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You walk the talk. Even your description is minimal. Success!

Unfurtunally i buy the theme.The theme is defently not worth 15 Dollar. For me some importand things are missing and you have not even a description pdf inside.The contact form not working and either the Newsletter. If we must fix everything, we do not buy themes. Anyway…Good Luck with the Sales.

nice design.. welcome to themeforest mate.

P.S – Add a detailed description in item page. that helps buyers to know more about the theme and its a good practice though..

@psiagency this should be more than $15 dollars not less. Custom websites cost over $100 and this is beyond amazing. Good Work!

nice work!

@ LandonWilson : I dont need to be creative,that´s why I buy Themes :) and I buy many Themes every Month and I have the right to say my opinion. If you have a problem with that, sorry man, that problem are not mine :) When you sale items on themeforest, you need to have some standarts. The theme is good and simple. So at least, the things i listed can be done and I say that as a buyer , so NielsDeCraecker can fix it, if he like.

Also your Video slider does not work in Safari on Mac

It should work, it works fine on my Mac in Safari.

Very nice Work , Clean and easy to work with .no problems here. One thing type out some instructions for buyers,that are need instruction on code it is very easy to do.This will make your life easy in this forum.

Great Work! Do you have plans for converting to WordPress?


Yes, I’ll be starting the development next week.

Thanks for the comments. I will improve this theme as much a possible.


considering the template, just a couple question

can i move up the slider and not use the big words header,

can i move up the mailing list and place it next to two boxes instead of having four boxes.

will i be able to use dreamweaver and make modifications

thanks Sean

I’ve used the 960 grid system, so you will be able to edit the template very easily. The full width of the theme is 960px with 16 columns. So 2 boxes are each 8 columns wide, 4 boxes are each 4 columns wide. I will add some new features and documentation next week.

By any chance did you get inspired by Orman Clark? Haha I saw the “premium pixels” label in the slider.

He’s an inspiration to us all. :)

So plain. But I like it. Good luck with the sales.

hi, /inside the portfolio, can i add videos? /can i make images enlarge via lightbox?

Like the theme, but where are the setup or description documents?!

I’m setting up a documentation website for all upcoming themes. I will improve the theme when my support forum is up and running.

Superb item, well done;