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I’m having a problem with the latest version (1.9.1), the theme option panel is not working. If I try to change de logo, whenever I press “Upload” button, the screen turns dark and nothing happen and when I clic the screen it just turns back to the theme option panel. Also de buttons to enable/disable options, does nothing.

Can you please help me with this…

Regards, Luis

Hi there,

we sorry for your experience anyway we are not able to recreate your issue, you should write a ticket on our Support Desk.

A while ago, during our supported period, we created a ticket (#71571) that Retina images are not displayed properly on mobile phones.

You promised us to update this in the next version of Sistana, however it has never been fixed.

We are not planning to renew our support for a problem that has not been fixed properly during the support period. I’d like to see a fix as soon as possible.

Regards, bluecola

Hi there,

I will talk with developers team and will see why this fix was not incude on the update.

I edited and replaced :


into the child theme but the changes are not taking effect

what is the issue ?

Some other files also which im moving to child theme are not taking effect

Hi wayne,

we are sorry for now is not possible to do this with Sistina, we will see to add this feature on next releases.

Ive turned off sidebars , i dont want a side bar on any page but on the individual service page STILL shows a side bar ! how can i disable sidebar on the services pages ?

Hi wayne,

you can edit a sidebar on a single edit page or on “Sistina / Sidebars” page from WordPress administration.

Im using store pages with no side bar which looks nice , you can see example here plus my css changes ;)

Is there a really quick / easy way to add the price filer scroller widget to UNDER the category sorting bar on top of products?

if i cant do with a hook – which file should i edit ?

Hi wayne,

for this kind of thing you should contact our Support Desk as we help directly with your request.

Hello, to ensure that the module functions newsletter What should I put in action? With that syntax? Thank you.

Hi there,

take a look here

Since new woo comerce version has been released now the ajax add to cart has become VERY SLOW and takes double the time to add item to cart

please check this asap

Hi wayne,

first be sure your are running the last version of Sistina theme(1.9.1), if the issue persist write a ticket on our Support Desk as we help you directly with your issue.

Hello, today I purchased and installed. Everything is fine but only toggle buttons not working. Which set to on it remains on, I cannot drag it to make it disable etc. Please hel. Site name

Hi debmedia,

write a ticket on our Support Desk as we check directly what’ s wrong with your installation.

Why is the options panel not working. When I press the on and off toggles, nothing happens. This is on a fresh install by the way.

Hi willmniu,

please write a ticket on our Support Desk as we check directly what’ s wrong on your installation.

How can I change the content provided by the shortcode [woocommerce_my_account] that I placed on my lost password page? I do not want to say “username or email” but just username. Not sure how to modify the content behind [the theme’s] shortcodes. Thanks in advance!

It didnt work. I duplicated and edited the form-lost-password.php file and uploaded it to the following directories:

•themes/sistina-child/woocommerce/my-account/form-lost-password.php •themes/sistina-child/woocommerce/templatesmy-account/form-lost-password.php •themes/sistina-child/woocommerce_2.4.x/my-account/form-lost-password.php

UPDATE!! there is no dash in my-account folder. I removed all of the others and only put it into


HI amirand,

please just write a ticket on our Support Desk, this is not the right place for do this conversation.

When can we expect support for Wordpress 4.6.1?


Hi gameshome,

the officially update for WP 4.6.1 will be release within next month anyway the current version was previously tested yet with WordPress 4.6 and should work without issue.

Hi Sistina Guru, I am wondering how I might make it so that after a user clicks the add to cart button, the button doesn’t change to “Added!” I would like it to stay [and operate] as “Add To Cart” since the circle icon appears that says it is added anyway. I know they can change the amount of that product in their cart, but a new user doesnt know that and might like to just click it a few times. Thanks!

Hi amirand, turn this request to our Support Desk as we try to help you with your request.

An update for those that wonder, it is not possible without modifying WooCommerce [according to YITH]; it is a WooCommerce function, not one created by the theme.

thanks amirand for the feedback ;)

How can I edit the fields/content that appear on pages with shortcodes? e.g. [woocommerce_my_account] I need to add fields to that page for users to enter or check/uncheck.

I also want to change the error messages that appear. Nowhere on the site do I want to ask for a username. It should only be worded to be asking for Email address so each page/section that has it will be on the list of things that I would like will be on the list of changes I will make. Thanks in advance!

I think during the theme update I lost all of my previous changes [so will re-do them if so, not to mention that all of the buttons dont work in the theme options, parent or child theme. (ticket already created).

