different options ie.

- option one has 5 featrues and costs $9.99 - option two has 7 features and costs $12.99 - option three has 11 features and costs $15.99

Standard sort of thing that appears on websites.

that type of thing, nothing fancy, but just something that ‘fits’ into the color scheme and format of the site



Hi there, i love the theme. Having problems with the twitter functionality though, how do i assign my own twitter account?

hi how would i setup blog. and when it set up how do i have posts on homepage?

i had another question how come when i make changes to the css file it works with but with “www” like it changes back to old template?

Please see my response via the email you sent.