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imdat91 Purchased

my wordpress version 4.7 and yith theme control panel in option [on/off] buttons all dont working.. Why ?

Hi imdat91,

are you runngin the last version of Sistina ? Anyway I suggest you to contact our Support Desk as we help you directly with your issue.


imdat91 Purchased

My wordpress version 4.7.1 and theme version 1.9.1 latest version. I now look at support desk and i see expired license..You do want i creating ticket and paying for support..But this problem i now created. Source your for this problem

Whats happening with YIT themes lately? All versions are outdated and no response to questions on Themeforest.. When can we expect support for Wordpress 4.7 and Woocommerce 2.6.9?

Hi gameshome,

for any issue you can contact our Support Desk, we wish to send all themes update entire 1-2 weeks.

Dear Andrea, this is not a matter of support needing to answer my technical question. It is a question whether the information listed on your sales page is accurate and up-to-date (which it is not). Your compatibility matrix shows as the most recent versions:

WooCommerce 2.6.x WordPress 4.5.x

Sara in the past already confirmed there should be no issue when using WooCommerce 2.6.9 (which is accurate according to your compatibility list) and WordPress 4.6 (which is currently outdated in your compatibility list). Furthermore, WordPress 4.7 has been out for the past month (since December 6 in public release and since November 24 for release candidate). By the time we see an updated release of your themes (I use both Bazar and Sistina on different sites), there’s a new version of WooCommerce (2.7 is scheduled for a February release date).

I understand you have a lot of themes to maintain, but we as the users want to ensure we’re protected against security risks and hackers that could access our filesystems and databases if we are not on the latest releases quickly.

Dear customer,

from our test there is not issues about WooCommerce 2.6.11 and WordPress 4.7 with Sistina, anyway if you have the Support expire is better you wait the update to avoid some issue caused by a particular configuration. We are working to release asap all of the update of our themes.

Hi, I’m currently running Sistina 1.9.1 but i would like to migrate my sistina theme to another hosting provider, so i tried to backup using the themes backup > export data function.. when this is clicked, a 500 error is generated, am i doing something wrong? WP and all woocommerce plugins are up to date.

Hi amer,

a 500 error is a generic message of the server, to understand what is going wrong you should open a ticket on our Support Desk as we check directly your installation, anyway you can try to use wp all import/export to create a backup of your installation.


I have the latest version of WP and Latest Theme version too. For some reason, my theme Option setting ON/OFF switches are not working for all options.

What is the issue? Because I saw other comments too with the same issue. Since my support is expired I cannot write it to support team.

Regards Mazhar

Hi mazar,

we are sorry for yuor experience, we will send an update asap for this, anyway if you write to our Support Desk our team can help you soon.

How would I know about the update? Do we get an email for that?

On category pages like: the product title is not linked with the product detail page. Could you please advise how to make product title clickable for users?

I look in the console and there are loads of 404 errors – the site is trying to load @2x of all product images but they dont exist? how can i turn off the retina images thing or fix this?

Hello, I would be interested in buying your template, but I have a query, in the section of share, can be configured so that when the person clicks on Send to frien there a window is opened for the client to make a query to the seller about product? Thank you


hbit Purchased

When is the update for this theme coming?

Hello! My wordpress version 4.7.1 and theme version 1.9.1 latest version.but I cant chage colors, and cant change botons on/of in panel control sistina. What happen. All probles is whit the last version of wordpress. you can renew the theme. Please!

Wordpress 4.7.3. Theme Sistina version 1.9.1, buttons in config panel not works. Browser console show error. Please repair it asap. Thank you!

when can we expect theme repair?

Hello, anybody here?