Hi amirand,

just write a ticket on our Support Desk as we help you directly wih all of your request.

How can I change the text for login on the my-account page that is in the Welcome menu? I do not want to ask for a Username there. Only email address just like on the lost-password file that I previously had to modify. Thanks!

Hi amirand ,

I don’ t undesratand what is exactly the text you wan to change, you mean the word “welcome” ?

No, sorry for not being more clear. On the My Account page, generated by the shortcode [woocommerce_my_account], I want to remove asking for Username. I only want it to ask for the email address. I cant find the which file to change. This also goes for everywhere it asks for username which I have already addressed. I NEVER want to ask for username and ONLY for email address.

Hope that clears it up a little. Thanks in advance!

Hi amirand,

what the shortcode [woocommerce_my_account] print is located in the woocommerce templates, to change this you should modify the orginal woocommerce my-account template, but I suggest you to contact our support desk as we help you to do this modify.


I just updated the Wordpress Version and Theme too after a long time.

Now, on the theme settings options : Theme Options -> General Settings : none of those toggle buttons are working.

Am I missing something?

Thanks Mazhar

P.S My Theme Support is expired so I could not raise the ticket.

Hi mazar,

be sure you update the theme to the last version too and all of our plugins.that you have installed.

Yes, everything is updated to latest version. Are there any other customers had the same issue?


Hi mazar,

so the only way to help you is that you write a ticket on our Support Desk as we help you directly with your issue.


Is there something wrong with Revolution Slider? I got this below email from my hosting provider.

Looks like this plugin needs to be updated to latest version?


Dear Customer,

As provider of Shared Hosting services, we monitor the usage of all our customers to ensure that our Quality of Service is not adversely affected. Our goal is to ensure that one customer should not affect all the other customers on the same server.

As part of our routine monitoring, we have observed that some of the files hosted on this server belonging to hosted under your account, has some malicious files hosted. In order to prevent blacklisting of our service with various service providers, we have blocked outbound port 80, 443, 587 and 465 for this domain name as a precautionary measure. Here are the details of the files that were detected to be malicious.

public_html/ public_html/ public_html/ public_html/ /home/rehan2kx/public_html/

Note: We have moved the file(s) to a separate folder named “quarantine” outside the public_html folder. The directory structure/original path has been maintained, so that once you have cleaned the file, you can move it back to its original location.

We strongly suggest you to scan all the above listed files for any vulnerabilities. If the files are part of some plugins of your CMS, then we suggest you to update the plugin to the latest version or contact the plugin developer directly.

Hi mazar,

we will send an update of theme entire the next week with the last version of all premium plugins.

Buongiorno, ho un problema (bello grosso) con il vostro ultimo aggiornamento del tema Sistina. dopo averlo aggiornato non mi faceva fare più il login, cioè ogni volta che inserivo i dati mi reindirizzava alla stessa pagina del login, mentre stamattina sulla home page mi richiede l’installazione di wordpress e tutto il sito ecommerce non c’è più!!

si esatto wp-config.php

Ciao, i dati sono giusti. tu mi dici che non è colpa dell’update, ma casualmente questo problema me lo ha dato dopo l’ultimo update del tema che ho fatto alla fine di settembre, prima di questo andava tutto bene. non sò veramente come fare, come ti dicevo prima non mi eseguiva il login, mentre adesso mi dice che devo installare wordpress.

Dovresti scrivere un ticket al nostro supporto di modo che possiamo verificare direttamente nella tua installazione cosa non va, ma ti assicuro che un update di Sistina non può disinstallare WordPress ne non far funzionare più il login.

Is there going to be an update to include the latest versions of Slider Revolution (v5.3)? I see that YITH WooCommerce Color and Label Variations is installed [and is embedded?] so assume it is the latest version. Thanks!

Hi amirand,

the last version of Revolution was released 2 days ago and WooCommerce too, we are testing all of ours themes and we hope to send the updates entire next week. The last version of YITH WooCommerce Colors and labels Free it can be installed just trough YITH Essential Kit for WooCommerce #1, it’ s been a long long time that we stop to embedd it in the theme.

Is there any way to change where the weight appears on the Additional info tab? I can re-order the attributes how I want but they weight is always at the top and I would like to move it, probably to the bottom. Many thanks in advance!


yith-andrea Author Team

Hi amirand,

try to make this request to our Support Desk, if is possible they will help you to realize.


amirand926 Purchased

Compatible with WooCommerce’s latest release, v2.6.9? Thanks!