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Ok, thanks. Just sent the email!

Hello, first my compliments for this beautiful theme! But I have a question, how do I get the form to run! In the file “main.js” I find some information on the processing of the mail-form … but I’m unfortunately not as fitt to program and do not understand! Perhaps it also has an easy solution? Thank you in advance.

Hey, glad you like my template. Please contact me by mail. I will answer your questions as soon as possible.

I just purchased this template and I am having a problem with it. The code looks fine but when I click contact, I gave not get the contact button to change. It goes to the contact section but it does not change the contact button to active.

Hey, for further questions just write me a mail and I´ll answer you as soon as possible.

Hi Foos,

Very nice clean template. I was wondering is it easy to get this theme to work horizontally rather than vertically? I am pretty decent in html and css as well as javascript.

Hey zealograf,

thanks for your interest. Sorry but a horizontally version is not able at the moment.

What browser are support?

You should have no problems with new versions of Safari, Firefox, etc.

I’d like to purchase the Wordpress theme for single slider. How do I do this? Thank you.

Just Write me a mail. I will answer you.

To what address do I write? Thank you.

cool template :)


Hi there,

Nice theme.

I am trying to figure out to use the Nivo slider option like effect,slices etc. I also couldn’t’ figure out how to get rid of the border in the slide area.

What am I missing. Please advice.




thanks for your purchase. Just contact me by mail. I´ll help you there.

(This is a copy of the email I sent you..I REALLY need help on this fast. It’s preventing me from sending out my site for recruiters!!!) Hey, I bought your template, but I’m having problems with Contact button. When I comment out the code for the form the contect button no longer changes state when clicked. I don’t like the form and don’t want to use it, but I need to know how to get the contact button to work without the form.

Please advise.


You´ve got mail :)

Haven’t heard from you – here’s a copy of my email request below:

We wanted to change the order of the menu. I have already changed the png of the menu. I attempted to erase the extra page we don’t need like the Tabbed content area. However when I did this it brought the footer up to the portfolio page. Please advice how to best erase those unneeded content. To rearrange the order of the pages would I need to change the CSS and Java? Also, the help me section that is downloaded doesn’t seem to have any step by step instructions? It would be most helpful if you could add a how to guide. Thank you for your help,

Your mail will be answered tonight.

Is there any code to fix the portfolio layout in IE9 ?

Hey. No, sorry I can´t help you with IE9 issues. Perhaps you can try the forums.

Really can’t wait till the weekend as per your email. Can you please reply. I really need to get this off my plate.

Hola, como hago para que el formulario de contacto funcione?

Please write me an email in english :)

Hello, I would be using a Mac on Safari. How would I upload the template? Would I use iWeb and input the HTML coding, etc… ? or is there something else I would use.

Wanted to know before I purchase. Thanks.

Hey, this is not a wordpress template. I´m sorry.

Hello! I acquired your production. I am not a programmer, I only start to create to descend by means of designers. The matter is that in your catalog there are no HTML codes of this site. I tried to copy an initial code and to insert into it the necessary values, but at me it did not turn out to make a copy of this site completely. You couldn’t send me a HTML form in the necessary look?

Everything, I understood. I simply not chose the correct hosting and there the site didn’t function correctly. I will alter now everything under myself. Then I will ask if that will be not clear.

Ok, I will help you if there will be problems. Greetings.

In the panel Navigation of Contact isn’t highlighted. It is possible as that to correct?

I will check this…

In the panel Navigation of Contact isn’t highlighted. It is possible as that to correct?