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Will this theme work with WordPress 3.0?? I’m thinking about purchasing this theme.

Can anyone or the author confirm that this theme will work with WP 3 .0?

I have not officially test this theme on 3.0, but I can say that multiple people have reported success with this theme on WP 3 .0.

Thanks Chris I’ll be purchasing it

Hi Chris. Really like your theme, and thinking about buying. I have a specific layout I’d like, and so far your theme is the most like it I’ve seen but I had a couple questions for when you have a second.

I would like the general layout to be similar to this website,, but with an RSS feed for relevant articles on web down middle, and then a widget on top right with links to the most current forum topics.

1.) Can that work with Simply Colorful??

2.) Can I add my own advertisements, and if so, is the space to do so with the theme limited??

Would really appreciate any feedback you have on this as Im pretty new to the game. Thanks.

1 – Yes, the these can be customized as you need, it just might require some basic CSS & HTMl knowledge.

2 – Yes, you can customize the advertisements. This is done through widget controls.

Hi Chris. I went ahead and purchased it, and then installed it as you instructed in readme.txt but when i logged into Wordpress and tried to change my theme to SimplyColorful, this is what I got :

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description SimplyColorful Wordpress Stylesheet is missing.

I am using Wordpress version 3.1.2, is it because of that?? Any idea of what might be the issue here?

This normally occurs because the theme has been installed in the wrong place. Make sure you follow the install instructions exactly.

Hi Chris,

Thanks, as you were right, and everything’s working great now but I had one question for you.

I want my blog post to display in full on my home page, not as an excerpt. I have tried a bunch of different things, and to me it seems like that should be something i can change myself very easily which is why i’m asking you through here.

Any idea of what i’m doing wrong as I know Ive followed all of your instructions with setup??

Also, I should mention that, deally, i would like my home page to still have the Welcome Title and Welcome Description at the top, and then display my full post below.

Any help as always would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I recently purchased your theme. It works well, nice job! However, for some reason thickbox does not work with the theme… I tried several plugins (which work well on the same server in other WP themes) but I can’t make it work. Please advise. thank you for your time.

having trouble getting the menus to show at the header, is there a trick?

Can anyone help me…i don’t know how to get that gray horizontal banner to load on my site…what plugin do I use for that?

No plugin needs. That is part of the theme. Make sure you read the install/setup documentation. That explains how to configure the theme.