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These are very nice , wish you great sales on those :)

Thanks, Bedros.

Beautiful. Good luck with sales! :-)

Thank you satya_lara.


How do I actually insert the HTML into an email?

Will Hearne there are a couple of way to get the HTML into an email. We have supplied a Campaign Monitor version of the template for you to use. You can sign up and use this version of the template to edit and dispatch the email.

The other option is to upload plain text version of the template to MailChimp and send the email via this application. Both options are recommended. You can not upload the template into an email as the image need to be linked to a remote host.

I have used a technique in the past to send a webpage as an email. This is not a very common technique and is not tested. I also only been able to do this through Explorer.

My suggestion is to use one of the more common email applications which allow you to send html emails. Most of them offer a free service but with the proviso you include a credit to that application.

Hope this helps.

Hello, thank you for this nice template. I discovered that there is an Error in the background color: You indicate the color with #99000 but Microsoft Outlook won’t show the background color because a “0” is missing. So changing the background color to ”#990000” everywhere it solves the problem.

Kind Regards Georg

Gekus Thanks for pointing this out. We were only able to find the error on the one template for the Red HTML card. We have corrected the error and uploaded it to theme forest once more. It is in the process of being reviewed and should be available shortly. Just as a precaution we have reviewed all the other templates and have not found any further errors. Thanks again for your help.

Used Simple Christmas last year, and this template this year :) Will use Simply Christmas 3 next year ;)

Happy Holidays! :)

Oh and for those wondering, on Mac the best way to use the template is to open the template in Safari, cmd + A, copy and then paste it into the Mail app. Works perfectly.

WPHead Thanks for the compliments. I am glad you liked the templates.

Interesting to know you can copy and paste into mac mail. I will have to give it a go. I was toying with the idea of doing a mac stationery template but need to learn the intricacies of mac mail.

Have a good Holiday.

Live preview link goes to a 404 :(

Crosshare I know this is a little late but the 404 has been repaired and the live preview should be working. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I just want to let anyone one know that I have just installed, edited and tested this email in my Campaign Monitor account and it works beautifully. I would recommend it.

Paul Thanks for the recommendation. I am glad it work as expected.

the live preview link is broken

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