Sinterklas - Christmas Mobile Scalable HTML Email

Sinterklas - Christmas Mobile Scalable HTML Email


Version 1.1 - 4 Dec 2013 :
- Improvement for compatibility with Outlook 2010 or below

Version 1.0 - 5 Dec 2012 :
- Initial release

Let we introducing our product, Sinterklas, the mobile scalable christmas email marketing template.

Scalable email is an email template, that when viewed on on a mobile device is still readable (without horizontal scrolling) and clickable by finger.

Scalable email involves a single design that can be easily read and used in both large, regular-sized monitors as well as 320px wide smartphones. A scalable email is resized by smartphones to accommodate the phone’s diminished width, but can still be read with ease.

We put extra consideration with mobile-friendly email marketing because right now nearly 40% of email opens taking place on a mobile device, it has never been more apparent to marketers that they must adapt and optimize their email marketing campaigns for mobile use.

To make sure this email template is still easy to use on mobile devices, we utilize them by:
  • Using big fonts so that text can be read (iPhone’s minimum font size is 13px, we use 14px for minimal font size in Sinterklas).
  • Using big call to action buttons so that they are easy to tap with finger.
  • Use of large amounts of negative space so that main message stands out and calls to action are easy to tap without accidentally clicking on a different link.
Other thing to consider, by default, nearly every email client blocks images when a user opens an email. As a marketer, we need to make sure that we can provide a clear cut call to action regardless of whether or not the user chooses to download images.
That’s where our bulletproof buttons come in…

The concept behind bulletproof buttons in emails is to provide the user with a compelling, attractive and inticing call to action without the use of images. Granted, this might not be possible with particular graphical button design, but we think it’s highly recommend looking into it if you can.

Sinterklas Features

  • 4 well-designed header images exclusive for Christmas/Holiday season.
  • Scalable email template design.
  • 12 email templates for marketing needs.
  • Bulletproof buttons.
  • Editable Photoshop files for modification.
  • Documentation and Tutorial.
  • Commented code.
  • Tested on major email clients and web-based email services.

Package Content

  • 12 mobile scalable email templates.
  • Photoshop files for modification.
  • 20 info header icons variation to choose for your email.
  • 6 social media icons variation to choose for your email.
  • Documentation and Tutorial.


Don’t Worry!

We are ready to help you for anything in using this product. Support is available on:
Thank you, have a good day.

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Made in Indonesia

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