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Will it affect my SB Theme or any content if I upgrade to WP 3.5.1?   Also, I have a problem changing the SB thumbnail logo beside the URL.  The Remove and Upload button is not functioning.  Thanks.

Yes, the theme is compatible with WP 3.5.1. As for the logo issue, make sure you are using a modern browser and have Javascript enabled.

This theme works as described. There is a flaw though. As of WP 2.7 as standard you could make child themes so you did not have to edit the theme core. This functionality is broken so if you do want to make changes you have edit the theme core.

I decide to purchase it,

but need to confirm few things:

Is it responsive theme? will open any platform like pc/tab/iphone etc? will I get update when wordpress version will upgrade?



This theme is not responsive. Sorry. I do plan to continue updating it to work with major new releases of Wordpress.

Hello Chris,

I have one question maybe you can point me in the right direction. I am using “Content Box 3” form the front page as pages rather than testimonials but i want to have an individual link for each instead of them having the “read more” send you to full testimonials and then have to click again.

I have tried pasting the link in the excerpt but code is not accepted. Could you give me some advise? thanks!

This will require a working knowledge of PHP and Wordpress. That section of the site relies on the Wordpress excerpt feature. By default Wordpress does not support html tags in excerpts.

Hi Chris,

I’ve purchased this theme and so far it’s been really good, but I have issue I’ve come across.

The first is in regard to custom headers. I’ve tried a few plugins that would enable this functionality, but it seems as if the theme doesn’t support this feature. Is there a way to get this to work?

Second the slider seems to have issues automatically adjust to new sizes when the browser width is condensed and then expanded. This also seems to be the case when viewed on mobile tablets as well. Is there a fix for this?


I don’t follow what you are talking about when you say “custom headers”. Please explain this further.

Regarding your second note, this site works on multiple devices, but it is not a responsive theme, so you will not see custom layouts for different devices.

Hi again, My apologies—- I posted this for the wrong “Simply Business” theme.

Hi, I installed your theme in version 2.3-1.1 imported the sample data but the menu somehow does not get the styles. Everything else looks as it’s supposed to be but even after deleting the theme multiple times and installing fresh, the menu (and submenu) is just plain text.

Make sure you follow the “Getting Started” documentation. It walks you through how to setup the menues using the built in Wordpress menu builder.

Does anyone know how to fix the menu navigation, it seems to be messed up

Make sure you follow the “Getting Started” documentation. It walks you through how to setup the menues using the built in Wordpress menu builder.

Is the homepage flexible? i.e. Do I have to show blog posts or can I use the WYSIWYG editor for this area?

Forget that last question…

Hi am having problems with pagination l think is a problem here

echo ‘ ’; echo paginate_links(array( ‘base’ => str_replace(‘9999999999’, ‘ # ’, get_pagenum_link(‘9999999999’)), ‘format’ => ‘page/ # /’, ‘current’ => $current_page, ‘total’ => $wp_query->max_num_pages

can you help me sort it out …. thank you

let you lead you to website in question and you will how the link behaves

I looked at your site and it seems like a problem with Wordpress, maybe the permalink setting. That function is specific to Wordpress not the theme, so I wont be able to help you.


I’m in 3.8.1 and my main navigation is messed up. How can I fix?

I took a look at your site and it looks like you are using a different theme. Do you still need help with this theme?

I ended up using another theme. I would like to use this theme for another site I have. I installed on several different sites and it looks like the min navigation is having issues in 3.8.1.

Can you please provide me a link where you are experiencing the issue so I can review. I am unable to produce any menu issues on my end.

having an issue with the theme and its not loading any images


Theme is good. But its not responsive. I have used it 2 years now. Could it become responsive in near updates?