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predzao Purchased

the new products I add do not work in the ‘show_products’ shortcut but it works in the shortcut ‘products_slider’

Has anyone had this problem? Can someone help me?


predzao Purchased

I have already solved the problem, I noticed that in the database my new products were not receiving the value “key => visible or catalog”, so in file show_products.php I changed the filter:

// ‘key’ => ‘_visibility’, // ‘value’ => array (‘catalog’, ‘visible’), // ‘compare’ => ‘IN’


‘key’ => ‘_stock_status’, ‘value’ => ‘instock’

I do not understand why this is happening.

Hi, thank you for the feedback, we will check it ;)

Why on big thumbnail blog page does it resize my image to 890×477.jpg which means the image doesn’t fill the whole width of the post? How can I control or stop this cropping for blog posts?

Hi, can you send me the url of this post?

Thank you.

I edited this -

   if( $has_thumbnail ) {
       yit_image( 'size=XXXXX' );

on /theme/templates/blog/big/standard.php

this fixed my issue

Great! :)

Is there a Slider Revolution update expected soon [in next release?] Latest is Thanks!

Yes, we always update premium plugins in new theme versions ;) We will update Slider Revolution to the version

ok great. I will check back later today and or in next few days. Many thanks!

Hi, we have released a new update today, can you check it now? Thank you.

Hello, I do hope this reaches the correct department. But we currently have an issues with our website .

any how, if you follow this link

you will notice that the quantity box is not set correctly and that the ‘Layout Instructions” is not positioned correctly either. I have searched through almost every code page available through the them and could not successfully alter those issues. Please assist.

Respectfully Thomas Gray THP Creations

Hi, we have released a new update today, can you check it now? Thank you.


KrispyB Purchased

Hi there. I’ve tried installing the very latest version on my test server, and when accessing the front end, it appears to spawn a LOT of php processes, which run out of memory (blew up with 3gig in use!), which also appeared to crash my MySQL instance (luckily that re-starts automatically as it’s monitored). I had to kill all the threads run by the user which controls the test domain to stop it killing my dedicated server (top showed load over 40 before I started killing the processes).

The only thing I had changed was to use the auto install through theme forest of the new Sistina theme.

I do run Woocommerce (old version 2.5.5 currently) as I was waiting to try a new version of Sistina (2.1 appeared to have some errors in some of the display widgets, which looked fixed in the new version). I do have quite a few other professional plugins in place- which I’ll have to delete and try again without them in place.

I thought I’d mention it now in case there is an issue with the version of the theme, if anyone else is seeing massive slowdown (the php sessions spawned killed the entire dedicated server taking down other domains).

=== on another note, I did also see problems with the quantity box as reported by thpcreative above, mine looked exactly the same with the previous version of sistina (another reason I didn’t upgrade previously), the quantity text/box are far too big and don’t display correctly.

Hi there, thank you for the feedback. Can you give us more info (or a log) about the files or processes require all these server resources? Best regards.


Thank you for the update, however, one issues was corrected but one was not. If looking at the same page as listed above, to the right of the quantity buttons, there are words that say “Layout Instructions * ”. The positioning of this line is incorrect and cannot be changed. This line should be under the quantity buttons instead of to to the right of them. It should be position under the quantity buttons and above the input line fore the customer to input their customization options. Please let me know if there is a way to fix this or if it will require another update from the ftp end.

Hi, can you give me the url of this page? Thank you :)

Hello! After the last update of the theme my site broke and is showing the following error: wp-content/themes/sistina/core/functions-core.php(244): do_shortcode(‘[products_tabs …’) #6 Can you try to help me in this? I need to identify which error to fix. I await your return and thank you for your help.

Hi, can you paste here the complete error message? Thank you :)

The error is repeated several times and the layout no longer works. You can see everything at: And below another part of it.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: [] operator not supported for strings in /www/wp-content/themes/sistina/theme/templates/shortcodes/show_products.php:20 Stack trace: #0

Hi there,

Try to download this file:

and replace it in this folder: /wp-content/themes/sistina/theme/templates/shortcodes/

Best regards.


predzao Purchased

you can tell me a plugin that shows the options of the product with price:

ex: option1 $ 100 option2 $ 100

on the categories screen instead of prices ”$ 100 – $ 150”

Hi there, try to check this plugin:

Best regards.

hi there, presale question. In your catalog mode, you mentioned having a enquiry form. Is there a screenshot of the enquiry button and form please? And when the form is sent to the admin, does the form tell the admin from which product page the enquiry form came from (ex. Product A Enquiry, Product B Enquiry etc)


aragato Purchased

There seems to be a problem with the theme and Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce. Since the latest patch of those plugins, the stripe payment gateway does not work anymore. It returns with a payment procedure failure.

It works with the default theme. I am on the most recent version of Sistina.

I did some research and found this thread:

It seems that Sistina also deregisters some wc fields?! Please check the issue. It is urgent, since my site no longer works and we rely heavily on stripe gateway.


aragato Purchased

Theme still broken! No reaction at all.

Hi there, thank you for the feedback, we will check it :)


waynep16 Purchased

How can we initial #popupWrap modal on button click ? basically re-use the functionality to have a modal rather than put more JS on the site to control modal windows